What You Can Expect from Your Day with Caterina

  • Eliminate your personal sales zappers so you can catapult your sales.
  • Set up your ideal selling schedule so your warm leads don’t get cold. 
  • Start to master your sales conversations so that your prospects feel heard and acknowledged.
  • Know the best topics for you to present on to build insta-influence.
  • Get booked more for speaking by using top super tips. 
  • Embrace key strategies to come home with clients every time you speak.


Join Caterina for this one-day seminar designed to give you exactly what you need to catapult your business with speaking and selling. The info-packed workshop will give you clarity, energy, and a clear course of action to accelerate your success and allow you to serve even more people.   

Upcoming Catapult Seminars (ZOOM or in-person):

SCHEDULE: Arrive at 9:30 a.m. We begin promptly at 10am and go until 4pm.

We will take a lunch break. There is great food available at these locations or nearby.


2021 Dates to be Announced


“I met Caterina Rando and attended one of her events…little did I know what she had in store for me and my business. This weekend changed the course of my business vision and gave me more tools than I knew what to do with. Caterina ignited a flame in my heart that I had buried long ago. I spent the next months implementing my program under her guidance. I had my first event some months later closing over 90 percent of the room in new customer sales. Thereby supplementing my retirement income by over 80 percent. Having Caterina as my coach I am now monetizing my gifts. With my first retreat coming up I will be heading toward six figures in a year. Do not give it a second thought. Work with Caterina.” —Tonya Tyus Parker, Founder and CEO of the Soulpreneur Development Academy