Episode #10:
The Three Feminine Leadership Archetypes with Jess Tomlinson

In this episode, Jess Tomlinson, the Radiant Entrepreneur, shares how she helps women entrepreneurs increase their visibility through self-expression. Caterina and Jess discuss the three feminine leadership archetypes, how to determine your archetype style and own your strengths, and how to remove the blocks that your archetype faces. Check out this episode to learn how you can embrace your true, authentic self to increase your visibility!

Jess Tomlinson helps coaches, entrepreneurs and visionaries who have been holding back from putting all of themselves into their marketing for fear of being judged, so they feel safe and energized to show their radiant authenticity and express themselves in a way that is easeful, magnetizes clients and is super fun! She brings over 10 years experience leading branding and marketing for the largest U.S. luxury magazine company and most profitable airline in the world. Jess has been featured for her expert advice on multiple media interviews including NPR alongside renowned spiritual teacher Byron Katie and on live TV. She was also named one of Las Vegas’ top 5 Empowered Women Entrepreneurs and has produced 3 TEDxWomen events. Learn more here.  

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Episode Highlights:

[00:00:53] Things that get in the way of women being loud and proud about their value

[00:02:01] Why Jess chose to help women entrepreneurs with visibility specifically

[00:04:13] How Jess helps women embrace their authenticity

[00:04:54] Caterina and Jess discuss the three feminine leadership archetypes

[00:07:12] Challenges that each archetype faces

[00:12:07] What to do after you’ve determined your archetype style

[00:17:29] Jess identifies what she loves most about having her own Fempire

[00:21:27] Jess shares her free gift with listeners

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