Episode #22:
Make Your Retreats Sparkle with Hayley Hunter Hines


If you’ve ever thought about hosting a retreat for women entrepreneurs, this is the episode for you! Caterina is joined by Soul Sparkle Living CEO Hayley Hunter Hines, creator of magical experiences for women. The two friends have a fun and upbeat discussion about the lessons they’ve learned over many years of producing successful luxury retreats for women both in the US and internationally. Don’t miss this episode with tips to ensure your next retreat sparkles!


Hayley Hunter Hines,

Founder of Soul Soulsparkleliving.com Spiritual teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor to Women Leaders

Hayley is the CEO of Soul Sparkle, Inc. global experiences and the creator of the Sacred Shakti Method and the Soul Centered CEO movement. She is a mentor to women leaders called to create a Soul Centered business and life, a spiritual teacher and author of Becoming a Soul Centered CEO and the forthcoming book, Invocations: Prayers and Blessings to Illuminate Your Life. She is the creator of Soul Sparkle SEVA, global service trips and experiences and is an expert in transformational travel. Hayley is one part fun fairy, one part wise sage, with a burning desire to bottle up and light on fire all things magical that bring women back to their own soul and the sparkle within.

Hayley spent over 20 years in the corporate wellness industry consulting over 300 employer clients and as a senior level executive leading strategy/innovation and new product development for a national health management organization. She has always felt called to help others craft a business that gives back and makes a global impact. She has created the Soul Centered CEO mentorship and mastermind for women leaders around the world.

Her vision is big – a million women serving a million women. In October 2016, she left her corporate path and since making the leap she has literally sprinkled her magic across multiple continents, fully living her Soul Sparkle life of wandering the world, giving back, and successfully running a highly impactful business.

Hayley and Caterina enjoying Italy as part of a Soul Sparkle Retreat

Episode Highlights:

[00:01:16] Hayley shares why she started Soul Sparkle Living

[00:03:08] Why you need to go on a retreat before you host one

[00:07:14] Hayley’s tip for creating an unforgettable experience

[00:08:24] Tips on what not to do

[00:10:48] The importance of managing participant expectations

[00:13:05] Hayley shares her top 2 lessons learned from hosting retreats

[00:15:20] The #1 thing Hayley loves most about retreats

[00:17:19] Why you should get your party started NOW

[00:19:20] Schedule vs Agenda

[00:20:33] The biggest gift Hayley gives her retreat guests

[00:23:01] How the Five Love Languages can help you with your retreat planning

[00:23:40] How to connect with Hayley

[00:25:34] Hayley’s final words of advice for retreat hosts

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