Thrive at Sales Pop-up Accelerator Program

Proven Solutions to Catapult Your Monthly Average Revenue

Thrive at Sales 9-week Pop-Up Program Starts Wed., Aug 26th at 10am via Zoom

**Wednesdays at 10am PT Aug. 26th – Oct. 21st*

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“Selling is service, if you can’t sell you can’t serve.” —Caterina Rando

It is time to raise the roof on your revenue ceiling! Join women’s business mentor extraordinaire, Caterina Rando for an incredible opportunity to upgrade your mindset, your systems, your confidence, and your actions in order to improve your sales skills and catapult your revenue.

During this program, you will:

  • Understand how to get potential clients from building influence to adding life-long clients
  • Put together your sales success schedule that will program your effectiveness significantly
  • Practice your sales calls with other group members to continue to master how to be on a sales call
  • Be more focused on selling than you have before, resulting in greater sales

When you complete this program, you will:

  • Have a lot more confidence around your sales and your ability to bring on new clients
  • Increase your sales productivity to get more sales done in less time
  • Significantly raise your sales closing ratio for more clients with less conversations
  • Upgrade your sales conversation process for more authentic selling that results in more sales
  • When you complete this program your money revenue in the door and average # of sales will go up


“Caterina Rando is a phenomenal sales coach and trainer. Her Thrive at Sales program helps women – ANY WOMAN – empower themselves to monetize what they love. Caterina gets it, she simplifies it, she demonstrates it, and she helps you master it. I couldn’t recommend Caterina more- she is a life-changer.”    —Halley Eppinger Osborne, The Halley Way


Here is why you want to be an insta-yes to participate in this program:

  •  You will gain more focus on generating sales because you have signed up.
  •  Your participation in this program provides a structure for you to soar.
  •  You will get energized each day in our private Facebook group with Caterina by sharing your successes and having questions answered.
  •  This program will provide you accountability, best practices, and a clear sales plan that will catapult your selling effectiveness for years to come.

“Caterina’s Thrive at Sales program helped me jump right back into action and hit my revenue targets after having to take extended time off. I developed clear and defined goals, and learned to consistently evaluate and improve my sales system as necessary. Caterina’s coaching during our group calls made the class engaging and super helpful with takeaways that translate into action. I am confident in smashing my sales goals for this year!”                                        —Geneva Fortson, Fiercely Fit Enterprises



Thrive at Sales Pop-up Accelerator Program Call Dates:

*All calls are Wednesdays 10am – 11am Pacific*

  • Wed., Aug 26th, 10am PT • Set Yourself Up to Thrive at Sales
  • Wed., Sept 2nd, 10am PT • How to Have Successful Sales Conversations Every Time Part #1
  • Wed., Sept 9th, 10am PT • How to Have Successful Sales Conversations Every Time Part #2
  • Wed., Sept 16th, 10am PT • Systems That Consistently Cultivate Massive Sales
  • Wed., Sept 23rd, 10am PT • Cultivate Champions to Gain More Great Clients
  • Wed., Sept 30th, 10am PT • Mastering the Being Side of Selling
  • Wed., Oct 7th, 10am PT • Effective Lead Generation
  • **Wed., Oct 14th, 12noon PT • Knock out Sales Plateaus and Grow Your Revenue (**note later time)
  • Wed., Oct 21st, 10am PT • Insights to Have Your Revenue on a Steady Climb


Thrive at Sales 9 week Pop-Up Program Starts Wed., Aug 26th at 10am via Zoom

**Wednesdays at 10am PT Aug. 26th – Oct. 21st*

Investment: $1497

**$1,297 One time only special pricing**

(Full pay discount rate – $1,200)

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This program also includes (at no additional cost):

  • Any one-day workshop that Caterina offers in August, September or October, virtual or live and in-person
  • Invitation to attend both all-community Thriving Business Boost calls for August, September and October
  • Membership and participation in own our private Thrive at Sales Facebook group only for the women in this program




This opportunity is created and produced by speaker and women’s business mentor extraordinaire, Caterina Rando. She enjoys an average of more than 100 hours each month on the platform and has been making offers and telling her unique stories in her speeches and workshops for over twenty-five years.

Caterina is the creator of the Shero Speaker Summit, the Expand Your Fempire Summit, The Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, The Speaker Mastermind Program and The Thriving Business Speaker Accelerator. Caterina has delivered speeches on five continents. She is all about being your authentic self on the platform to genuinely connect and attract the people that are certain that you are the right choice to work with.

For questions call Caterina directly at 415-350-6854, send her a direct message through Facebook, or email