It is time to raise the roof on your revenue ceiling! Join women’s business mentor and speaker extraordinaire, Caterina Rando for an incredible opportunity to upgrade your mindset, your systems, and your actions to catapult your revenue with speaking and workshops.


During this live virtual training, you will:

  • Cultivate your ability to get booked for speeches with ease

  • Set up simple systems to support you to “grab and go” and get great results every time

  • Choose the best topics to ensure you pick up insta-clients every time

  • Discover what to do before, during, and after a speech to quickly grow your sales

  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of planning workshops that will set you up for success

  • Learn the most effective way to ensure sold-out events every time


You want to be an insta-yes to attend, because:



– You will gain more focus and get booked for more speaking

– Your participation will give you the momentum to do what you have been putting off and now you will reap many rewards

– You will get energized to do your own workshops more effectively because you will know where you were making mistakes


Gain Insta-Clients with Speaking & Workshops

Upcoming FREE Seminar:

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

10am – 11am PT, Online via ZOOM, FREE



This workshop is delivered by Caterina Rando, who has been bringing her massive value to audiences for over 25 years. She offers everything from her high-level elite mastermind programs, to her Thrive at Sales Train-the-Trainer Program, to her year-long mentorships programs, to her 2-day virtual summits the Shero Speaker Summit and the Expand Your Fempire Summit. She is also the creator of the Bliss Retreat for Women Leaders on a Mission and the creator of the Thrive with Women’s Retreats Certified Leader Program. Caterina is a sought-after women’s business mentor, speaker, author, podcaster, community-builder, and former publisher who has spoken on five continents. Caterina shows women how to generate mid-six-figure revenue with their businesses through speaking and authentic selling. If you would like to bliss more with your sales, your speaking, and your overall business and personal fulfillment, Caterina is the right guide for you. Start your journey with Caterina and the Thriving Women in Business Community today.ues