The INFLUENCE POWER For Women in Business Audio System Will Catapult Your Business


image - 20140903_110031You are ready to build influence in your business. You think you’re doing everything that is possible to build and gain more influence with your community and clients. This is a definitive influence building system that will accelerate your business and exciting opportunities to grow your revenue.

You are already doing many things that build influence however, you may be missing out on some of the most effective and most powerful tools that result in new clients quickly. and others seeking you out to provide you exciting opportunities that will accelerate your business success and grow your revenue.

This system teaches you how to massively build influence.  Then it guides you to create your custom Influence Building Plan. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, it will assist in reprogramming your brain to gain more influence in your business in an effortlessly. We’ve created a unique Success Statements Session designed for daily listening.


  • Your Introduction to Building Influence shares what is influence, how to create it and keep it for long-term results.
  • The Influence Equation
    Learn the three pieces to the Influence Equation. By adopting them into your business you can use it easily into your business advantage. By embracing the Influence Equation many of your business decisions will be easier to make based on what you learn.
  • The Massive Sales Equation
    The Massive Sales Equation is key to growing your revenue.  You may have a part of it aced already. However, there is most likely a missing link in these three keys to massive sales with ease. You will learn how to easily embrace the massive sales equation to grow your sales immediately. For some people this is worth one-thousand times the investment of this program. This one segment can change your business for forever.
  • Personal Qualities that Build Influence
    There are four personal qualities that every highly influential person has and demonstrates regularly. You may have already cultivated these qualities and not even know it. With a few minor upgrades you will gain significant influence and results from your actions. These qualities will attract to you the people you want to work with. Imagine your ideal clients are attracted to you and reach out to you rather than you having to find them. These personal qualities will have you become the kind of person who others seek out in order to hire you.
  • Create Your Criteria for Who To Build Influence with
    You will gain clarity and determine where and who to focus on building influence with. This will support you in being more effective with how you spend your time and you will reap greater results from your influence building efforts while starting to enjoying your increased influence.


  • Face-to-Face Communication That Builds Influence
    There are many ways women communicate that make people want to listen. Alternatively we can also unknowingly repel people or at least make others unwilling to seek us out or return our phone calls. You will find out what you are already doing that is working to your advantage and what communication practices to eliminate. You will also learn the “golden ticket” in communication which will uplift and solidify all your everyday relationships and make you the most influential person you know.
  • How to Remember Names with Ease
    Remembering names and using them not only makes people feel like you care enough to remember them, names also give you power that you can use in important ways. Caterina’s unique system for easily remembering names that you have not heard before will be revealed.
  • Acknowledgement Costs Nothing and is Priceless in Business
    Speaking, writing and planning are all skills you know are important to develop for business success. Acknowledgement is an often forgotten skill that will significantly contribute to your overall success. Learn how to master it with this program and watch all your personal and professional relationships be uplifted forever.
  • Offline Communications That Build Influence
    There are many ways to build influence offline and with face-to-face in-person communication. Caterina will reveal her best practices to keep the new clients and referrals coming while turning your current clients and contacts into champions for you and your work by becoming more masterful at communication.
  • How to Ask for What You Want Every Time
    If you want something the best way to get it is to ask for it. There are ways to ask that will consistently work. Identify ways to ask that don’t alienate people. If you ask the wrong way, even if they say yes today, you can be damaging relationships for the future. Learn how to have win-win conversations that get you what you want more of the time to easily move projects forward and achieve all your goals.
  • Cultivating Community to Build a Ton of Influence
    When you cultivate community you facilitate connection and camaraderie among like-minded people. This makes everyone feel part of something bigger. When you consciously create community you become the leader of that community and this builds massive influence and visibility for you. Caterina is a master at community building and she shares with you the steps to take to form a community from which you will draw clients, referrals, opportunities and access. Best of all, you will draw in people that will support you for a long time and join with you to do amazing things. Your community will bring you a kind of fulfillment you cannot get anywhere else.


