Find Your Authentic Speaking Style While Mastering Your Stories and Your Offers

The more platform time you have, the more confident, compelling and comfortable you become as a speaker, a teacher, a facilitator, and a leader.

Take some time for you now, to have an experience that will serve you for many years to come.  In this supportive, small group setting, we will focus on amplifying your unique and authentic presentation style. With an exclusive, proven process you will uncover stories that can only be told by you, that will impact your audience in a way only you can. One of the areas where many women stumble is inviting people to work with them, that is why we put attention on practicing and beginning to master and sharing your offers easily and with certainty. We will discover the way that has people ready to lean-in and work with you now.

This exclusive invitation will allow you to provide your massive value with more ease, while captivating your audiences more consistency. These sessions will increase your charismatic ability to impact more of the people you are called to serve.

This speaker intensive is all about you becoming a more masterful storyteller, offer-sharer and authentic speaker in order to inspire and uplift your audiences and make your teachings and your message more memorable, impactful, and long-lasting.


“I had such a wonderful, marvelous time with Caterina in a safe environment where we’re telling our stories and refining our stories, so they got better and better. This is a place where you will feel comfortable, cared for and even loved, know that you’re protected and you can come through with your stories in a way that matters. Caterina Rando has been fabulous in supporting me in doing my job and running my business, and getting me to a point where I know that my story matters and can make a difference for others.” —Brandy T Jones, Financial Wellness Coach


Upcoming Advanced Speaker Intensive:

IN-PERSON: January 26th – 28th, 2021

*(limited 6 participants to follow social distancing guidelines)

Pre-call on Monday, January 11th at 2pm PT

Jan. 26th, 10am-3pm, Jan. 27th, 10am-3pm, Jan. 28th, 10am-3pm

Thriving Women in Business Center | 3115 Clement St. | San Francisco, CA

Register for in-person ASI



As a result of this time in our small group setting, you will:

Uncover stories you did not know you had, and upgrade a couple of your current stories or examples in a fresh and creative way

• Understand how to deliver your stories and offers in a more natural, expansive and authentic way

• Increase your level of ease and flow when sharing your stories and offers

• Experience more bliss and brilliance when presenting, especially when telling your stories and making your offers

• Become more aware of your pacing and projection and how to use it to work for you to command the room… and much more.

Investment $2,497.00.


When you join a program you gain our amazing community bonuses (for the duration of your program) that will save you a lot of money, build your network, promote your events, expand your learning and ensure your success:

TWIBC Bonuses & Benefits Galore Include:

    • Thriving Business Boost, our monthly all community gathering via Zoom to expand your network and get set up for a successful and focused month. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 5:30pm. VALUE $1000
    • Attend any half-day, one-day or two-day summits with Caterina at NO COST to solidify your learning, expand your community, make great connections and gain some new clients, friends and opportunities. $1800 Value EXPAND YOUR FEMPIRE SUMMIT (December 2020) included
    • TWIBC will promote your events (up to two a month) in our social media channels, including my business Facebook page, our Facebook groups and in our bi-weekly ezine. Plus your event will be posted on the TWIBC website. 43K social media and email reach. $1200 VALUE
    • Receive your Office Depot TWIBC deep discount card. Use this for in-store purchases and you will save sometimes up to 70% with your printing and signage for your business and workshop needs. Value $1000- $4000
    • And MUCH more listed HERE (during the duration of your program).


“I am so pleased that I took this program with Caterina. it’s been difficult to really get that I have value and Caterina is genius at showing you just how much value you do have. Without her I would not be as thrilled and inspired to get back to work in my business. I’m so grateful for Caterina, and if you’re thinking of taking a program with her and you would love to see some massive results in your business and your life…I wouldn’t hesitate to get started now!” —Kimberly Tilton, Transformational Life Coach


This opportunity is created and produced by speaker and women’s business mentor extraordinaire, Caterina Rando. She enjoys an average of more than 100 hours each month on the platform and has been making offers and telling her unique stories in her speeches and workshops for over twenty-five years.

Caterina is the creator of the Shero Speaker Summit, the Expand Your Fempire Summit, The Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, The Speaker Mastermind Program and The Thriving Business Speaker Accelerator. Caterina has delivered speeches on five continents. She is all about being your authentic self on the platform to genuinely connect and attract the people that are certain that you are the right choice to work with.

For questions call Caterina directly at 415-350-6854, send her a direct message through Facebook, or email