Do you want to book more speeches, workshops, or trainings?

If you do, this master class is for you! The difficulty with getting booked is that we usually do not take the time to put our attention on it because we have more urgent matters to address in our business. That is one of the reasons why I put together the Get Booked for Speaking Master Class Series.

Also, I have several tested strategies to get booked that are easy and work. I cannot wait to share them with you. 

Join me for the live, virtual 4-week series where you will learn how to get booked more easily, how to gain insta-clients, and also get great tips on how to fill your workshop. You will gain insight from me with my twenty-five-plus years speaking, training, hosting workshops, and teaching women in business to build their influence and gain clients with public speaking.

In this Master Class series, you will get booked for speeches, Zoom events, and workshops. You will set goals and gain support, insight, and resources each week in our group call.

 Fill Your Calendar for 2021 & 2022 with the

 Get Booked For Speaking Master Class Series

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Because it is a fun way to focus on getting more speeches on your calendar, plus you will learn a lot and catapult your business in the process. This challenge will provide you with ongoing support, ongoing guidance, structure, accountability and a community of other amazing women also focused on getting booked.

“Caterina provides step by step uncomplicated ways to advance your business with speaking. She shares ways to monetize your expertise that you never even thought of. Since I started working with Caterina I am doing a lot more speaking and getting a lot more clients from speaking. I tell every woman who has a business to work with Caterina to grow their business with speaking.” -Sheya Chisenga, Empowerment Business Coach & Speaker


“When I started working with Caterina, I became inspired to become a sought-after speaker! I went out and started booking speaking engagements at every networking group I went to. In three months my business tripled! I hired a team so I can take care of all my new clients. What I have learned from Caterina Rando is the gift that keeps on giving!! I continue to have my best months ever and I get to help heal the world by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs grow their businesses with their social media!” Diana Concoff Morgan, Whole Heart Marketing 

Tuesdays: Aug. 24th, Aug. 31st, Sept. 7th, & Sept. 14th

Online via ZOOM   |  Tuesdays 11am – 12:15pm PT


Here are the dates of our live Master Class calls:

11amPT, Tues., August 24th, Hot topic: The nine different types of speaking engagements to book 

11amPT, Tues., August 31st, Hot topic: Ten strategies to be a sought-after speaker with lots of bookings

11amPT, Tues., September 7th, Hot topic: Learn all the obvious and less well know places to get booked

11amPT, Tues., September 14th, Hot topic: Putting your plan and SOPs in place to ensure you always have your calendar as full as you like   

The calls will be recorded and shared for you to listen to if you have to miss a session. Plus you will receive an info-packed handout each week and there will be a private Facebook group for you to share your ideas, speaking leads, and questions with me and the other participants.

Investment ONLY $197!

Register for the Master Class!

BONUSES included with your registration:

Participation in our  Booking/Sales Blitzes:

Upcoming dates to be announced

Ticket to the Shero Speaker Summit, September 24-26th, 2021

“Before I started working with Caterina I was rarely speaking. Since I have been working with Caterina I am speaking several times a month and more importantly I now know how to use speaking to fill my workshops, grow my online community and gain clients. I am now a confident speaker and I know my future is bright because I know how to use speaking to build influence and expand my reach.” —Debbie Ternes, Speaker, Confidence Coach and Mentor 

“When I first started to work with Caterina I had already been speaking for many years. I thought I would know most of what was discussed. Instead, what I found was a ton of new ideas, and important upgrades I could make to get more of the RIGHT bookings with audiences whom I LOVE to serve. Huge wins were learning what kind of offer to make, what would be an “Easy YES!” for the audience, and then to actually practice the offer in order to attract more clients from those speaking engagements. No more FREE speeches only for the “that was wonderful” praise. Now I get the praise, plus I get the new clients to prove it! Caterina provides a ton of value. As a result of the changes I made my revenue grew, I work with a lot more people that I love to work with and my future is brighter than ever.” — Linda Lenore, Feng Shui Master