Massively Monetize Your Mastery with the
Realize Your Events and Retreats Virtual Action Program

What If You Discovered that Making Your Business More Profitable and Rewarding Could Be Easy?

What If You Learned How to Earn in a Day What You Are Used to Earning in Three Months, or Six Months?

A special message from Caterina Rando, MA, MCC:

As a service-based woman entrepreneur, you want to serve more women and get a greater return on all your efforts. I am sure you want more higher-end clients, more sales growth and you want more time for your family, friends and your philanthropic endeavors. Yes, If you are like most women you want to earn more so you can give away more. But do you know how to make this happen?

You are reading this because your current plan or strategies are not getting you where you want to be. You have had coaches, joined programs,  listened to teleclasses and you have gained some ideas and made some progress, but not enough and not fast enough. You may feel like there is something missing, you may hope for a secret formula that can unlock your gate to much higher sales, more full events and greater profits.

 Do you want to …

Fill Your Event…
Make Tons of Money…
Catapult Your Business!

If just being a good speaker or a good event planner was enough to fill and massively monetize women’s events and retreats everyone would be doing it. Clearly this is not enough. To reach your full seminar, events and retreats potential and turn your business into your own cash machine you need some important know how.

Let’s face it, we do not know what we do not know until we learn it.

That is why I want to share with you everything you may not even realize you need to know to plan, produce and most importantly profit from your own women’s events and retreats.

The Realize Your Events and Retreats Virtual Action Program

Is your proven, step-by-step solution to realizing your dream or doing your own programs, of building your own community, of uplifting the lives of other women by gathering them together.

This program is filled with little-known tips that will SAVE YOU THOUSANDS to brilliant Ideas that will EARN YOU THOUSANDS, this program is for you, the woman who wants to uplift and impact the lives of other women.

“I had no idea that workshops could be so inspiring for the giver as well as the attendees! Just facilitated an incredible workshop on Learning to Love Yourself today. The workshop was beyond amazing! Thank you Caterina for forcing me…er I mean encouraging me to hold my workshop sooner rather than later! It was awesome!” —Hema Ganapathy, Hema Yoga

“Give Me 25 Hours Over the Next 6 months and I Will Give You The Skills and Tools to Exponentially Accelerate Your Sales,Profits and Impact With Your Own Workshops, Retreats and Events for Women” -Caterina

This six-month virtual live program is designed to give you everything you need to plan, produce and profit from your own women’s events and retreats.
You will review each session at a time that is convenient to you, you will complete each session at your own pace. Each month you will join Caterina for a live spotlight call to answer your questions and guide your progress and effectiveness.

Everything you need to know to host your own highly profitable women’s events or retreats has been put together in 10 info-packed and easy-to-follow sessions…

  • Session 1: Why Events and Retreats Work and how to make yours thrive
  • Session 2: Questions to Answer to Create a Value-Packed and Profitable Event
  • Session 3: Create a Brand That Makes Your Event or Retreat Stand Out
  • Session 4: Finding And Negotiating The Right Venue for Your Event or Retreat
  • Session 5: How to Create an Impactful Program
  • Session 6: Select Your Revenue Model and Budget for Massive Monetization
  • Session 7: Cultivating Your Event Team to Ensure Your Success
  • Session 8: Fill Your Event and Retreats with Ease Every time
  • Session 9: Advanced Marketing and Event Success Secrets
  • Session 10: Mastering Your Event Upsell for Long-term Growth and Profit

DONNA-CROPPED-web“My business model was not lighting me up. After Caterina’s summit, I knew that group coaching and events for women leaders to build a business or grow in their career was where I needed to be. Caterina’s expertise and knowledge regarding women’s retreats & events is expansive and deep. I have learned so much and gained a ton of support from Caterina and the community. As a result my events and coaching business have been “cat”-apulted. My event success has been accelerated and my future looks very bright.—Donna Hyatt, MBA, Arcadia West Group, LLC


  • Super Bonus #1: Each month you will be invited to join a live MONTHLY COMMUNITY CALL WITH A FEATURED EXPERT ON A HOT TOPIC to add ease and mastery to your events and retreats. Topics will include negotiating with venues, the energetics of speaking and events, creating an alter at your event, designing a signature ritual for your event, and much more.
  • Super Bonus #2: A LOT OF YOUR WORK HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE FOR YOU. You receive sample templates for your sales email sequence, your attendee emails, sample media release, speaker agreements, sponsor contracts, budget sheets, and much more. All given to you in a form that you can quickly and easy modify for yourself.
  • Super Bonus #3: You will not miss a thing with the EVENT-TESTED CHECKLISTS for marketing, graphics, printing, production, and so much more.
  • Super Bonus #4: Your ideal marketing calendar will depend on your event. Caterina reveals her FIVE-STEP FORMULA to CREATE YOUR CUSTOM marketing calendar that is sure to bring you success.
  • Super Bonus #5: Caterina gives you her TRUSTED VENDOR RESOURCE ROLODEX to put you in touch with the people who will get you what you need to ensure your success.


JulieAnne-web“Caterina, thank you for believing in me and holding a vision for me. I am grateful and amazed at everything that is unfolding and conspires for our ultimate happiness and fulfillment when we step up and make a commitment to ourselves to go for our vision no matter what. I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this, since I joined your community I am speaking more then ever, gaining insta-clients and my workshops are so full I have to schedule more. Thank you.” —Julie-Anne Shapiro, International Love & Relationship Expert & Speaker

Caterina is the secret advisor behind many successful producers of women’s events. Caterina is a master certified coach and women and business mentor extraordinaire. She has been serving women and getting women together for over 20 years. This year she will host over 70 days of her own workshops, trainings, masterminds, retreats and events. Whatever kind of event or retreat you are planning, Caterina has the answers and experience to guide you with any kind of event or retreat, from small mastermind programs, to large conferences, trainings, workshops, and luxury high-end retreats. With Caterina’s support, you will be massively monetizing your mastery in no time.

Caterina and her experts will give you the blueprint for hosting your own successful events and retreats. They will guide you from where you are to massive success with your vision.

Your investment is only $3,497!


For questions call Caterina Rando directly at 415 668-4535 or email

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