“Finding Caterina was one of the best things to happen for my business. She has helped me plan and launch my book release and more importantly coached me on how to leverage my book to bring in business. Caterina is generous with her resources and has connected me with her golden rolodex of people who can also help me be set for success.”

Ellen S. Rogin, CPA, CFP®, Author of Great with Money

"One of the smartest things I have done for my business is to work with Caterina. She is a constant source of inspiration, great ideas and tested resources. Our sessions energizes and keeps me on a roll. I recommend her without reservation!"

Peggy Parks, AICI CIP, The Parks Image Group

Caterina is an EXTRAORDINARY business coach. Her insight, experience, ability to provide laser focus and absolute passion for helping her clients thrive beyond their wildest dreams is nothing short of spectacular.

Jennifer Malocha, Creator of Wuhoo Fitness

"I really did not know what to expect when I decided to become a co-author. I could not have made a better decision. Caterina and her team went above and beyond anything I could ever imagine. I am truly amazed by my experience from start to finish and will not hesitate to send others to her."

Nancy LaMont, Bee Royally Organized

"Caterina Rando is the speaker to hire when your people need a healthy dose of positive energy! When Caterina takes the stage she inspires action. She connects to her audience in such an authentic, genuine way. My sales force found her to be 'real', easy to follow, and her presentation rich with useful content. We love Caterina.

Jennifer Jolicoeur, Athena’a Home Novelties

"Caterina Rando and her publishing team are very impressive! Our book project was carried out professionally and seamlessly from start to finish. I highly recommend any emerging or veteran speaker to do a book with THRIVE Publishing and then watch your business and product sales soar!"

Victoria Ashford - Excelcis Training & Consulting Inc.

"The summits inspired me to believe that I have tremendous value to bring to my clients AND provided me with actions I could take right away to realize revenue from delivering that value. The summit with Caterina was the catalyst for me to leave my job, go out on my own and do what I love. As a result I now enjoy running my six-figure business."

Bev Adamo, Certified Dream Coach and Life Coach

"Since I met Caterina a couple of years ago my world has exploded in a good way, my business has quadrupled in the number of wonderful clients we serve and my confidence and joy as a successful businesswoman has quadrupled too. Caterina has advised me and encouraged me to try new things and put myself out there in new ways. As a result many wonderful opportunities and many new fabulous new clients have dropped in my lap. I can’t wait for the Personal Breakthrough Luxury Retreat. I know it will serve as a catalyst for me achieving even more."

Tammy Tribble, Web Designer, Business Branding Specialist

“I gained so much from attending The Sought After Speaker Summit. Caterina provides step by step uncomplicated ways to advance your business with Speaking. She shares ways to monetize your expertise that you never even thought of. Since I attended the summit I am doing a lot more speaking in my business and more importantly doing it more effectively and coming home with more clients. I tell every woman who has a business to attend The Sought After Speaker Summit.”

Debbie Saviano, Linkedin® for Business Expert

"The caliber of people Caterina attracts is high and she facilitates you connecting with everyone. I have been to several of Caterina’s summits and I learn so much every time. I send all my clients to Caterina to grow their businesses with speaking and they all agree that she really delivers. I work with Caterina whenever I can because she is a top tier coach and strategist. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to her Sought After Speaker Summit."

Michele Scism, Six Figure Results LadyWow!

"Three days spent with Caterina Rando’s Thriving Women in Business Community was one of the best experiences I've ever had in business. Her information and content is superb!!! So many successful woman coming out of her work. It is so inspiring. I'm so glad she's my coach!"

Christine Miura, Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategist