Episode #44:
Insights to Maximize Your Virtual Networking

As an entrepreneur, you are probably spending a lot of time on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Zoom, and in other virtual spaces. Plus, now Clubhouse has opened up to both Apple and Android users, and this networking platform brings many new opportunities. Here are some ideas and super tips that will support you to gain more value, show up to create more visibility while building influence, and effectively expand your network while growing your business.

Expand Your Fempire Podcast #44 Transcript

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Insights to Maximize Your Virtual Networking

Welcome to Expand your Fempire with Caterina Rando, the podcast for women in business on a mission. Sharing ideas to support you to grow and thrive. Now here’s your host, Caterina Rando.

 [00:00:00] Caterina Rando: Hey, my friends, Caterina Rando here, and I wanted to do this talk today on virtual networking. As you know, Clubhouse has opened up for Android users. What this means is that now everybody has a new platform to embrace, to connect. I want to tell you, not only about using Clubhouse, I want to give you some super tips for that. I also want to talk to you about your overall virtual networking.

[00:01:01] Because even though the pandemic hopefully is on its way out, we are still going to be virtually networking for years to come. The reason for that is because many national and international organizations have seen how much more engagement they get from their members when they have virtual conferences, virtual trainings, virtual gatherings.

[00:01:32] By the way, remember when we used to say content is king? Well, guess what? Engagement is queen. Now there’s a lifetime supply of content. It’s all about engagement.

[00:01:46] This is why I am so excited about Clubhouse. This is why I love to network and speak virtually. And I want to make sure that you are doing the same thing.

[00:01:59] Let’s start with a few general networking, effective things that I want you to do every time. Now, first of all, what is virtual networking? It’s when you go and you be with people in a Zoom room or another live virtual location. Like Clubhouse is live. It’s not a podcast. Although a lot of people have the same content they would have in their podcast. It’s live, it’s interactive, and that makes it networking.

[00:02:40] When you go to a meeting of any of the associations or groups that you belong to, and they have virtual meetings, that’s networking. And you know what, even when you go to a workshop, you’re going to a manifestation workshop, you’re going to a workshop to learn about making phone calls, whatever it is. Guess what? Even when it’s not set up as networking, when you’re in a Zoom setting or a virtual room or a Clubhouse room, and you are meeting other people, that’s networking. Even if you’re there for the content and not necessarily a networking event.

[00:03:28] In fact, one of my clients, Kimberly Koste, she is a relationship and dating coach. And a couple of weeks ago, I went to her Fake Date Night and there were 14 men and 12 women. And you know what I did, I looked at all the women and I looked them up on Facebook to see if any of them were potential clients, meaning they have their own service business.

[00:04:01] Now, actually, I did not look up everyone. I looked up the ladies that I really liked and thought were having a good time and positive because, you know, I like positive.

[00:04:12] Okay. Some super tips. First thing, whenever you’re in a Zoom room, take a screenshot. Take a picture of the room. Now you want to take a picture of the room with everybody’s name in their square.  Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s tricky depending on your device and depending on how the room is set up. The reason why you want to take a screenshot with everyone’s name is first of all, because you know how to spell their name, also because having their face with the name will help you remember them.

[00:04:47] And then you can take that picture and you can go to Facebook, you can go to LinkedIn, you can go to Instagram, you can go to Clubhouse and you can then friend or connect with everybody you want on all these different platforms.

[00:05:02] Now, the only way to do that, super tip alert, super tip alert is to make sure that you have scheduled time after your networking event for follow-up. Now this is so obvious and so easy, but you know what? I’m going to tell you, I’ve only been doing it for a couple of years.

[00:05:22] Let me explain. Let’s say you go to a Polka Dot meeting every month. I’m a Polka Dot, by the way. If you are not familiar with Polka Dot, Polka Dot Powerhouse is a national and international organization for women to make friends, connect, support each other. They have chapters all over the country and in England, I think in Australia, and if you’re not a member, send me a direct message on Facebook or Linked In or Instagram and I will hook you up with a chapter near you.

[00:05:56] Here’s what I want you to know though. Every month, I go to two, maybe three Polka Dot meetings. Because I’m what’s called a Diamond Dot and I’m also a member of the Petaluma chapter. That means, I know I believe it’s the fourth Thursday of the month, is the meeting for this group.