  • Online Communication That Builds Influence, Part One
    These days we can also gain new clients, customers, team members, referrals and opportunities through building influence online. Caterina will share her ten easy (and often overlooked) ways for you to connect with new people online and move quickly from contacts to contracts. Online influence building communication also supports a key part of the influence equation.
  • Build Influence on Facebook and Pinterest
    This session covers several strategies and ideas for building influence on Facebook and Pinterest® Implement the correct strategy for overall influence building on these two platforms. She reveals these tactics for results. Your online influence will multiply with the solutions offered here.
  • Linkedin® Expert Shares All
    Debbie Saviano is a sought after Linkedin expert. In this session she gives you so many ideas for building influence with this business focused social network. She will share her best tips for your profile, for engaging others and for building your connections. This comprehensive session will teach you what you do not know you do not know with building influence on Linkedin.


  • Online Communication That Builds Influence, Part Two
    Building influence power online is so important and such a broad topic to tackle we are devoting two complete audio sessions to this key influence area in order to give you so many tools to massively build your influence online.
  • Building Influence on Twitter
    Caterina is all a twitter for Twitter. This easy to use way to share your value and connect with people who have never met you before is a wonderful no-cost new area to master to build influence with your existing contacts and new potential clients.
  • Build Your Influence with Blogging
    Be loud and proud about the value you bring. Blogging is a great way for you to do that. There are so many things to know to maximize this social media strategy. Caterina interviews Diana Morgan of Whole Heart Marketing who shares her best ideas for how you can build influence and your list through blogging.


  • Build Massive Influence with Your Current Clients for More Sales and Referrals Often times people have all their attention on connecting with new people to serve and take their attention off their current clients. Caterina wants you to enjoy long-term and life-long client relationships. That is why she will share with you her best strategies to ensure your clients stay with you forever and what you can do to make sure they are loud and proud about you every chance they get. Your current clients will become your champions, directing others to you when you follow Caterina’s strategies.


  • Using Public Speaking to Build Influence
    Imagine meeting 30 new people in an afternoon and building massive influence with all of them at once during your first meeting. What if it was fifty people, or one-hundred people? Public speaking allows you to build influence with many people at once. Caterina will share her ten-steps to get you started to become a sought-after-speaker and you will discover how to best embrace this super strategy to build your influence very fast. Imagine giving a speech and walking out of the room not with a pocket full or possibilities—instead a pocket full of new clients that have already signed up.
  • Create a Speaker Sheet to Get Booked with Ease
    You will get booked for a lot more speeches when you follow Caterina’s recommendations for how to present yourself to be selected as a speaker. Even seasoned speakers have reported getting booked with more ease by implementing Caterina’s seven part process for finalizing your speaker sheet.
  • Create Your Criteria to Create Influence with Your Best Audience
    Build influence with the people that you most want to speak to. This may seem obvious, however, a lot of speakers waste precious time by not having a speaking criteria that puts you in front of the right audiences for you to gain insta-clients while building substantial influence for future business.
  • Massively Build Your Influence with Events
    If you are like Caterina and you love to gather people together for all kinds or reasons, social, professional, community service and fun projects; then you will love all the great ideas you will discover in this part of the program.Caterina shares her event planning and producing process that works! Caterina is a master at producing all kinds of events from intimate masterminds to huge seminars. She dedicates over 90 days a year to gathering people together. She has so much to share with you to guarantee your event success!
  • Create Your Influence Building Plan
    There are so many great ideas in this program. Caterina wants you to be strategic about how and when you implement this new knowledge so you will meet your goals.Caterina believes in a phase-one-phase-two-phase- -three approach to influence building to get insta-results now and more results later. This program will support you in building more and more influence now and for years to come.


  • INFLUENCE POWER Success Statements CD
    This is a very unique and key part of the INFLUENCE POWER System. You will rarely see with business development audio systems. Caterina has taken the key concepts from this program and strung them all together. Music in the background with Caterina’s voice over it to gently remind you of all the ideas you have learned, while also reprogramming your brain for more success. Creating new habits and ways of thinking, you will gain with ease much more immediate influence power.This program succeeds where many others fall short because it is key for you to shift your self-perception to maximize the value and benefit you get from this program. With the Success Statements CD you will be able to do that. Many people listen to this part of the program several times a day while doing other things and especially in the morning to set themselves up for a great day!



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