Episode #100:
Bliss in Your Business As a Midlife Businesswoman

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In this milestone 100th episode of the Expand Your Fempire Podcast, Caterina reminisces on her over 25 years of blissing (and sometimes not blissing) in business. This celebratory episode is full of midlife musings and guiding principles for infusing more love in your business, and serves as an important reminder to make regular adventures a standard operating procedure in all that you do for your business!

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Expand Your Fempire Podcast #100 Transcript


Bliss in Your Business As a Midlife Businesswoman


Welcome to Expand your Fempire with Caterina Rando, the podcast for women in business on a mission. Sharing ideas to support you to grow and thrive. Now here’s your host, Caterina Rando.

[00:00:00] Caterina Rando: Welcome back to another episode of the Expand Your Fempire Podcast. I’m your host Caterina Rando. I am so thrilled and excited to be with you today, because guess what? It’s our 100th episode of this podcast.

[00:00:49] Today, I wanna share with you ruling your fempire, midlife musings for more gratification and bliss. This episode is inspired by my friend Gail Scott, who I interviewed in episode 60. She is a beauty expert, founder of Midlife Moxi Podcast, and yesterday I went to a makeup class that she did virtually. It was so fun and it was for women in midlife. And I thought, you know what? I’m in midlife. And I don’t really talk a lot about running a business in midlife.

[00:01:31] And let’s talk about running a business in midlife from the perspective of not just running a business – from the perspective of how do you bliss more in your business? How do you have more gratification, which means you enjoy it more and really that it matters more? Because as I see, at my ripe old age of 57, having been in business for many years, 28-ish years, I see some gals moving towards retirement because they’re tired, and I see some gals just getting their party started.

[00:02:16] And I want to always be having the opportunity to be doing my thing for as long as I’m above ground. And there are several things that I wanna share with you today that really inform and ensure that that is a possibility, not only a possibility, a high probability for me. And I’m gonna share with you what these things are, because they’re not just about running a business, they’re about having a fulfilling life. And when you have a business that makes you bliss, when you love what you do, when your business is your mission, it allows you to feel great every day in your business.

[00:03:06] You have probably heard me say that I wanna support you to be yourself. Do your thing, serve your people and massively monetize your mastery. That’s what my mission is today, from the perspective of midlife. Bing, Bing, Bing.

[00:03:28] Now I looked up when are we actually in midlife, because there seems to be lots of different definitions. And that’s exactly what I found. There’s different definitions. Some places say 40 to 60. I say anything over 50 qualifies as midlife, cuz you don’t know when you’re done, right? If you identify that you’re in midlife, great, there’s gonna be massive value here in this episode for you. If you are not there yet. Guess what? That’s okay. Because there’s still gonna be massive value here for you.

[00:04:03] In this being our hundredth episode, it’s having me look pre-pandemic. When we were just beginning this podcast, my friend Hailey, who I went to Italy on her retreat, I interviewed her in episode 22, where we talked about retreats. She’s now living in Florence, Italy. She recently got married. I’m blissing for her. It’s having me reflect how much your life can change in a couple of years.

[00:04:35] Also my favorite game show right now is a show called Press Your Luck. If you haven’t seen it, it’s very uplifting. In many cases when somebody wins, their life has changed forever. I was recently watching that show where a woman won some personalized prizes. She was a Seattle Seahawks fan and she won a trip to the super bowl and season tickets and all kinds of things. And it reminded me that not only can your life significantly change in a couple of years, but it can change in a day. Many years ago, I wrote an article about how your life could change in one day. And I share that because I sometimes get down about what’s missing in my life. You know, I’m without a love of my life right now. And I’m a very romantic and loving person and sometimes when I get sad or lonely, it bothers me. And then I of course have to take a deep breath and practice and remind myself of all the many gifts and riches and wonderful things that are in my life. And wherever you are in your life. I’m hoping that you are really focusing on being grateful now. Because here’s the thing: if you’re like me, you’re a high achieving woman and that means we’re always looking at what’s next, where we can improve, where we can upgrade. And that’s good, that’s good. Let’s also really reflect on all the many, many, many riches in our life.

[00:06:25] And as I’m getting ready for this episode, I’m thinking, what are the gifts that entrepreneurialism has brought me? Because entrepreneurialism is a lifestyle, because when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re not waiting for the weekend. You’re not sleepwalking nine to five, not to imply that everybody who has a job sleepwalks, but some people do sleepwalk nine to five because their fulfillment doesn’t come from their JOB.