[00:06:17] Well, of course, like you, I put my meetings on my calendar for the whole year. Now at the time of scheduling those meetings you also want to schedule at least a half an hour for follow-up. Why?

[00:06:32] Because you’re going to come out of that meeting, you’re going to see some gals you want to connect with, and you want to have time to do that, but also, you’re always expanding your network. You want to look at all of the ladies that you think are a good match for you and your business personally, professionally. And you want to take the time to friend them or connect with them on all four or five or six platforms that you’re active on.

[00:07:02] Me? I’m active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and I love also Clubhouse, that’s four. Now, maybe you’re also on Twitter actively. Yes, I’m on Twitter, but I don’t really pay attention to Twitter. Maybe you’re on Pinterest, depending on your business.

[00:07:18] Whatever platforms you’re engaged on actively, you want to connect with all of your contacts on each platform that they’re involved in.

Whatever platforms you’re engaged on actively, you want to connect with all of your contacts on each platform that they’re involved in. -Caterina

[00:07:30] Plus of course you want to do what you can to gather people’s email addresses when you meet them. But let’s talk about that separate because there’s some dos and there’s some don’ts.

[00:07:43] Here’s my point. You want to, at the time of putting on your calendar, whatever networking event you’re going to, you want to also schedule that half an hour for follow-up, even if it’s for nine months from now.

[00:07:58] Also, if you’re going to somebody else’s workshop, if you’re going to a social event, if you’re going to a meeting of some kind where you know there’s going to be new people you’re going to be meeting, hello? Schedule follow-up at the exact same time you scheduled the meeting.

[00:08:17] Now, if you don’t need it, no problem. You got no shortage of things to do. The thing you want to get away from is saying to yourself, “Okay, I’ll do my follow-up tomorrow.” Because guess what? You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. There could be immediate things that need your attention.

[00:08:33] By having it already on your schedule, ahhh! You’re going to do it with ease, you’re going to do it right away, and it’s going to get done.

[00:08:41] Because here’s the thing about networking. I love networking, I love meeting people, I love connecting with people. You know what though? It’s not super effective and worth your return on investment if you’re not having time for the follow-up and the engagement and the connection that you want to have with people, once you meet them. Would you agree with me? So, here’s the super tip. At the time of putting it on your calendar, you also schedule your follow-up for half an hour immediately.

[00:09:13] Now, if you’re my client, I’m hoping that you have embraced Zoom to do speaking. I’m hoping that you’re speaking at other people’s meetings, wherever your ideal clients are gathered and that you’re also hosting your own Zoom monthly thing.

[00:09:34] Now, why is this important and why is it related to networking? Because when I go networking and I’m not the speaker, I want to invite whoever is in the room to come to my next one-hour workshop as my VIP guest. And of course, my one hour workshops are free because they’re virtual. And because I want to have a super easy yes to always be inviting people to. When I’m networking, “hey, my friends I’m networking. Hey, come and join me for my next Selling with Authenticity workshop. By the way, it’s on May 20th, if you would like to come, you’re invited.”

[00:10:14] Now, why? Because it’s a one-hour thing. It’s an easy yes. If you are not hosting a one-hour free workshop, at least once a month via Zoom, run, do not walk to get that set up. Why? Because when you’re networking, you always have something to invite people to.

Because when you’re networking, you always have something to invite people to. -Caterina

[00:10:35] Let me sidebar or cross-pollinate here and say, when I’m on Clubhouse and I’m in somebody else’s room and I meet someone who I’m resonating with, or somebody sends me a direct message on Instagram and they say, “Hey, Caterina, I loved what you said in the club.”

[00:10:56] I say, “Thank you very much.” And then I say, “Hey, please join our club because we have a Thriving Women in Biz club on Clubhouse.” And then I say, “Would you like to come as my guest to my next free workshop? Here’s the date, here’s the time. Here’s the link to register or give me your email address and I’ll register you.” and then I say, “Or if you would like to schedule a time to connect one-on-one.”

[00:11:23] Now, my friends did you all hear that? Because this is what I want you to know from day one. Those of you that are just getting on Clubhouse- what are you doing to use Clubhouse to expand your network even when you’re not running a room?

[00:11:41] When you’re in a room you’re seeing people’s profiles, you’re hearing people’s comments. Hopefully you’re adding value, that’s your job on Clubhouse. And then when people want to connect with you further, or you meet someone you want to connect with further, invite them to your free thing.

[00:12:00] This is standard operating procedure for all of my clients, this whole pandemic. As soon as the pandemic hit, I started hosting all community meetings. We did them for about six months to get the ladies connected. And what was the latest for business in the pandemic. And many of my clients immediately started hosting their own Zoom one-hour workshops every month.

[00:12:27] I’m doing it. I love to do it. Why? Because you always have something to invite people to when you’re networking, when you’re connecting with people on other platforms.

[00:12:39] By the way, I want to give you a LinkedIn super tip. Okay. Here’s a LinkedIn super tip.

[00:12:44] Now, if you’ve heard me talk about filling your virtual events, you have heard me say, “Invitation over Promotion.” What that means is that a personal invitation will fill a  virtual room and a live room 10 times faster, more effectively, than just promotion.

[00:13:09] Let me explain. When we post on our website, when we post on social media, when we make an event listing, all of this is promotion. It is for the masses. Even on Facebook where you use a checkmark to invite someone to your event, that goes in their notifications.  Half the people on here don’t even look at their notifications. Now, that’s why you want to send them a direct message, inviting them to come to your event.

[00:13:44] And why is that more effective? It’s very different between when somebody sends you a direct message and when you simply see a promotion. When you simply see a promotion, what that does is informs people about your awesome upcoming event.

[00:14:06] But here’s what doesn’t happen. They don’t make a decision. They say, “Oh, Sheila’s doing that. Oh, Mary is doing that. That looks good.” Okay, yeah, that’s information. It’s not making a decision.

[00:14:20] When you, though, are so awesome and you send someone a direct message and you say, “Hey, Sheila, I would love for you to come to my thing. Here’s the date, here’s the time. Let me know if you can join us.” Bing, bing, bing, you know what happens? Now, they have to make a decision before they reach back to you.

[00:14:43] And the exciting thing is that when they reach back to you, they’ve made a decision. And now you are going to find that your direct messaging through Facebook is going to take a lot less time in terms of effectiveness.

[00:14:59] Now, by the way, I have a, another super excitement for you. If you have not gone to my caterinarando.com/links, I want to invite you to do that now. And the reason is because on there, I have a geo-targeting video that will show you, free by the way, that will show you how to invite several people at once from one page to send them a direct message without going to their profile, all personal, going in their direct mailbox here on Facebook.

[00:15:41] This is exciting. So, if you do not have my geo-targeting video, go to caterinarando.com/links, and there you can get this. I think it’s nine minutes. You are going to love it. You’re going to want to download it because you’re going to want to watch it now, and then you might forget how to do it, and then you’re gonna want to watch it again. This will be so supportive of you in inviting a lot of people at once quickly, effectively, and personally, to your virtual workshop.

[00:16:13] Now let’s jump to something very important. Because we’re talking about virtual networking, but clearly I’m sidebaring to talk about filling your virtual workshops. And why do I want you to invite people to your virtual workshop? Because when we’re networking and we resonate with someone and we think, “Hey, there might be a love connection here.” We want to do one or two things. We want to get on the phone with them or, better yet, we want to invite them to come and spend more time with us in a setting where we get to share our massive value.

We want to get on the phone with them or, better yet, we want to invite them to come and spend more time with us in a setting where we get to share our massive value. -Caterina

[00:16:50] Because a one-on-one, in my opinion, is the step after you have built massive influence by providing massive value through a speech or workshop. Or you could do it with your video series and your other less interactive formats.

[00:17:09] What I want you to get, though, is that when you have a one-on-one with people, I want you to have already built influence.

[00:17:20] Because there’s two kinds of potential clients. There’s the “show me” potential client, and there’s the “prove it to me” potential client. And what kind do you want? You want the “show me.” well, the “show me” only arrives once you have built influence.

[00:17:41] And also when people send you referrals. Somebody sends you a referral, you’re talking to the person who has been referred to you, what do you say? “Hey, you want to sign up for my thing?”

[00:17:50] No, you don’t say that. You say, “Hey, would you like to come to my free Zoom workshop where I’m going to talk more about exactly what you’re interested in and then let’s schedule a conversation.” Are you with me on this? Because, you know, that I teach Thrive at Sales and that I’m all about selling with ease and authenticity.

