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Treat yourself to a day of inspiration, connection and uplifting women!

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Sponsored by

Sponsored by The Thriving Women in Business Community
The Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. 


Auction proceeds to benefit the education and economic empowerment of developing world women and girls.

Join the amazing entrepreneurs who make up the Thriving Women in Business Community as they come together for a day of inspiring speakers, camaraderie and making a difference for women and girls around the world. We have so much to be grateful for in our western world. There is so much need and we are going to make a dent in it when we gather together.

Through our live auction and prize drawings, we will raise money for three organizations:

gld_heart_01The Power of Love in Zambia, www.poweroflove.org provides microloans and business training
to women.


gld_heart_01The Rose Foundation: Deaf Women’s Empowerment Group in Nepal, www.trifc.org trains deaf women how to create economic sustainability, and gives them a community in which to flourish.


gld_heart_01Sakhi for Girls Education in India, www.sakhiforgirlseducation.org
provides self-esteem and literacy classes to young girls in the slums of Mumbai.


Take a look at this short video highlighting one of the amazing projects we support:


 Enjoy presentations from:

Heather_Rogers_Speaker_HeadshotThe Magic of Giving with Heather Rogers

Service is the fast track to true happiness and the key ingredient needed to live your real magic. In her talk, Heather describes how selfless giving puts you in the miracle zone, transforms the world and leads to enlightened self-realization. It has worked for her and will work for you.


13321706_10154223259427579_4186312664380253885_nEmbracing Self Love, Authenticity and Generosity for a Richer Life with Bev Adamo

In this thought provoking session Bev will share how to transform anything about yourself through self-love, how to catapult your success through authenticity and evolve your wealth mindset through generosity. You will learn ways to open and utilize these three abundance channels to enrich your health and wealth in all areas of your awesome life!


From Quiet in a Corner to Front and Center on a Stage with Huda Baak

Having come from a country where women had few rights and privileges to a country that is perceived to have a lot more rights for women, Huda brings a unique perspective on bridging the gap regarding women’s empowerment – especially when it comes to their value and sense of self worth. Find out how she found her voice, her place and her power to live her best life.



This special event is created and hosted by Caterina Rando, founder of The Thriving Women in Business Community, publisher of Thriving Women in Business Magazine and  woman entrepreneur mentor extraordinaire. Her mission to uplift women and girls permeates everything she does in her business.


gld_heart_01Global Love Day 2016 Exceeds Expectations & Warms Heartsgld_heart_01

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March 20, 2016

A thank-you letter from Caterina Rando, event creator and host:

I am still smiling ear-to-ear and beaming with bliss after our time together on Saturday, March 19, 2016 at Global Love Day, our annual fundraiser for women and girls education and entrepreneurship training.
Thank you, twelve thousand times. Because of your generosity we raised at least 12K for the three charities we are supporting. Additional donations are still coming in. If you would like to make a donation to one of our charities you can do so here:
Deaf Women’s Empowerment Group sponsored by TRIFC 
Note: Be sure to enter in the Comments/Instructions box on the 2nd screen “TWIBGC” so TRIFC will know it came from our community.
Please note: All three charities use PayPal to accept payments. You can donate without a PayPal account and use your credit or debit card. Look carefully and you’ll find that option on the PayPal screen.
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Thank you to our incredible and generous sponsorsPlease visit their websites and let them know how fabulous they are for supporting this special event:
Barbara McDonald, www.bmcdstudio.com
Dr. Beth Halbert www.drbeth.com
Beverly Adamo, www.creativehearts.com
Cynthia Riggs, www.bizdiva.biz
Erin Summ, www.erinsumm.com 
Huda Baak, www.hudabaak.com 
Katie Macks, www.katiemacks.com 
Lee Richter, www.sharehappinessnow.com 
Sara Hart, www.hartcom.com 
Tamara Archer, www.beauteous360.com 
Tammy Tribble, www.mimeticsystems.com
Thank you to Candace Smith our incredible photographer. See her great pics for our special event here.
Thank you to our compelling, authentic and heartfelt speakers for their wonderful presentations. 
Katie Macks, www.katiemacks.com 
Cynthia Riggs, www.bizdiva.biz 
C.J. Hayden, www.cjhayden.com 
Gloria Brown, www.yesitsyourvision.com

Super Thanks to Heather Rogers and Aeriol Ascher who prepared very special entertainment for the event.


Many more heartfelt thank yous to everyone contributed silent and live auction items to make our event super successful.

Anastasia Schuster, www.accesspeakers.com 
Aeriol Ascher, www.reikiangelintuitivearts.com 
Barbara Hoffer, www.barbarahoffer.com 
Barbara McDonald, www.bmcdstudio.com 
C.J. Hayden, www.cjhayden.com 
Candy Campbell, www.candycampbell.com 
Candace Smith, www.candacesmithphotography.com
Cynthia Riggs, www.bizdiva.biz 
Huda Baak, www.hudabaak.com  
Ianthe Mauro, www.objectswithapurchase.com  
Jaya King, www.jayasart.com 
Joanne Longoria, www.mydcdsite.com/jlongoria  
Linda Dietz, www.hypnosisandmore.com  
Patti Fagan, www.pattirose.com  
Sandy Stelter, www.sos2day.com  
Star Ladin, www.starladin.com  
Katie Macks, www.katiemacks.com  
Bev Adamo, www.creativehearts.com 
Mary Botham, www.marybothamconsulting.com  
Mellissa Remper, www.brillianceandbusiness.com  
Susan Rueppel, www.chiefintuitionofficer.com  
Maggie Schreiber, www.wow-womenofwonder.com  
Jean Kathryn Carlson, www.vibrantlivingalchemy.com  
Sandy Stelter, www.sos2day.com
Of course no fundraiser works without the love of generous and service oriented volunteers. Thank you to our big hearted volunteers: Andrea Woolf, Colleen McFerrin, Emily Wirowek, Erin Summ, Jennifer Darling, Kenya Moses, Sandy Stelter, Maggie Schreiber and Fanny Obadia.
We also greatly appreciate those who contributed door prizes: AJ Modesti, Dr Beth Halbert, Diana Morgan, Donna Harris, Fanny Obadia, Heather Rogers, Linda Basso, Linda Sturdivant, Michelle Finnegan Nixon, and Susan Urquart-Brown.
Because there is nothing better than uplifting others, we are going to do it all again next year. Join us at Global Love Day in 2017!


In Appreciation, 

Caterina Rando