[00:06:57] As an entrepreneur, you have this commitment to maintaining your vitality because you know, if you don’t have vitality, you can’t thrive in business. As an entrepreneur, you have this desire to always be upgrading your skills because you know, there’s always another level of mastery to accomplish with every aspect of business: sales, speaking, writing, learning, technology, social media.

[00:07:28] It’s exciting because that means there’s always more, not only to learn, but to explore. One big life difference I see between my entrepreneurial girlfriends in midlife and my girlfriends with no JOBs or with JOBs in midlife is there’s more dreaming. There’s more what’s next as a constant question on the part of women entrepreneurs.

[00:08:01] And the other thing is our lives continue to get bigger. I mentioned earlier my friend Gail Scott, who inspired my title for this episode. Gail is a new friend. In fact, we’ve never met live and in person. Next week, I’m going to North Carolina for a conference. She lives about an hour from where I’m gonna be. And we’re gonna get together live and in person, and we’re gonna spend the day together. And even though we have never had the privilege of sharing a meal or sitting at a cafe together, I consider her to be one of my best girlfriends and it’s all through virtual connection. We met on Cclubhouse. We have been to virtual events together. We’ve had many girlfriend chats.

[00:08:51] Here’s my point. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always making new friends. You know how to make friends. You know how to make friends even unconsciously because you’ve been doing it for so long. And that’s one of the huge gifts that I feel that my business has given me. I mentioned my friend Haley earlier, Haley and I have only been friends for a few years and I’m sure we’re gonna be friends for many years to come. And we met through our businesses. And I’m hoping as you’re listening to this as a woman entrepreneur in any stage of your life, that you’re realizing your life continuing to grow and expand with new people and new experiences.

[00:09:35] I just this morning discovered the revel community, R E V E L, which is a online community for women in midlife. I’m so excited about it. Because when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for what’s next. Where’s the next community for me to connect with. Your life is not getting smaller, it’s getting bigger. And this makes me bliss, and I hope that you are blissing as your life is continuing to grow and expand. Your connections are growing and expanding. Hopefully your bank account too.

[00:10:14] This is the first thing that I wanna tell you that has been a huge gift of entrepreneurialism is this awareness that community is not only important, but community enriches our life in so many ways. We gain clients, we gain resources, we gain girlfriends, we gain opportunities for speaking. I spoke a couple of weeks ago at the Island Panore conference in the Caribbean. I was there speaking on the virtual conference day. That’s an opportunity that came from one of my newer clients who was in the Caribbean.

[00:10:57] All of these amazing things happen when you’re in community. And I’m asking you right now as a listener of this episode, where can you cultivate community more in your business, and where can you connect with other communities more to meet new, amazing people that will become people for you to collaborate with and refer to and make girlfriends and get clients and opportunities.

[00:11:32] And this is why I am so blissing that I am clear as long as I’m above ground, I’m gonna be fulfilling my mission to uplift women through entrepreneurialism, because it will keep my life full and rich. And that’s what I’m hoping you’re experiencing. And if you are a woman in business, whatever stage you are, and you are not feeling like your life is full and rich and ever expanding and having new adventures, then I’m inviting you to connect with more communities of like-minded, like-hearted women on a mission, just like you, and/or start your own.

[00:12:16] One of my VIP clients, Tracie Root, some of you I’m sure know her, she started the Gather Community. This is an amazing community of women in business, emerging entrepreneurs, helping them thrive. It makes me bliss every time I go to one of these gatherings and I see the women getting massive value and connecting. This has been one of the hugest gifts of entrepreneurialism, and I’m hoping that you would say the same. And if not, then probably you’re not having enough community in your life, or you haven’t found the right communities. Not every community is right for you. Go find your people. They’re out there. Or create your own community of amazing women just like you.

[00:13:08] The next gift of midlife entrepreneurialism I wanna tell you about recently came to the forefront when I was inadvertently watching an episode of Sesame Street. By the way, if you are ever needing a boost, watch an episode of Sesame Street, whatever age you are. In fact, I encourage you to DVR Sesame Street so that you can have a dose whenever you need it. I was watching an episode of Sesame Street, they did something, I can’t remember what the exercise was about, but they put glitter in a jar and they shook it. And they used glue to make the glitter thicker in the jar so it didn’t all fall to the bottom as quickly.