[00:18:12] The thing to know is that nobody buys from us until we’ve built influence. And networking is having people become aware of us. We still need to build influence before we ask them to buy. Which is why I’m in love with Clubhouse because you get to showcase your massive value, why I love workshops and speaking, because these are formats and platforms and strategies that allow you to showcase your massive value.

[00:18:45] I have another super tip for you. When I am talking to someone and maybe it’s a referral, maybe it’s someone I’ve met networking, or maybe I’m having a conversation with them via direct message on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. And I’m saying to them, “Hey, come to my next workshop.” They say, “yes”

[00:19:13] Super tip alert, super tip alert.

[00:19:16] At the time I schedule them to come to the workshop, let’s say the workshop’s on Thursday, I immediately say to them or message them, “Would you like to schedule a time to talk on Friday so that I can find out what you thought about the workshop, answer any questions. And if you like discuss how we might work together, moving forward.”

[00:19:43] Now I want to tell you something. I thought when I started to say this, that I would get pushback. And I’m going to tell you, maybe one person has given me, “Oh, not ready. Don’t want to go ahead and do that.”

[00:19:59] Ninety-nine percent of the people, yes, they want to have that conversation and they are happy to schedule it before they’ve even come to the workshop. This is very exciting. And this is a super tip that I want to invite you to embrace.

[00:20:14] Okay. I’ve got another big tip for you related to filling your workshop. And then I got even so much more to tell you about networking. Here’s the thing, I just discussed with you why you want to use direct messaging and personally inviting people to come to your workshops, yes?

[00:20:33] Why? Because it forces them to make a decision and promotion does not do that. I want to tell you though, even with all of that, there is one caveat. And this is for LinkedIn.

[00:20:47] LinkedIn, which by the way, has so much more engagement these days than before. And here’s one of the reasons why you want to put your events on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to invite up to 1000 people a week. That’s a lot.

[00:21:13] Now, unlike Facebook, where it shows up in their notifications that half the people don’t even look at. And a lot of people, if they look at them, don’t look at them every day.

[00:21:25] LinkedIn puts your invitation in the exact same place it puts the connection requests. So everybody that wants to connect with you when they invite you to connect. LinkedIn puts your event invitation in the same place.

[00:21:45] Now this is exciting because almost everybody is going to see it. And then they click on if they accept your invitation.

[00:21:55] Now here’s the thing though. They accept your invitation, but they’re not signed up for it, which is why you have to be monitoring every day who has accepted your invitation. And then you have to send them a direct message, “Hey Sheila, thank you for accepting my invitation. Here’s the link to register or give me your email address and I’ll take care of it.”

[00:22:20] By the way everybody, did you see that’s the second time I’ve said this.

[00:22:23] I often will say to people, “Hey, if you want to give me your email, I’ll take care of registering you.” Why? Because you want to make it super easy for people to engage with you. So, if they’re busy, like I don’t have time to go look at that link, but they have time to give you their email. This is going to improve your response rate.

[00:22:42] By the way, I know this is not the workshop discussion, but of course, as you can tell, I like to talk about it. I got one more big, super tip for you. I was in a Clubhouse room last night and the guy said, “Well, don’t do free because people don’t have skin in the game.”

[00:23:02] Here’s what I want to tell you. I 1000% disagree. Because if you have no influence with someone it’s not appropriate to ask them for money. Which is why, when they come to your free event and you give them massive value bing, bing, they are going to be more open to working with you.

[00:23:25] Here’s the thing, though. On Zoom, it is absolutely true that you rarely get a 100% or even a 95 or 90% show up rate. Making an important distinction between the signup rate and the show up rate.

[00:23:45] What I will tell you though is what my strategy is. What we do is, of course the email confirmations go out, of course the email reminders go out. What we do though, is I send a direct message through Facebook or LinkedIn. And now of course we’re adding Instagram because of Clubhouse. And I send a reminder the afternoon before with the link. Everybody, with the link.

[00:24:13] “Hey Sheila, can’t wait to see you tomorrow at Selling with Ease and Authenticity.  Look forward to it. Here’s the link in case it makes it easier for you to get in the room.”

[00:24:25] This has increased our show up rate by at least 30%, sometimes up to as much as 50%. Sometimes I’m getting as much as 90% of a show up rate in my Zoom rooms and I am blissing, and I’m hoping you’re going to take that super tip and utilize it for yourself.

