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Dear Direct Sales Leader,

As you know, people seek the “keys to success” and they put a high value on the experience of an insider. Direct sellers and other women in business are seeking your secrets, your tips and your story for inspiration.

You may dream of writing your book and telling your story. Even in our high-tech world full of podcasts and e-books, being a published author holds cachet and adds as much credibility as it ever has. Plus, a book featuring you would be an incredible team-building and recruiting tool for you and for everyone on your team.

Understandably, you may consider a book a “long-term goal” due to the huge amount of work it takes. Whether your business is booming or you’re rebuilding, stepping away from your business to write a book takes a toll on your volume and your income.

Providing women like you simple solutions to becoming published, sooner rather than later, is my passion. That is why, with great enthusiasm, I invite you to consider our innovative project designed specifically to support you in building more influence while becoming more widely known as a direct sales leader.

I believe you are a fit for this done-for-you project and I invite you to apply to be a co-author of the upcoming Thrive Publishing book Direct Sales Leaders Reveal Their Secrets to Success. Imagine having a book—your book—published and in-hand by the end of the year!

Please review this project information and see our value-added program to ensure that your participation will raise your profile, expand your influence, enhance your recruiting and energize your team. I look forward to your participation.

Expect Success!

Caterina Rando



[testimonials] [testimonial duration=”30000″ author=”Nikki Keohohou” avatar_type=”attachment_id” avatar_value=”3996″ meta=”CEO and Co-founder Direct Selling Women’s Alliance”]”The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance has partnered with THRIVE Publishing™ on two different book projects. The team that worked on our project did a great job in personally supporting each co-author through the process. This combined with a commitment to produce an outstanding product resulted in two incredible books that DSWA is proud to have our name on.” [/testimonial] [/testimonials]



The Direct Sales Leaders Publishing Package includes:

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  • Your 2,000-word chapter in Direct Sales Leaders Reveal Their Secrets to Success. The first 1,000 words tells your story of success and the second 1,000 words shares your best success practices or strategies.
  • Your author page at the end of your chapter with a 190-word bio with your contact info and your author photo.
  • Project kick-off teleseminar with publisher, Caterina Rando, exclusively for the co-authors on How to Easily Write an Awesome Book Chapter.
  • Comprehensive writer’s guidelines, suggested chapter outline and super tips to assist you in easily writing an excellent chapter.
  • Your name on the front cover with the other co-authors.
  • Your name and chapter title on the back cover along with the other co-authors’ chapter titles.
  • Professional pre-publication review, feedback and author support on your chapter and an opportunity for you to revise it.
  • Professional copyediting and proofreading of your chapter.
  • Professional front-cover and back-cover design.
  • Professional book layout and printing.
  • High-gloss cover finish and perfect bind on the book.
  • A Library of Congress Control Number and ISBN# registration
  • 200 copies of the finished, printed book for your personal use.
  • The opportunity to purchase more copies of the book at a discount.
  • The electronic distribution version (e-Book) available for you to sell or distribute.



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Direct Sales Leaders Publishing Package also includes:

  • cr_T_book_fan_10A file image of the cover of Direct Sales Leaders Reveal Their Secrets to Success to promote your book through your website, ezines and social media.
  • A brief, professionally written book description you can use to promote your book.
  • A customized order form you can use to pre-sell your book at events and meetings prior to your book release date.
  • A stand-alone electronic copy of your chapter you can use for influence building or for promotional use to book radio and social media publicity opportunities. This version also includes a rendering of your book covers (front and back).
  • A business directory listing on the Thriving Women in Business Magazine website ( to boost awareness of your leadership status, expose you to other dynamic business women and introduce you to new circles of influence.



