Summer Success Splurge 2016

Thank you for an awesome 2016 Summer Success Splurge!




Join Caterina and the Thriving Women in Business Community ladies

at the 2016 Summer Success Splurge!


Friday, August 5th, 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Light Lunch Included


 South San Francisco Embassy Suites

Each year Caterina hosts a mid-year gathering for the women of the Thriving Women in Business Community. This is a great opportunity to connect, learn and get rejuvenated for the rest of the year. We have massive value to bring and many people to serve and this day supports us in doing that. This year we will have Ted® style 12 min talks on these social media topics:


Facebook Groups for Fun and Profit with Caterina Rando

Facebook groups are great for building community, staying connected, sharing wins and of course promotion. You want to have a Facebook group for your VIP clients and a Facebook group where you gain new clients. In this session Caterina will share some super tips on how to gain new long-term and life-long clients with Facebook.


Embrace Linkedin to Grow Your Business with Jennifer Darling

LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for business. You will learn 7 upgrades to take your profile from standard to super savvy, calculate your social selling index and find out how to raise it. Plus, the best strategies to easily find your ideal prospects will be revealed.


 My Social Media Trip with Lee Richter

“Connection matter more than anything” says Lee, who has created a fempire with both onsite and online. She has nine companies and four offices in Oakland Ca. She is going to share her insights for marketing, business and social media and how one of her memes has gone viral …with a 40 Million reach.


Photo Facelifts to Increase Your Influence and Engagement with Jaya King

This session will share how to compose a great photo, crop it, and add filters to enhance it, all from your phone. Also learn about a few effective apps that are much easier to jump into instead of using complicated computer programs. Additionally find out how to use iMovie for make quick YouTube videos for content, marketing and building massive influence.


ZOOM Up Your Business with Jean Kathryn Carlson 

Find out about this new platform that is better than Skype and easy to use. You will enjoy that in-person feel online. ZOOM accommodates one person or many people all at once. Discover how you can even record to provide greater value. Find out how to get started with ZOOM.


Introduction to Instagram for More Influence and Fun with Aeriol Ascher

You love taking pictures, you know how to post them, you love reading the comments. Now it is time to embrace a new platform that will be even more fun and bring you new clients. In this session we will explore how easy it it to get started with Instagram. 


Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Create, Share, and Profit with Facebook Live with Yehudit Steinberg

Is Live Video for you and your business? Find out why FB Live is a game changer for you and why it’s worth your time to invest in learning. This interactive talk highlights the basics to get started, top marketing strategies to grow your online authority quickly and a simple easy way to get started now incorporating live video into your social media strategy on Facebook.


Facebook 2.0: The latest Ideas to Find Clients Online with Diana Morgan

Learn how to build relationships that turn connections into clients using Facebook. Discover how to use Facebook ads to build your list and expand your reach. Plus you will learn how to get free organic reach on Facebook.


Also featuring amazing performances from Heather Rogers and Kenya Moses


See what magical experiences Heather creates for us and enjoy the a cappella voice of Kenya Moses. These are both not to be missed!


This is our mid-year community member appreciation event for all Thriving Women in Business Community members. This event is free for those currently in an advanced program with Caterina  ($49 for everyone else).

Advanced Programs include:

Thriving Business Platinum Program for Women

Thriving Speaker Platinum Program for Women

Thriving Events and Retreats Platinum Program

Hawaiian Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs 

Advanced Program members, use your promo code to register for free HERE.

Those attendees not enrolled in an advanced program may register HERE.