June 15th, 2017


San Francisco Area Hotel

Limited to 10 Participants


When you make an offer to an audience can you use more certainty? Would you like to deliver your offer with more ease and bliss? Would it benefit you to have some feedback on your offer in order to make some upgrades? If you think so, then set aside a day in a supportive setting to put attention on how to become more masterful at making offers. When you get good at making offers you will come home with insta-clients every time you speak.

This day is all about you and your offers. As a result of this time in a small group setting, you will

  • Understand how to deliver your offers in a more expansive
    and authentic way

  • Increase the level of certainty you convey to your audience

  • Develop the ability to engage an audience during your offer so they lean in and are excited to listen, rather than lean away because they feel sold to

  • Convey the massive value to bring in a way that has your audience believe you

  • Become more aware of pacing and energy and how to use it to work for you

  • Experience more authenticity, ease and joy when making offers in order to eliminate audience considerations and always come home with many new clients

** There will be a maximum of ten participants
** Lunch is included


Caterina Rando
This day is created and produced by speaker and business mentor extraordinaire, Caterina Rando. She enjoys an average of more than 100 hours a month on the platform and has been making offers when speaking for over twenty-five years.

Caterina is the creator of the Sought After Speaker Summit, the Thriving Speaker Platinum Program and many other training programs that support women entrepreneurs to thrive in their businesses.

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