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Direct Sales Leaders Book Marketing Package includes:

  • cr_T_book_fan_10A co-author teleseminar teaching you How to Use Your Book to Create Excitement and Build Influence Before Your Books Arrive
  • A co-author teleseminar with Caterina Rando on How to Use Your Book to Get More Speaking Engagements
  • A co-author teleseminar on How to Promote Your Business and Book with New Media: Video, Blogging, Social Networking and Article Marketing
  • A co-author teleseminar on How to Maximize the Use of Radio for your Business and Book Promotion




BONUS: Direct Sales Leaders Audio Product Program

For this Special Edition, we’ll interview you and the other esteemed authors individually and provide you audio versions you can use for both sales and promotion. You will receive:

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  • An audio file of you being interviewed on your chapter topic
  • And the full audio, including the interviews of all the co-authors who choose to participate. This is an additional product you can reasonably sell for up to $99.00 for unlimited additional revenue.




For your reference and convenience, here are the most frequently asked questions about projects like this. If you want to know anything else or if you would like to discuss how this project will support your personal business objectives, feel free to call me at 415-668-4535 or email me at

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How many co-authors will be part of this book?

We will select between 21 and 25 co-authors to be included in this Special Edition.

Why should I do a book with other professionals instead of doing my own?

There are several reasons to do a book with other authors. The biggest benefit is that it positions you as a visible top leader in direct sales. With co-authors in your field, you benefit from the marketing efforts of multiple authors each promoting the book. This creates immeasurable additional exposure.

Plus, we do everything for you, which significantly expedites the process of getting your book done, while drastically reducing your effort. All you have to do is write a 2,000-word chapter. You can do this in a few days. By the way, if you want a ghostwriter we can arrange that as well.

Writing a whole book takes a lot of time away from your current revenue-producing business activities. This project is designed for busy leaders who want to avoid the revenue loss incurred from stepping away for three to six months to write a book.

With this project, your chapter is professionally produced and in the time it would take you to write a few chapters on your own, you will have an entire book in your hands.

What if I love the idea and I just do not even have the time to write one chapter?

No problem. We have a great ghostwriter who can interview you and write your chapter for a very reasonable fee. She has written and edited hundreds of articles and several books. She has also been a highly successful direct sales leader.

I want to participate, however I am not confident I can write a great chapter.

We have that covered. Our editor can also act as your writing coach. We can help you build your chapter outline, review your material during the writing phase and help you turn in a strong chapter.

Why should I work with you on this project?

As the bestselling author of Learn to Power Think, published by Chronicle Books, I know a lot about how to use a book to build your business and build influence. My book has been rereleased under a new name, Learn to Think Differently, and it is published in several countries and languages.

Additionally, I have successfully executed dozens of projects like this one in the past. Direct Sales Leaders will be our 32nd published book. A few of our titles include Direct Selling Power, Image Power, Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Business Success with Ease, Incredible Life, On The Wings of Faith and Get Organized Today.

How big will the book be?

It will be at least 180 pages long and measure approximately 6 inches by 9 inches. (The exact number of pages will not be determined until the layout is complete.) This is about 20% larger than many non-fiction books currently marketed to direct sellers.

Can I add graphics to my chapter?

Yes and an additional $25.00 per graphic for the layout will apply. All illustrations will be done by our designer who will charge you a separate nominal fee. If you have existing illustrations, she can adapt them to the book style so that all illustrations have a consistent look.  

Who holds the copyright on the book?

You hold the copyright to all the content in your chapter. You can use your existing writing to comprise your chapter and later you can expand your chapter into your own book. You can do whatever you want with your content. I will hold the copyright only on the book in its entirety.

What about an e-book version?

You will receive an e-book version you can sell on your website, sell at your events, sell to your team or other contacts, use for incentives and recognition, or even send to your  team members or recruit prospects as a valuable gift. There are many ways to use the e-book version to promote your personal business activities, as well as to boost the productivity of your team. You keep 100% of any revenue you generate from your e-book sales.

What is your process for choosing co-authors?

We are building a strong, well-rounded book with no overlapping chapter content. That is why on the application I am asking you to give me your top three choices for topics.

We are looking for established, direct sales professionals that speak or train regularly. We are considering women with at least two years of experience, who are leaders earning income of more than $50,000 per year from a direct sales business. We are also giving special consideration to leaders who bring a unique or innovative topic to the project.



Thank you for your interest in this project.

