Women in Business, Here is How to Have Your Best Month Ever

Praying Woman

Women in Business, Here is How to Have Your Best Month Ever

Faith, hope, karma, prayer and the law of attraction will not grow your revenue on their own. As a long-time business coach for women, I see that many in business do not put enough attention on bringing in new clients and as a result their businesses do not generate enough revenue to thrive. That is why I created a month long virtual group called the Best Month Ever Challenge.

Here are a few tips you can use right now, to have your best month ever in your business:

Set a revenue goal for your best month ever. 

Figure out the highest revenue-generating month in your business then set a goal that is a little higher.

Put together a best month ever plan.

This is everything you will do in your business to ensure that you generate more revenue than ever.

Make sure your plan includes the following tips:

Have a simple, fast, system for lead tracking and follow up.

You may have a system, but is it working for you? In just a few seconds can you pull up all your potential clients? If not improve your system.

Set aside 90 minutes at least three times a week for sales calls and appointments.

This means you are having conversations with people about working with you.

Set a goal for how many sales conversations you are going to have each week.

Keep track of how many conversations it takes for you to gain a sale or new client. You may find you are not talking to enough potential clients each week.

Be willing to be uncomfortable.

When you call on prospects that make you a little nervous or when you are willing to dance through the objections, you will start to get better results. Pretty soon what was formerly uncomfortable will become comfortable.

Keep at it. Know, it might take you a few months, follow these strategies and soon you will be enjoying your best month ever.

Caterina Rando is a master business coach for women. She is the author of Learn to Think Differently and she wants to support you to be louder, prouder and more certain about the massive value you have to bring. Caterina would love to hear from you at 415- 668-4535. Find out about all she offers for women in business here: www.caterinarando.com