[00:13:54] And I thought to myself, this is awesome. And I took this small piece of Sesame Street that I saw and I let it inspire me. Last week at our blissing program, which is the monthly virtual retreat that I’m hosting this year for the women that are coming on our next bliss retreat, we made bliss jars. Now I’d made up the idea and here’s what the bliss jar was. We put glitter, we put little smiley faces, we had plastic sheets for ladies to write on the plastic sheet, little pieces of sheet that would fit in the jar, whatever they want more of: more revenue, more profitability, more love, more travel. I gave them Sharpie pens. We put little metal charms. I gave the ladies these lovely jars that said live, love, laugh on them.

[00:14:53] Anyway, I made up this idea of doing bliss jars. I didn’t even know if it would work, but let me tell you something. The ladies loved it. I loved it. There’s all these posts in our Facebook group, Thriving Women in Business group, of ladies with their bliss jars.

[00:15:13] When you have a business, it is like your artist canvas. You can make stuff up and test it in your business and see how it goes. And I’m gonna tell you something: this is not the last time we are gonna make bliss jars in business. The thing is that not only is your business your artist canvas, your business is an opportunity every day for you to have so much fun. Fun, play creativity, connection. That’s what your business will give you when you are seeking to find places to infuse all of this in your business.

[00:16:04] See by midlife the “go go go” ” get ahead” “work, work work, 24/7,” you’re not really feeling that in midlife. In midlife, self care matters more, family time matters more, giving matters more. And hopefully squeezing more joy and more meaning out of every day is also what’s up for you.

[00:16:30] We’ll talk about meaning more in a little bit. Right now we’re talking about fun, and I’m inviting you to look at how can you infuse more fun in your business as standard operating procedure.

[00:16:43] I’m gonna tell you something; it’s an ambition, I am not an expert at this yet. I told you earlier, I love this game show, Press Your Luck. And I love that they personalize prizes for their contestants on this show. Last month when we had our blissing program, our virtual monthly retreat, we did a contest. All the ladies that used their color pages every month, we send them adult coloring pages that say things like “I have massive value” or “I love my community.” And the ladies color the pages and then they post them on social media. When they do that, we take all the ladies that posted and then we put their name on a virtual wheel that we can spin, and we pick a winner.

[00:17:33] And I loved the idea of the personalized prizes for this show, like I mentioned, and so I’m gonna shoot for now personalizing prizes when somebody wins something. Rather than just sending them a prize, sending them a prize that I know they would love. I’m sharing one of the ways that I’m planning to infuse even a little more fun in my business.

[00:17:58] Now what this relates to in terms of entrepreneurialism is that every so often –I used to say every year, now I would say once a quarter– look at the values by which you run your business. And fun is one of the values by which I run my business. Now I gotta tell you something: when I started, fun was not on the list. Probably not even 15 years in fun was on the list.

[00:18:23] But at some point people started to describe me as fun and so I thought I would get more conscious about it. Fun is now on the list, along with community and integrity and massive value and generosity. Efficiency is on the list. That’s not one that comes naturally to me. That’s one that I think is very important as a CEO. There’s others.

[00:18:47] So I’m sharing this with you because I want you to make sure that you have on your wall a list of values by which you run your business. Profitability, of course, is on there. Providing massive value, personal and professional development, these are all values by which I run my business. I’m sharing this with you, giving you these ideas. I’m asking you to look and see which one of these do you wanna amplify? And when I say “these” I mean which one of your values do you wanna amplify, do you wanna shine the spotlight on? Clearly creativity is one of mine, but that’s included in the fun.

[00:19:27] Because your business not only is supposed to be your bliss, your business is a reflection of your values. I do not make a distinction between the values by which you run your business and the values by which you run your life. They, I believe, are the same, because then that means you’re living an authentic life.

[00:19:53] You’re not generous personally and stingy professionally, that certainly wouldn’t feel good, right? You don’t care about the environment at home and be a polluter at work? No! That’s inauthentic. And one of the things that will absolutely bring you more bliss, more satisfaction, and fulfillment in your life is absolutely this important item that we’re discussing, which is to be congruent everywhere in your life, that your life is a reflection of your values

[00:20:33] Right now, I wanna make sure that you have that list somewhere you see it every day of your top values by which you run your business and your life, that it’s in your wallet, that it’s on your screenshot, that it’s posted on your mirror. You look at it, you really reflect and see is this how you’re living?