[00:24:44] Okay. Take a deep breath. Okay. Now we have talked about before networking, schedule time for after. By the way, when you’re speaking schedule time after for your follow-up, even if you’re scheduling a speech for November or five months from now, or 10 months from now, you schedule the follow-up after a speech at the same time you put that speech on your calendar.

[00:25:12] I will also say at the time of scheduling that speech, make sure you’ve sent them your description, your topic, your bio, and your photo. And then you note that on your calendar where you have put the speech. That way you don’t have to figure it out in six months.

[00:25:29] Here’s what I want you to know though. When you are networking, you want to be 100% present in that Zoom room .

[00:25:41] And by the way, do not show up like you just fell out of bed. Okay, I know you’re working from home, but you’re still working. Okay? And you’re meeting people for the first time. You want to look like you would look, if you were serving a client.

[00:25:57] I like to look like I would look if I was giving a speech. Because guess what? At some point, I’m going to get to introduce myself for a minute or 30 seconds and you know what? That is a speech. So please do not look schlumpadinka when you are virtually networking. Very, very important.

[00:26:17] Now, also do your best to show up early and stay till the end.

[00:26:24] And when you get there, one of the first things you do is you take a picture of the screen as we discussed. Take a picture again towards the end, cause there’ll be people that were not in the first picture. Also, though, send a direct message to anybody on the screen, a private message in the chat to anybody that you already know, saying hello to them and “Hey, Sheila, great to see your smile on the screen.”

[00:26:56] And also think, is there anybody there that you already know that you want to reengage with and send them a direct message, “Hey, do you want to have a connection call? Hey, would you like to come to my next workshop? Hey, I want to invite you to this XYZ”, whatever it is. Utilize the chat as much as you can.

[00:27:19] Also make sure you’re being on brand, meaning if your brand is positivity and enthusiasm, make sure that’s how you’re showing up in your networking. Be on-brand.

[00:27:38] Now, the other thing is I want to give you a few super tips specifically for Clubhouse. By the way, if you are not in our Thriving Women in Biz club on Clubhouse, please join us. And now that Android users can be there too, I’m saying run, do not walk to join. And if you need an invite, let me know. I’m happy to get an invite or share an invite to you.

[00:28:06] The reason I love love, love Clubhouse is because no beautification is required, no hair and makeup. Also, though, people get an experience of your personality and they get your massive value.

[00:28:26] You can cultivate community, you can connect, you can meet people from all over the country and the world that can become your potential clients.

[00:28:37] I have had one woman who I never met right away we met on Clubhouse a few weeks later, she signed up for our Bliss Retreat that is coming up in January 2022. Never met her before, met her on Clubhouse, new client, and she is wonderful. And she’s a great match for our community.

[00:29:02] I just had another woman sign up for our Bliss Retreat who has been someone I’ve known for a few years, ran into again on Clubhouse, followed up with her six more times, my friends, before we got on the phone, and she has also signed up for our Bliss Retreat.

[00:29:24] I am telling you that because what’s going to happen is when you get on Clubhouse, you’re going to run into all these people that you’ve known before. And this is an opportunity to re-engage with them.

[00:29:35] Now, when you are on Clubhouse and you follow someone on Clubhouse, for whatever reason, also follow them at the same time on Instagram and in their profile is a link to their Instagram.

[00:29:52] If they are running the room, don’t just follow them, tell them you enjoyed the room. And they will most likely follow you back on Clubhouse and Instagram.

[00:30:05] Also be looking to host your own room. Now, you can do it under a club, or you can do it without being under a club. This is very exciting because this allows you to meet new people.

[00:30:20] And what do you want to host a room on? My recommendation is the same thing you would do workshops on which match what you are offering.

[00:30:29] Now, you can also do other rooms, like I’ll do a room, I’m sure, on this topic on virtual networking. I don’t have a product or service on virtual networking. When I’m on Clubhouse on the same topic, I’m looking to provide more value.

[00:30:45] That’s what you want to be doing on Clubhouse is providing value. However, I also want you to have it work for you to expand your network and gain clients, look at hosting topics that match what you offer also.

[00:31:00] Now the thing is though that you want to have two or three other people, at least, that you’re co-moderating a room with. Because that’s how you get more and more people to come to the room. In my opinion, though, you want to have co-moderators that are on brand for you and that you know off Clubhouse. That you already have a relationship with. That you know they’re going to show up.

