Caterina and the Thriving Women in Business Community have massive value to bring. We are here to serve established women in business on a mission who want to uplift the lives of others through their service business. We are a community of coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, and practitioners. We love referrals, we love to say thank you, we love to be generous, and if you are a current or former participant in one of Caterina’s programs you are invited to join our Referral Partner Program. Your friends will thank you and so will we…several times.

By partnering with us, you’ll create a passive income stream that will earn you a little, or a lot of, residual income. Commissions range from 10% to 25% to 50% on every workshop, summit, or advanced program we offer.

We love our referral partners. We will give you your custom links and discount codes, and we ask everyone who signs up for a program who they were referred by. We believe that bigger is definitely better when it comes to the commission checks we send out. By the way, there is no cost in becoming a referral partner and we give you everything you need to easily share about our offerings.

Why You Want to Become a TWIBC Referral Partner

A referral partner is someone who values our community and the work Caterina is doing to uplift women in business through her programs, and who wants to be loud and proud about the value she is bringing. Referral partners have a special code or link for posting and sharing that will track your people back to you.

We make it easy for you to send over those you think will be interested by offering free workshops each month. That makes it easy to invite women, and when they sign up for something with a fee, you get the commission. You also get the commission for anything they sign up for the next THREE years.

Referral partners often partner with Caterina to host a ZOOM event and invite their friends. This is a great way to refer several people at once. These ZOOM events can be specific to sales, speaking, or overall business strategy. All you have to do is invite your friends and Caterina will bring the massive value.

Becoming a referral partner means that you are welcome to place links on your site that direct users to our website. We will provide you with banners, email text, newsletters copy, and workshop links. Contact for whatever you need.

Earning Commission is EASY

By letting your community know about our programs and products, and by using your special code that tracks women back to you and gives them a discount to attend at the same time. If you want a custom code and link to track commissions back to you contact and let them know what you want to spread the word about.

You can earn commissions over and over for THREE YEARS after the first paid purchase.

Here is How the Commissions Break Down:

50% of the fee paid for a ticket ($97-$497 or above) to the Shero Speaker Summit Live,
the Expand Your Fempire Summit and the Bliss in Your Business Summit

10% of the fee paid for any of our advanced programs, including the Thrive at Sales Accelerator, The Grow Your Fempire Mentorship Program and The Expand Your Fempire Program. FYI, the fees for these programs are $1997-$15,500. That is a commission of $197-$1550, per person referred who joins us. We have partners who have been receiving quarterly checks for years.

A flat fee of $200 in commission is paid on our Speaker Mastermind Program and Retreat and our Bliss Retreat and Cruise for Women Leaders on a Mission.

Commissions are paid out by check or via VENMO quarterly. Your payments are sent out within 30 days of the conclusion of each quarter. We also send a special surprise gift each quarter.

Any questions regarding commissions will be promptly responded to. Contact

“Generosity looks good on everybody.”
  – Caterina Rando


To join Caterina Rando’s Referral Partner/Affiliate Program, complete the short form here.

Upon approval of your referral partner application, you will receive your ID and access to Caterina’s affiliate marketing materials that you can place on your website, send to your email list or use in any promotion or email campaign.

If you’d like to discuss any promotional ideas, or you would like to host Caterina for a free intro ZOOM live presentation for your community, let us know by sending an email to or send Caterina a direct message on Facebook. If you have any questions before joining, feel free to contact us at

“Every day is the right day to receive a big check.”
  – Caterina Rando