[00:20:54] One of the things that I’m hoping that you have mastered by this point is that you do not get down on yourself because that does not serve. As an entrepreneur, we’re always upgrading. We’re not having negative self talk. We are getting rid of that. We are noticing where are there opportunities for upgrade? And that’s the other beautiful gift of entrepreneurialism, because we’re not sleepwalking, because we’re responsible for our own paycheck, it causes us to always be looking at how we can be better. And that’s a huge gift that entrepreneurialism has given you. Let’s right now have you focus on the values you want to upgrade and amplify.

[00:21:42] Yesterday, outside my house, I stopped my next door neighbor Zach to congratulate him on his successful campaign to get a stop sign at the end of our corner. We were chatting and he told me that he is taking his whole family to Budapest for a year. They’re gonna live there. They’re gonna work there. He’s gonna work remotely. And it got me thinking about all the adventures that my business has brought me. 25 years ago was probably one of the best adventures, when I spoke for the first time at an international women’s conference. There were women from 87 countries in Venice, Italy, and meeting them was amazing, meeting women from places I’d barely heard about like Papa new Guinea and Botswana.

[00:22:37] My business, hopefully your business, has brought you many adventures. As you know, I love retreats. I teach women how to run retreats. We host retreats. They are some of the most amazing adventures for women that I have seen. It’s not only about the places, it’s about the people.

[00:23:02] One of the things that I’ve decided this year, again in midlife, in business, is that I’m gonna make sure that every year there are intentional adventures in my business. Now for me, that is mostly travel. I’m going to Italy in a few months. I’m leading a retreat in Napa in November. Of course our Bliss Retreat for Women Leaders on a Mission goes to Mexico at the beginning of next year.

[00:23:36] My on the ground assistant, who works here with me a couple days a week, she also has her own business. Anne Marie, it’s called La Dolce Vita Retreats, and she leads food and wine retreats and adventures in Italy. She’s been really persuading me or seeking to persuade me to do a retreat in Italy. And you know what? I have something up my sleeve, that is going to be an Italian adventure in the future.

[00:24:09] And you may know my dream, I’m not sure if I’ve shared on this podcast, that my dream is to host a women’s conference on a cruise ship with a hundred, and then 200, and then 300 women. Because for me, meeting people is one of the best part of every adventure, meeting people, learning new things, having new experiences.

[00:24:36] What is adventure to you, and can you ensure that you are infusing that as standard operating procedure in your business? Now for you, adventure might include camping and hiking and going someplace hardly anybody has gone, or it might involve a music festival, or a new experience, or getting to some place on your bucket list. Whatever it is, can you infuse that in your business?

[00:25:09] Can you go somewhere for business that you wanna go? Can you create some adventure that you can monetize? Or maybe you simply set the intention that I have done, which is to every six weeks, get away, even if it’s for a weekend, even if it’s not too far away.

[00:25:31] At this point in your business, I wanna invite you to make adventure standard operating procedure for how you do your thing, because it is the magical moments and the memories we create and the people we meet that significantly contributes to our satisfaction and our fulfillment.

[00:25:56] Remember that your business is supposed to be your bliss. How would infusing more adventure in your business, in the short term and looking forward, how would that bring you more bliss? What does that look like to you? You know what? You don’t even have to have the answer right now, because in coaching, there’s something called the inquiry question, which is a question that you keep asking yourself over and over.

[00:26:23] I’m inviting you to reflect every day for the next week on that question, what would it look like to infuse more adventure in your business? Very exciting question for you to reflect on, and then of course, make a decision. Because as you know, a goal is a decision that has been made. And as you know, once we have a goal, we can make a plan and we can begin to create and manifest whatever it is we want in our life.

[00:26:58] The beauty of entrepreneurialism is that we make it up. We make up what we want our business to look like. We make up what we wanna offer. We make up how we do things. Of course, we want to build on best practices of others. We wanna do what works for us. Your business is your canvas. As an artist, an entrepreneurial artist, add some adventure to your canvas. And I wanna hear, my friend, all about it.

[00:27:32] My birthday is March 8th, which is International Women’s Day, something we celebrate a lot more these days in America. When I was growing up at 19, I lived in Italy for a year. In Europe, International Women’s Day has been a big celebration for decades.

