Global Love Day – Schedule

Global Love Day Revised Schedule


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10:10 Welcome and Overview
Go over schedule
overview service project
Bev and music ladies
Thanks sponsors and sponsor intros

10:30 speaker #1

10:55 Thank speaker #1
Remind everyone of drawings
Remind to buy drawing tickets at the break
Send sewers to their stations

10:55 -11:20 Morning Break – Kit-making shift #1

Intro and speaker #2

11:45 Thank speaker #2
Share about GDT/ Acknowledge Circle Members
Showcase Org #1 Power of Love
Remind people to buy drawing tickets and put them in the
bags at lunch
Remind live auction in the afternoon. Preview program.

12:00 -12:45 Lunch Break

12:45 – 1:15
Do a few drawings
Intro speaker/ Speaker #3

Thanks speaker #3
Showcase Org. #2 Nepal Deaf Women’s Empowerment

1:25-1:50 After lunch Break #1 – Kit-making shift #2

Do a few drawings
A few TWIBC announcements
Intro speaker/speaker #4

Thank speaker #4
Showcase Org. #3 Sakhi for Girls

2:25-2:50 Afternoon Break #2 – Kit-making shift #3

Do a few drawings
Live Auction

3:25-3:50 Intro speaker/speaker #5

3:50 Thank speaker #5
Thanks all the speakers in front of the room
Thank sponsors
Thank volunteers
Remind everyone of next tea
Tell them preliminary results of the fundraising for the day.
Closing song