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Group limited to 10 amazing women on a mission

Be a part of a group of high-achieving businesswomen who, like you, want to have more impact, more ease, more bliss, and more profitability with their business.

This is a by-invitation-only program for women who use or want to use speaking and workshops as client attraction tools and group programs as a revenue stream to expand their reach and consistently increase their revenue.

The criteria to be a part of this program is that you are full-time in your business, that you consider your business your mission or ministry. You are already close if not well into six figures and you want to continue to grow your revenue.  

Plus, you see your business as an uplifting force in the lives of the people you serve. Additionally, it is clear that you operate with integrity, you value community and you will bring value to our overall Thriving Women in Business Community.

This program will develop your skills as a leader and community builder while also raising your average monthly revenue.

You will gain more mastery at adding your ideal clients with speaking, upgrade your business systems and processes, improve your standard practices, and build your overall business acumen.

You have massive value to bring. This program will enhance your entrepreneurial experience and support you to become a more certain, effective, and blissful CEO!


2024 Expand Your Fempire
Elite Mentorship Program

“Caterina is a top notch coach, mentor, supporter of women, and a friend. She is a game-changer, shaker and dream-maker!”

— Theresa Ream, President at Disaster Kleenup Specialists

“I have been in the TWIB Community for three years now, and I have achieved some amazing results in that time. I launched several group programs, built my own community (during a pandemic!), opened my own space for events and made many amazing, lasting relationships. The best thing is that I now own my leadership. I know I am a powerful woman who can create what she wants and I now know that I am absolutely limitless! I am so very grateful to Caterina for her guidance and mentoring and am excited to be already signed up for next year.”

— Tracie Root, Founder The Gather Community

Each participant receives one-on-one monthly coaching/consulting sessions from Caterina.


All of our meetings are virtual via Zoom

Mon., Jan 8th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT

  • Upgrade your CEO mindset and the running of your business like a business • Goal review and revenue planning • Calendar reviewing and planning for the year

Mon., Jan 22nd, 10-11 AM PT

  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Fri., Feb. 2nd – Wed., Feb. 7th

  • CA Coastal Cruise

Tues., Feb. 27th, 10-11 AM PT 

  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., March 4th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT

  • Eliminate sales zappers • Set up your ideal selling schedule • Set up sales systems Revisit your goals/plan
  • Begin to master sales conversations • sales blitz • Revisit your goals/plan

Mon., March 18th, 10-11 AM PT

  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., April 1st, 9:30-11:30 AM PT

  • Influence building plan with intros / workshops • How to get booked for speaking and we will do a live booking blitz • Revisit your goals/plan

Mon., April 22nd, 10-11 AM PT

  •  Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., May 6th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT

  • What to do before during and after your marketing speech to keep your sales flowing and your workshops full • we will do a fill your workshop blitz • Revisit your goals/plan

Mon., May 20th, 10-11 AM PT


  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., June 3rd, 9:30 -11:30 AM PT

  • Cultivating trusted alliance partners who will grow your business for you • Managing your disappointment • Revisit your goals/plans

Mon., June 17th, 10-11 AM PT

  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., July 15th, 10-11 AM PT

  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., Aug. 5th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT

  • Getting support to soar by building a team • How to cultivate your community • Revisit your goals/plan

Mon., Aug. 26th, 10-11 AM PT

  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., Sept. 9th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT 

  • Review and identify your revenue-attracting vs. repelling behaviors • Standardize embracing philanthropy in your business • Revisit your goals/plan

Mon., Sept. 23rd, at 10-11 AM 

  • Fall marketing masterminding boost with Angela Dennis

Mon., Oct. 7th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT

  • Letting your inner leader reign free • The being side of leadership

Mon., Oct. 21st, 10-11 AM PT


  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., Nov. 18th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT


  • Monthly masterminding, accountability and action planning session

Mon., Dec. 9th, 9:30-11:30 AM PT


  • Hot topics to be determined by the participants • Revisit your goals/plan

Wed., Dec. 11th, 12-2 PM PT 

  • ALL TWIB Community End of Year Planning event 12-2 PM PT 

Mon., Dec. 16th, 10-11 AM PT

  • Celebrating and reviewing all your 2023 success • Planning for 2024

“I have been working with Caterina for a few years now. My participation in the Expand Your Fempire Program has resulted in a 148% growth in revenue and most importantly I am happier than ever in my business and my future looks bright. I do feel that I am mastering all aspects of my business and that feels great.”

—Trya Jarvis, Kefi Coaching

“Working with Caterina as my business coach and stepping into her community of amazing women has been one of the smartest business decisions I have made. Caterina has no shortage of innovative ideas, she stretches me, expands my thinking about what is possible and supports me in making sure my organization is efficient and thriving. Now in my second year of working with Caterina, I have tripled my annual revenue and expect to soar even more moving forward.”

—Elle Ballard, Founder, Women of The World Network

The Expand Your Fempire Elite Mentorship Program also includes:

  • Ten, 30-minute one-on-one coaching/consulting sessions with Caterina to keep you upgrading VALUE $2750

  • QUICKIE CONSULTING Calls WITH CATERINA to review materials, materials, ask quick questions or get some advice or a boost. Send a Facebook message or call for an often immediate response. VALUE $2500
  • TWIBC will promote your events (up to two a month) in our social media channels, including my business Facebook page, our Facebook groups and in our bi-weekly ezine. Plus your event will be posted on the TWIBC website. 43K social media and email reach $1200 VALUE
  • Opportunity to be a spotlight speaker at a Caterina event. I always feature my VIP clients at my one-day and two-day seminars. In 2023, these opportunities will go to the women in this program. Value $2500
  • Caterina is personally on the lookout for opportunities for speaking, partnerships and referrals for clients throughout the year that she always shares first with Expand Your Fempire Program participants. PRICELESS
  • Receive community exclusive opportunities and additional benefits and bonuses revealed throughout the year. I am always on the lookout for ways to grow your revenue and add ease to your business. Every opportunity I encounter always goes to my elite clients first. PRICELESS
  • You are a part of an amazing community full of phenomenal women. When you join this program you become a part of our amazing Thriving Women in Business Community. Here you will make friends, gain trusted alliance partners, make connections, get support and most likely gain some great clients. VALUE $5000 & PRICELESS


“I have been working with Caterina since 2012. When I stepped into the TWIB Community I felt like I had found my people. There are so many amazing women here all supporting each other and collaborating. I have gained so much here. Caterina and the community continue to evolve and expand which means there is always more for me here. I am in the second year of the Expand Your Fempire Mastermind, I was an insta-yes to continue because the vision I had for my business is now a reality and my participation here has significantly contributed to it all happening.”

—Andrea Woolf, Founder, Ignited Women of Impact

Total Conservative Value: $43,941

Your investment: $21,500


Includes 5-night Mastermind Princess Cruise departing Feb 2nd, 2024!

Multi-payment options available.

Multi-payment options available. Save $1000 with a full pay.

As you consider this investment, recognize that this program will give you massive value personally and professionally. You will expand your network, gain opportunities and grow your revenue. All this will serve you for years to come, for the duration of your business. This program is also designed to support you to bliss more in your business.

To Apply:

Schedule a phone appointment with Caterina, and then fill out the assessment before the call. Book your appointment first and then we will forward you the assessment to complete before the call.

“Since I started working with Caterina a year ago, my average monthly revenue has increased by more than 50%! I’m happy to report that my annual revenue has doubled as well. Thank you Caterina for your guidance!”   

-Carla Frank, Principal, Carla J. Frank Financial Operations Consulting