The Power of Holding Your Own Events: Seminars, Events, and Retreats! Oh, my!

The Power of Holding Your Own Events: Seminars, Events, and Retreats! Oh, my! - See more at:
The Power of Holding Your Own Events:
Seminars, Events, and Retreats! Oh, my!

by Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

We all know that events are an important way to network and connect with other women. You may have attended Meetups or networking events in the past. You might have been very successful at meeting people at others’ events. As successful as you could be at attending events, having your own events multiplies that effectiveness. Ladies, it’s more important than ever that you are doing your own events.

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Women love events and retreats. They love to get together with other women so they can collaborate, create joint ventures, learn and be transformed, give and receive support, and they love to be in a community.

There are several things to consider when you’re having your own event. Filling the room is just one of them. What strategies have worked for you? Here are some of the strategies that have led to my own success at filling the room:

  • Invite people at your own marketing speeches
  • Make personal invitations
  • Have an email campaign
  • Make phone calls
  • Use social media to invite
  • Create flyers

There are so many parts of a machine that have to work so that you can have a powerful event. Make sure you have a lot of help. Create your dream team who work alongside yourself and have the same attitude that you do. The most important thing you need is a “can-do” attitude so that you are confident that you will succeed.

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