[00:27:56] I share this with you because my business is really my mission in the world, to uplift the lives of women economically through entrepreneurship. The underlying philosophy is that every woman matters, every woman has massive value to bring. I want every woman to know that. I want to support her to use her voice for good and to uplift herself, her family and her community.

[00:28:28] To me, my business is the vehicle not only of which I get to fulfill my mission, it’s also the vehicle by which I get to love all over people. It’s the vehicle by which I get to be loving for those people that are not in my personal life, or even to people that are in my personal life.

[00:28:54] Because one of the biggest gifts my business has given me is amazing friends and amazing relationships with amazing women, and a few wonderful men like my friend Eddie, who I interviewed in episode 31.

[00:29:11] Love is something I want to invite you to infuse more of in your business, to amplify more in your business, to make standard operating procedure in your business. You can do that through your philanthropy, through your giving. You know I’m very big on that. Every event we do, we raise money for one of our four different charities that we support around girls education and women’s entrepreneurship. You can of course do that by embracing the five love languages in your business: gifts, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and words of appreciation and acknowledgement.

[00:29:58] This is something we’ve talked about in other episodes as well. Episode 82, Wear Your Heart All Over Your Business, I encourage you to listen to that episode.

[00:30:11] And I encourage you to look at everywhere in your business that you can infuse more love. And that could be with the five love languages that I’ve just mentioned. It could be with getting people together. Sistership or fellowship, this is a great way to infuse love in your business. Getting together virtually, getting together live and in person.

[00:30:38] If you wanna love your business more, infuse more love in your business. You can do that by loving all over your clients. You can do that by giving through your philanthropy. You can do that through infusing philanthropy as standard operating procedure. Now, we give from our business bank account, but guess what? We also facilitate giving.

[00:31:08] And this is what I wanna invite you to look at. When we have our summits, we partner with the charity as I said, and we not only give ourselves, but we encourage and incentivize everybody else who comes in contact with our business to give. We raised last year $14,000 at one of our summits, and I think it was $11,000 at another one of our summits. That’s awesome.

[00:31:38] How can you infuse more giving in your business and use your business to facilitate others giving? Now you can do that with a post or an email about “Hey, we’re supporting this cause and would you like to support them too?” You could do that through spotlighting causes or charities that you care about. You can do that by hosting virtual events, a virtual fundraiser for something that you care about. And this is all what I would call public giving and public loving in your business.

[00:32:17] But then there’s another side. There’s the private side. Not too long ago, I was talking to a fabulous gal about her business. This was a sales conversation. She had come to a workshop and I was inviting her to consider joining me for a program, the Thrive at Sales program, which I love to teach and which is a great way for women to get started in our community.

[00:32:45] And over the course of our conversation I really got the message that she was a woman of action. She told me about all the things that she had been doing on a very consistent basis to grow her business. And her business was growing, not really at a very significant clip. And I could see how the thrive at sales program will make a huge difference for her.

[00:33:11] When we started to talk about the money part, several things became revealed. Not only that she did not have the funds, not only that she had been in abusive relationship, not only that she had had someone else in her life that she couldn’t get away from that was creating more trauma. And this is not the first time this has happened, where I’ve been on a sales conversation and instead of going for the sale, I’ve simply said “sweetheart, let me help you and here’s a gift.”

[00:33:50] I’m telling you about it, but in terms of our business, it’s done private. Nobody knows who I’ve done this for. And I’m sharing this because business is absolutely about profit. It’s not only about profit.

[00:34:07] One of my dreams is to be a B Corp. And we did a podcast on this very recently, we interviewed Carolyn Pistone episode 96. She’s one of my fabulous clients who is and has a B Corp. A B Corp is all about people, the planet, and profit. And I hope to one day, hopefully in the not too distant future, be a B Corp.

[00:34:36] Now, whether or not you choose to be a B Corp, what I wanna share with you is that it’s not just about making money. I’m sure that you know this, it’s about being of service. And sometimes that service has nothing to do with you getting paid.

[00:34:54] And this is where I deviate from a lot of business experts, because while I enjoy the bottom line and I’m here to make profit, that’s not the primary focus. It’s to uplift the lives of others.

[00:35:11] I’m inviting you to infuse more love in your business. And sometimes that looks like being of service without compensation. Oh my gosh, it feels so controversial even to say that, because a lot of people talk about as women, we often overgive.

