Episode #20:
How to be a Limitless Woman with Laura Gisborne

In this interview, Caterina speaks with her business coach and close personal friend, Laura Gisborne of Limitless Women. Laura shares her personal journey of enduring domestic violence and emphasizes the importance of helping other women by lifting them up, speaking up, and reaching out. In addition, Laura also shares ideas to help women entrepreneurs not only embrace femininity in their businesses but also spotlights a few areas that we all should amplify in order to thrive!

Laura Gisborne is a highly successful business expert with over 20 year’s experience. From structuring and selling small boutique businesses to owning a multi-million-dollar wine and real estate empire, Laura has owned nine businesses, her first when she was only 23 years old.

Laura is an internationally recognized speaker and serves as a business consultant for business leaders and entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries. The innovative business model of her company, Legacy Leaders Global, exemplifies that companies can be both profitable and purposeful. Through her initiatives, thousands of women and children are receiving regular contributions in multiple countries across 5 continents.

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Episode Highlights:

[00:01:47] Laura shares her background that led her to embrace philanthropy in her business

[00:05:03] Laura’s personal journey with domestic violence

[00:08:04] How women can help one another heal

[00:12:15] The qualities that have allowed Laura to be a thriving businesswoman and master philanthropist

[00:13:21] One of Laura’s greatest success secrets

[00:16:19] Embracing femininity and valuing femininity in your work

[00:20:38] The key to growing as a feminine leader

[00:22:34] Laura shares the qualities that businesswomen should amplify

[00:26:36] How to connect with Laura and grab your FREE GIFT!

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