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Listen to women’s business coach extraordinaire, Caterina share her super to on how to generate more revenue in one month then you ever have before.


DR. BEth“I was feeling totally burnt out and frustrated I could not implement my big dreams, then I started working with Caterina and everything has changed in my business. I now know what I can do to easily serve more clients whenever I am ready for more. My revenue has soared and the best part is I am having more fun working on my business in a way I never have before. What’s exciting is I’m turning up fun in my family days of play and I’ve only just begun.”

—Dr. Beth Halbert, America’s Teenologist


This info. packed session will cover how to…

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    • Gain massive sales by applying the influence equation that must be in place to easily enroll someone to work with you.

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    • Embrace the three key sales practices that sales super starts use consistently.

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    • Behave like the massive monetizer you are becoming in order to shift both what you do and how you see yourself in order to increase your effectiveness with your potential clients.

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    • Avoid the biggest pitfall that women entrepreneurs fall into when they are trying to grow their sales and what to do instead.

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    • Set it up so you will be more focused and in action this coming month then you ever have before.



katie_macks“I was super successful in sales in my previous career. When I started my coaching/training business I found it a lot different to sell myself. What is great about Caterina is that while she shares tools and strategies, she is also masterful at showing us how to change how we see ourselves. She has instilled in me that I have massive value to bring and that comes through when I am inviting others to work with me. This has made all the difference.”

—Katie Macks, Coach, Trainer, Inspirational Speaker


After you listen to this session you will be ready to get going on enjoying your best revenue month ever in your business. 




Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando
Message from Caterina

I have been showing women entrepreneurs how to massively monetize their mastery for over 20 years and I can tell you that some women are willing to be uncomfortable, willing to ask people to work with them, willing to put extra time into to closing business and some are not.Here is what I want you to know. Sales is a skill. The more you do it, the better you will get. Creating a strategy to attract potential clients is a skill and implementing sales and marketing strategies are definitely skills. We do not just want to be proficient at all of these we want to be masterful.The more time you spend generating revenue the more masterful you will become at doing it. That is why I put this challenge together, to support my VIP client at becoming more masterful at selling.

Why bother with pursuing your best month ever?

I am doing this free call to inspire you and support you to thrive more in your business. On the call I will invite you to join the Best Month Ever Challenge. I create this challenge because I have seen how successful my 5K in a Day Challenges and my Massive Monetization Challenges have been at supporting my clients in increasing sales. What I know about women is the more they earn, the more they serve and I want to see you earn and serve a whole lot more.





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