Caterina’s 2021-2022 Program Schedule

Join Caterina! If you really want to accelerate your business success, join Caterina at one of her inspiring and transformational events or programs. She shows women entrepreneurs how to step into their mastery, build influence, attract clients with speaking and events and build their businesses with ease. For additional information feel free to call (415) 668-4535 or send an email to, we look forward to hearing from you.


Selling with Authenticity

In this 1-hour LIVE seminar, Caterina will discuss how to sell in an authentic way that

not only feels right but also helps you get more clients!

Friday, October 1st, 2021

Online via ZOOM   |  10am- 11am PT


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Thrive with Group Programs Master Class Series

Do you want to create group programs or improve the groups you are already offering?

If you do, this master class is for you! The difficulty with getting started can have you postpone

getting started. This program will have you put your attention on making the decisions needed

to have a group program that you can offer over and over to uplift a lot more lives.

Nov. 4th, Nov. 10th, Nov. 12th, & Nov. 17th

Online via ZOOM   |  12:00pm PT

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Thrive at Sales Accelerator Program

Proven Solutions to Catapult Your Monthly Average Revenue

Upcoming ONLINE Sessions:

September – November 2021 Session:

September November Session: Starts Mon., Sept. 13th, at 11amPT via Zoom

**Mondays 11am – 12:15pmPT Sept. 13th – Nov. 8th**

October – December 2021 Session:

October – December Session: Starts Mon., Oct. 11th, 12:30pmPT via Zoom

**Mondays 12:30pm – 1:45pmPT Oct. 11th – Dec. 6th**

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Shero Speaker Virtual Summit 2021

Join Caterina at the Shero Speaker Virtual Summit, Begin to Use Your Super Powers of Speaking, and Experience the Entrepreneurial Success You Truly Desire!

Friday, Sept. 24th – Sunday, Sept. 26th, 2021

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Expand Your Fempire Summit 2021

You have massive value to bring, you run your business with a desire to serve and make a difference in the lives of your clients. To enjoy the running of a profitable and sustainable enterprise, it is essential to run your business with key guiding principles that keep the revenue flowing and allow you to continually focus on doing what is the highest and best use of your time, so you can better fulfill your mission and live your ideal life.

Fri., Dec. 3rd  1pm-4pm PT  |  Sat., Dec. 4th  10am-4pm PT   |  Sun., Dec. 5th  10am-12pm PT

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The Bliss Retreat for Women Leaders

This event is all about cultivating bliss in your business and having it be standard operating procedure. Your business will not thrive if you are

not feeling joyful as you do your thing. You will be blissing more before this get-away, you will be in bliss during this excursion and you will

surely be blissing more in your business when you return.  This event is a unique opportunity for you to put attention on you, the CEO of your

Fempire. You, along with other women business leaders will discover how you can BLISS MORE in your business every day. This will come for

more clarity on how to BE better at being the best version of you in order to better do your thing and serve your people. You have so much

massive value to bring. This event will help you bring it even more while loving every minute of it. Join me and a group of incredible women

entrepreneur leaders for an exclusive gathering of personal transformation, pampering, authentic connections, and time to relax, reflect and

put attention on what is possible for YOU! Many women say this is a trip of a lifetime.

We set sail on January 31st, 2022!

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Expand Your Fempire Mentorship Program

This exclusive program is for women entrepreneurs on a mission who use or want to use speaking and workshops as client attraction tools and group programs to expand your reach and revenue. The purpose of this program is to raise your average monthly revenue and get you close to or over six figures. Plus you will gain more mastery at adding clients with speaking, upgrade your business systems and processes, improve your standard practices, and build your overall business acumen.

2022 Dates Coming Soon!

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Catapult Business Accelerator Program

This invitation-only program will help you raise your average monthly revenue, build your business acumen, increase your certainty and support you
in making positive changes that allow you to bring your massive value to more clients with more ease.

2022 Dates Coming Soon!

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