Welcome to the Expand Your Fempire Podcast! 

This podcast is for women in business on a mission like you. There will be interviews with thought leaders on some episodes; on others I will share my innovative ideas on topics I frequently speak and train on. My intention, as with everything I do, is to provide you massive value while giving you a boost of inspiration. 

It is my hope that each podcast will support you to make upgrades to thrive even more in your business.    -Caterina

Episode #1:
How to Wear Your C.A.P.E.

Welcome to Expand Your Fempire -
the podcast for women entrepreneurs on a mission, hosted by Caterina Rando! Where in your life and your business have you been getting ready to get ready? Listen to this first episode to learn how to wear your "C.A.P.E." and move forward in your business.

Episode #2:
The Five Pillars of
Your Fempire

In this episode, Caterina gives an introduction to the "Five Pillars" that every female entrepreneur should know about for business success.

Focus on these five key principles to Expand Your Fempire and love every minute of it!

Episode #3:
Super Tips to Sell
with Authenticity

Wouldn't it be awesome to feel GREAT about making sales calls instead of dreading them? In this episode, Caterina discusses selling in a way that allows women to be authentic and run their businesses based on their values. Don't miss this info-packed episode that will change the way you do business!

Episode #4:
How to be a Woman of Impact with Andrea Woolf

In this inspiring episode, Caterina interviews Andrea Woolf, Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of Women of Impact.

Caterina and Andrea discuss the beliefs that hold women back, the significance of heart-centered communication, how to be a true Woman of Impact, and much more!

Episode #5:
The Essential Ingredients to Create Massive Change

In this powerful episode, Caterina delivers the secret ingredients needed to create massive change in your business. Hint: it’s not just attending a workshop every once-in-awhile. If you are ready to move as quickly as possible from where you are to where you want to be, these key ingredients are how you’re going to get there!

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