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Shero Speaker Summit

Fri., Nov. 9th &  Sat., Nov. 10th, 2018

Four Points Sheraton  |  San Rafael, CA  | * See hotel room details below


Join Caterina at the Shero Speaker Summit, Begin to Use Your Super Powers of Speaking, and Experience the Entrepreneurial Success You Truly Desire.

Dear Woman Entrepreneur,

Are you a woman with massive value to bring, but almost no one knows about your business?

Are you sick of taking a day to go and speak and when you arrive realize you are in front of the wrong group?

Are you tired of giving an awesome speech and coming home with no clients?

Are you fed up with offering free consultations and wasting your precious time?

If so, I have great news this could be the most important message you read for your business.

The best, most timesaving, cost-effective way to showcase your value is through public speaking. Speaking is the shortest distance between you and your large revenue goals. Speaking also allows you to serve a lot more people, a lot faster. How do I know this?

I have been there, I have tried it all, I have tested everything, I now know what works and have shown thousands of women like you how to get on the fast track to multiplying their revenue, their client list, and their influence with speaking.

Because I have clients that have doubled and tripled their revenues and client rosters, when they added specific speaking strategies I have shared with them.

There are countless experts out there, Why should you listen to me?

For over twenty years, I have helped thousands of women like you grow their businesses, get booked for way more speaking, and earn thousands of dollars and come home with as many as twenty clients from one speech of workshop. Plus, with my shortcuts they have quickly launched their own group programs and signature events.

When it comes to all aspects of speaking to grow a business, speaking internationally, paid professional speaking, producing multi-speaker events and information products, I have a ton of experience and a great track record.

This is great for you, because I will reveal and share, with a full heart and a huge desire to serve, everything I have seen, learned, tested and truly know works. I am transparent and will tell it like it is, without reservation.

More importantly, I will give you what you need to know in these two days. Of course, I will invite you to do more with me and my awesome community of like-minded, like-hearted women. You will not have to wait to go create what you want, because I will hold nothing back.

I will guide you with my values of service, generosity, love, quick action and delivering massive value. That is what you will experience at this event. It will be different than many events you have been to, because the consciously cultivated community you will walk into is designed to support you to see the possibilities for yourself, to facilitate you taking immediate action. I will hold a bigger vision for you than you hold for yourself. Join me at the Shero Speaker Summit and allow me to be your guide.

Don’t miss special guest Katrina Sawa at the

Shero Speaker Summit on Nov. 9th & 10th

“8 Simple Steps to Write, Publish and Monetize the Book in You”

At what stage are you in now when it comes to being an author?

1.   Want to write a book but aren’t sure where to start
2.   Have you already started writing but aren’t sure what to do next
3.   Already have one or more books and working on even more
4.   Wondering if you should self-publish or pay a publisher to do it all for you
5.   Do you think about how a book will actually build your business and bring in paying customers
6.   Have questions about Amazon best-seller campaigns, author webpages, book cover designs and titles and all the little details that come with writing a book
7.   Or are you hiding, thinking that no one wants to read what you’ve got to say so you’re not going to write a book 

Great to all of that because any author has felt probably all of these thoughts and feelings before publishing their first book.

You have a BIG mission and message to deliver to hundreds of thousands of people, don’t hold back from making the impact you were meant to make.

Learn how easy it can be to build a speaking platform, online info-product business or related coaching or event business that you’ll love around the ideas and concepts in your book so you can reach the masses faster!

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Katrina Sawa, helps you make more money doing what you love. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® System, a dynamic, tell-it-like-it-is speaker and author of the books, Love Yourself Successful and Jumpstart Your New Business Now. Katrina has a no-nonsense approach to showing entrepreneurs how to develop consistently profitable businesses implementing proven marketing and business strategies plus she kicks you in the butt to get it all done too. With 30 years’ experience in sales, business and marketing Katrina speaks to groups of all sizes and holds live training events annually. Find out more & get Free Trainings at

[testimonials] [testimonial author=”Jennifer Darling” avatar_type=”attachment_id” avatar_value=”4359″]“Before I met Caterina I was afraid I would have to go back to a JOB. After my first day with Caterina, I got in action and I started gaining clients, booking speeches and getting paid well right away. After the two-day summit, I launched my first group program and what it is like to gain insta-clients. It has only been a few weeks now, my business and my revenue have been “Caterina-pulted” and my future looks very bright.”[/testimonial] [testimonial author=”Huda Baak” avatar_type=”attachment_id” avatar_value=”4261″]“Since the summit, I have launched my group programs, I am for the first time working with people remotely and getting great results. I love that! I’ve been a lone wolf entrepreneur for many years. I now have a mastermind group, accountability partners, colleagues I can go to for advice and I’ve made some wonderful friendships. Those things are priceless. Thank you.”[/testimonial] [/testimonials]

[framed_box width=”” bgColor=”rgba(147,14,14,1)” textColor=”#f9f6f6″ rounded=”true”]I am so confident that you will be so glad you came to the Shero Summit that I guarantee you, that when you come, if you do not feel that you are gaining massive value by lunch on the first day, let my team know and we will gladly refund your fee and wish you well. Why remain vulnerable to the possibility that you will catch a big break, when instead you can find out how to structure your business to grow it as you like with proven strategies? Why work hard to live on what you are earning now, when you can take tested steps to accelerate your business growth? Why continue coming home with no clients when you speak when you can average a 35% or better close ratio every time you speak like many of my clients have? Why continue to struggle on your own when you can learn the shortcuts to massively monetizing your mastery with speaking like many of the happy women in our community? If you are a savvy, ambitious woman with big plans and you like having fun while expanding your network, then you want to be an insta-yes to attend the Shero Speaker Summit. I look forward to seeing you there. This event will be a positive turning point in your business. [/framed_box]