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In this audio you will discover what it takes to produce women’s events or retreats that have massive impact, build community and catapult your revenue. Doing women’s events and retreats will provide you more fulfillment and long-term success than any other.




I know, I have been serving women entrepreneurs for over twenty years and have loved almost every minute of it. A few years ago I started to do many different events each year to serve women. This year I will do at least 96 days of my own events and massively monetize while serving women with each one. There is no greater joy than doing well by serving other women. The events I can show you how to win with are everything from a two-hour introduction event, to a two-day summit, to an advanced program with several training days, to an annual luxury retreat for women entrepreneurs held in MayTake a look, at our next one we still a few spaces left.

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  • A few key rookie mistakes to avoid
  • A few secrets that will save you a lot of money and
  • What you absolutely must do to ensure your event is profitable
  • You will also gain insights into how to host retreats or events women love, will return to time and time again and want to bring their friends to.



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I know you have been thinking about doing your own women’s events or retreats or you would not be looking at this page.
This free audio will get you into action with your own events and retreats.

Get your free audio now to massively monetize with your own women’s events and retreats




herma_g-250x300I had no idea that workshops could be so inspiring for the giver as well as the attendees! Just facilitated an incredible workshop on Learning to Love Yourself today. The workshop was beyond amazing! Thank you Caterina for forcing me…er I mean encouraging me to hold my workshop sooner rather than later! It was awesome!”
—Hema Ganapathy, Hema Yoga


DONNA-CROPPED-web“My business model was not lighting me up. After Caterina’s summit, I knew that group coaching and events for women leaders to build a business or grow in their career was where I needed to be. Caterina’s expertise and knowledge regarding women’s retreats & events is expansive and deep. I have learned so much and gained a ton of support from Caterina and the community. As a result my events and coaching business have been “cat”-apulted. My event success has been accelerated and my future looks very bright.
—Donna Hyatt, MBA, Arcadia West Group, LLC


JulieAnne-web“Caterina, thank you for believing in me and holding a vision for me. I am grateful and amazed at everything that is unfolding and conspires for our ultimate happiness and fulfillment when we step up and make a commitment to ourselves to go for our vision no matter what. I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this, since I joined your community I am speaking more then ever, gaining insta-clients and my workshops are so full I have to schedule more. Thank you.”
—Julie-Anne Shapiro, International Love & Relationship Expert & Speaker



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