[00:35:30] Here’s what I feel overgiving is: overgiving is when you give, but it doesn’t feel good. If you give a lot and it feels good, I don’t think that’s overgiving. I think that’s giving. And guess what? Giving feels great.

[00:35:45] Of course, giving feels great when you have surplus. And I’m hoping that you’re already massively monetizing in your business, because then you have surplus that you can use to give to charities, give to causes you care about, give to potential clients that you really feel called to serve who maybe can’t afford your services.

[00:36:10] Now I do highly recommend that you have one or two clients like this at a time, and that you only do it when you can do it from a place of generosity, not ever from a place of feeling like you’re not sure that you can do it, because you haven’t covered your fanny financially.

[00:36:31] Remember my friend, I want you to cover your fanny financially always, which is why I want you to have surplus. The more you can infuse love all over your business, the more you can make it standard operating procedure, the more you’re gonna bliss.

[00:36:48] This hundredth episode is me giving you some midlife musings, dare I say from the mountaintop, meaning that I’ve arrived at some place. I’m not sure if it’s the peak or not, but I’ve been doing my thing a long time, and I can tell you it’s not about massively monetizing only. It’s about blissing in your business. And the more you infuse love in your business, in all its forms, the more you’re gonna bliss in your business.

[00:37:25] Because when you’re infusing love, that is being of service that is uplifting lives. And sometimes love is simply the words “I love you”. It’s okay to tell people “I love you”, ” I appreciate you”, ” sending you love”, “giving you love”. Don’t be afraid of using the word love.

[00:37:48] That’s the other thing, in midlife you don’t care as much about what other people think. If they don’t like the word, that’s okay they’re not your peeps. Because if you are a love bug, like me, if you do want to wear your heart all over your business, like me, then your people will resonate with that and with you. There is a lifetime supply of people to serve. And yes, not everybody is our people.

[00:38:20] That’s one of the other things about being in business for a long time, you get clearer and clearer about who you’re called to serve. You get clearer and clearer about your vendors and your clients and who you wanna be with and who you love to be with. And that’s what I want you to look at, because if it feels like a “should”, “you should do this, you should do that, you should…” –forget the shoulds, do what makes you bliss.

[00:38:51] My friend, I am blissing to have been with you for these last hundred episodes. I look forward to many more. If you have not listened to the first hundred, there is massive value here for you. Go to caterinarando.com, click on podcasts. You can listen to all the episodes there. I’m hoping you’re already subscribing to our podcast.

[00:39:16] Hey, my friend, do me a favor to celebrate my hundredth episode. Give me a five star review. That would make me so happy. That would make me bliss. By the way, that would be you sharing your love with me.

[00:39:29] If you have not joined our Thriving Women in Business Community on Facebook, our Facebook group, come and hang out with us there. Send me a note on Facebook. Hey, I’d love to make you a new friend, I’d love to get to know you, I’d love to serve you in our Thriving Women in Business Community if you are not a part of our community already.

[00:39:52] One of the things that we do, which is me blissing in business and sharing everything I’ve got from a place of love and support, I do free workshops every single month, one or two every single month. And they’re all info packed, and I would love to see your smile on the screen at one of these workshops.

[00:40:16] If you have not gone to caterinarando.com/links, you will see there many of the free gifts that I have for you. There’s checklists, there’s videos, there’s ebook, all kinds of things on speaking, on selling, on overall business success.

[00:40:39] As we wrap up. I wanna tell you what I’ve said to you before, what I say to the women in my community rather frequently, and I want you to remember this: wherever you are in your business and your life, you my friend, have massive value to bring.

[00:40:57] There is a lifetime supply of people to serve.

[00:41:02] Cultivate your community.

[00:41:04] Run your business based on your values.

[00:41:08] Infuse more adventure as standard operating procedure.

[00:41:14] And embrace love everywhere you want and everywhere you can in your business.

[00:41:21] Be loud and proud about your massive value.

[00:41:24] Wear your heart all over your business, so you can sell more, so you can serve more, and most importantly so you can uplift and impact more lives.

[00:41:38] This is Caterina Rando, thanking you for being with me as I celebrate our hundredth episode, and I can’t wait to be with you again, with your smile on the screen, or maybe if I’m lucky, live and in person. Bing, Bing, Bing.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Expand Your Fempire with Caterina Rando.

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