[00:31:26] One lovely lady. I liked her. I invited her to show up and co-mod a room. She confirmed she would be there. She liked my message where I said, “Hey, we’re starting soon.” And she didn’t show up in the room. Now, it’s okay, we had a great room anyway, but my point is I made the assumption that she would show up when she said she was going to show up and not everybody does. This is why you want to have people that you trust and you know are reliable that you want to com-mod with.

[00:32:01] Also, you can host a room under clubs that you’re a part of If they allow that. We have a club Thriving Women in Biz club. You can absolutely host a room under our club, but the thing is that you want to have two or three other moderators so that you get more people in the room.

[00:32:19] Now here’s the other thing. This is a new platform. And just like the first time we got on Zoom or I remember way back when the first time we started using teleconference calls and it was very different because you couldn’t see anybody, we have to adapt and it takes a little bit of time to get comfortable in the new platform.

[00:32:43] That’s okay. I want you to get started right away. I want you to run, don’t walk, to host your own room. Why?

[00:32:50] And I hope to see you there, I hope you’ll join our club, I hope we’ll connect. Because as you know, you have massive value to bring. And there is a lifetime supply of people to serve and Clubhouse is now offering us a way to connect with new people all over at no cost and expand our network. This is really, really exciting and I’m hoping that you want to take advantage of this.

[00:33:18] Okay. Now here’s the other thing. Whenever you’re in a room on Clubhouse, get your voice in the room. Ask a question or make a comment, depends on the format. Always get your voice in the room.

[00:33:33] Now sometimes I’m intimidated. Sometimes I’m nervous. I do it anyway, because I know when you get your voice in the room, people will resonate with you. Do not wait. Start immediately.

[00:33:47] Okay. My friends let’s take a deep breath.

One of the things that’s really, really essential to you growing your business is you having visibility. -Caterina

[00:33:51] One of the things that’s really, really essential to you growing your business is you having visibility. And in psychology, there’s something called the law of familiarity. And the law of familiarity says, “The more I see your beautiful face, the more I hear your lovely voice, see your profile picture, hear your name, the more I know you like you and trust you, even if we’ve never met.”

[00:34:20] Now, this is awesome. And wonderful. And also why we want to have visibility and more visibility and more visibility. Because remember that there’s four kinds of clients: the Insta client, they love you, they want to work with you right now.  The slow cooker who takes three to six months. The super slow cooker takes up to a year. And the super, super, super, super slow cooker is going to take more than a year.

And you know what the difference is? Some people just need a little bit of influence before they’re ready to buy. And some people need a lot. -Caterina

[00:34:49] And you know what the difference is? Some people just need a little bit of influence before they’re ready to buy. And some people need a lot. And every time you have more visibility and every time you’re bringing more value, you are building more influence. And that is having people get used to the idea or be open to the idea of working with you.

[00:35:14] This is very, very exciting, and I’m hoping to see you in a virtual networking room very soon. By the way, with my clients I host a virtual networking event every single month. I host sales blitzes three times a month, where we get together and we do sales blitzing, or getting booked for speaking blitzes. And I also want to let you know, I am hosting a Get Booked for Speaking Challenge in June, four weeks, Master Class series. You’re invited. Let me know if you’re interested.

[00:35:54] And also, let me mention, if you have not scheduled to come on our Bliss Retreat, 2022 in January, I would absolutely love for you to join us. Let’s have a conversation. I’ve got about 14 spots open, and this will be a trip of a lifetime. It’s very important to get out of your regular environment. Great networking, by the way. I have had ladies say to me, they got more work done and more business done on that ship, having a great time, than working in their office.

[00:36:28] I know you’re ready for a trip to look forward to. I certainly am, which is why we scheduled this. And I cannot wait to support you because you know what? A rising woman lifts all the women around her.

[00:36:41] You’re a rising woman. I’m a rising woman. And let’s get together and uplift more women. Bing, bing, bing, call on me anytime, for any reason. I cannot wait to be with you again on our podcast, on our app Expand Your Fempire, on Clubhouse in our Thriving Women in Biz club, or any place else in the universe.

[00:37:04] Thanks, my friends! Bing, bing, bing! Talk to you very soon.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Expand Your Fempire with Caterina Rando.

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