Thrive at Sales
Three Month Moving Toward Mastery Program

Kick-off February 21st, 2018


“Selling is service, if you can’t sell you can’t serve.” —Caterina Rando

It is time to raise the roof on your revenue ceiling! Join women’s business mentor extraordinaire,
Caterina Rando for an incredible opportunity to upgrade your mindset, your systems, your confidence,
and your actions in order to improve your sales mastery and catapult your revenue.

“Caterina Rando is a phenomenal sales coach and trainer. Her Thrive at Sales program helps women – ANY WOMAN – empower themselves to monetize what they love. Caterina gets it, she simplifies it, she demonstrates it, and she helps you master it. I couldn’t recommend Caterina more- she is a life-changer.”                                  —Halley Eppinger Osborne, The Halley Way

We start with one day of live and in-person training, where we will shine the spotlight on:

• Cultivating a “selling is service” mindset.
• Setting sales goals and setting up simple systems to support selling with ease.
• Choosing your best sales schedule and what to do with your sales time to be most effective.
• How to manage your leads and how to move prospects to a “yes” with ease.

Gain ongoing support and ongoing guidance with ten weeks of focused accountability calls designed to build your sales mastery and accelerate your sales.

Here is why you want to be an insta-yes to participate in this program:

• You will gain more focus on generating sales because you have signed up.
• Your participation in this program provides a structure for you to soar.
• You will get energized each day in our private Facebook group with Caterina
by sharing your successes and having questions answered.
• This program provides accountability that creates more momentum for selling than you can easily create on your own.

“Caterina’s Thrive at Sales program helped me jump right back into action and hit my revenue targets after having to take extended time off. I developed clear and defined goals, and learned to consistently evaluate and improve my sales system as necessary. Caterina’s coaching during our group calls made the class engaging and super helpful with takeaways that translate into action. I am confident in smashing my sales goals for this year!”         —Geneva Fortson

 The Program kicks off February 21st, 2018, with a live and in-person training day in San Francisco.

**The pre-program orientation call is on Feb. 19th at 12noon PT and will be recorded.**
Location: TBA

Time to amaze yourself with your sales! Investment $1,497.