To complete the application process and secure your co-author position, please go online today and complete the application and agreement:

[button size=”large” align=”center” link=”” color=”red” textColor=”#fff” icon=”star” icon_color=”#fff”]CLICK HERE to Apply Today![/button]

Then select your payment option.

Your application process is not complete until you have selected a payment option and made your first payment.

All co-author applications must be approved. If, for any reason, your application is not approved any monies paid will be promptly refunded.

[testimonials] [testimonial duration=”30000″ autoplay=”false” author=”Martha McBride” avatar_type=”attachment_id” avatar_value=”3995″ meta=”Direct Sales Leader, Trainer and Mentor”]”Exposure and credibility are the name of the game when it comes to supporting group recruiting and attracting energetic new leaders to your team. Being a published author and sharing your wisdom in a printed book is a powerful method for reaching potential future collaborators and team members. Plus, it makes a fabulous training and sponsoring tool for all levels of your team. Having the opportunity to accomplish this in such a simple, efficient way with Caterina Rando and Thrive Publishing is priceless!”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]

Co-Authors Timeline for Direct Sales Leaders Book Project

Week #1 How to Easily Write an Awesome Chapter teleseminar with Caterina Rando (the session will be recorded for future listening)

Week #1 Your chapter outline due

Week #2 Your author bio due

Week #3 Your author photo due

Week #4 Your finalized chapter due

Weeks #4-9 Content review, feedback for you and copyediting

Weeks #6-12 Edited chapter to you for any changes and sign-off

Weeks #12-14 Complete manuscript to you for your final sign-off on chapter and confirming your featured contact and bio information

Week #13 Electronic files for front cover sent to you for initial promotion and posting on your website

Week #17 Your Direct Sales Leaders book cover file image, short book description, one-page website content and customized order form PDF will be sent to you to begin promotion and pre-ordering and a promotional website for the book will be up and running with a link to your website. This site will stay live for at least one year after publication

Week #18 Your chapter layout sent to you for your review and correction of any mistakes

Week #20 Complete book layout sent to you for final chapter sign-off

Week #27 – 29 Direct Sales Leaders books will arrive at your door

[testimonials autoplay=”false” duration=”30000″] [testimonial author=”Linda Sturdivant” avatar_type=”attachment_id” avatar_value=”4027″ meta=”Activate Your Direct Sales Team “]”The system Caterina set up makes it so easy to become a published author. I wrote my chapter and submitted it. The project manager guided my process and answered my questions promptly. The editor reviewed my 1st draft, suggested adjustments to enhance my chapter. Honestly, I think the whole project took me about 4 hours. I gained confidence and influence with ease. It was amazing!”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]

Direct Sales Leaders Book Program Investment:

Co-Author Program $3,500*** see discount below


  • The Direct Sales Leaders Book Publishing Package
  • The Direct Sales Leaders Book Marketing Package
  • The Direct Sales Leaders Audio Product Program
  • 200 copies of Direct Sales Leaders Reveal Their Secrets to Success

The suggested retail price of the book is $20.00. Your sales of your copies of the book can generate $4,000.00 in revenue for you.

You can generate unlimited additional revenue by selling the e-book version.

You can also generate unlimited additional revenue by selling the audio product of the co-author interviews.


*** Direct Sales Leader Investment

Your fee is 6 payments of $500 for the Direct Sales Leader Co-Author Program.

These payments are set up to automatically to occur 30 days apart.


*** FULL PAY Discount

When you pay in full your fee is $2,600 for the Direct Sales Leader Co-Author Program.

These payments will be set up to automatically to occur 30 days apart.

Please fill out your application online [button size=”large” align=”center” link=”” color=”red” textColor=”#fff” icon=”star” icon_color=”#fff”]CLICK HERE to Apply Today![/button]

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping charges are an additional expense and are dependent on the weight of the book and your shipping location. Therefore, they cannot be estimated in advance. Shipping charges and any additional taxes will be due before books are shipped to you.

Your application process is not complete until you have completed the online application AND selected a payment option and made your first payment.

We look forward to working with you as a co-author and supporting you in building a more thriving business.