Episode #52:
How to be ALL IN in your business

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Are you “ALL IN” in your business? Meaning, are you fully committed, or are you entertaining other ideas and distractions that may be inhibiting your entrepreneurial growth? In this thought-provoking episode, Caterina discusses six areas for you to look at to determine if you are ALL IN, in your business. The more you follow these guiding principles, the more people you will get to serve, the more you will earn, the more you will bliss, and the more lives you will uplift!

Expand Your Fempire Podcast #52 Transcript

How to be ALL IN in Your Business

Welcome to Expand your Fempire with Caterina Rando, the podcast for women in business on a mission. Sharing ideas to support you to grow and thrive. Now here’s your host, Caterina Rando.

[00:00:29] This is Caterina Rando. Welcome back to another episode of the Expand Your Fempire podcast. I am blissing to be with you today. Our hot topic in this episode is one that will have you reflect not only on what you’re doing, also on how you are being in your business.

[00:00:56] The question that I asked you, my friend, as we begin is, are you all in, in your business?

[00:01:07] Let me tell you a little bit about what’s going on with me these days. I’ve got two retreats already scheduled for next year. I’ve already got my programs figured out for next year. I’ve recorded about 50 of these amazing podcast episodes. I’ve co-authored over 12 books. I’m not even sure what the exact number is.

[00:01:31] I’ve got a team of five amazing people that I pay to support me in my business every month. I’ve got a Facebook group that we’ve been working for years and years. We’ve got a new club on Clubhouse.

[00:01:45] Now, why am I mentioning these things? Because these are all examples of being all in, in business. Nobody writes books, hosts podcasts, starts a club on Clubhouse, or a big Facebook group on Facebook, unless you’re all in. Unless you know that you’re going to still be in your business same time next year.

[00:02:14] I often see women who are in business who are not however, all in in their business.

[00:02:25] When you’re all in, you are determined and never deterred. You are persistent and never paused. Meaning you keep your party moving. You are not side-barred by the challenges, du jour, or even the big problems that will surely sometimes show up in the course of you doing business.

[00:02:59] If you’ve ever heard yourself say, “I’m going to give this business thing a try,” then my friend, you’re not all in.

[00:03:08] If you daydream about just going to get a J.O.B., you’re not all in. If you have a job, that’s okay. If you’re having a job while you’re getting your business going. If however, you’ve been working that job for years and years and years, telling yourself that you’ll begin to be all in, in your business, then maybe it’s time for you to have an honest conversation with yourself.

[00:03:42] Because it’s okay to have a job. It’s just not okay to tell yourself that you’re all in, in your business when really you are not. Now here’s the thing, some ladies say to themselves, “Well, hey, Caterina, I got to keep my J.O.B. Because I need reliable income.”

[00:04:00] Okay. But guess what? You can also look at how can you create more reliable income in your business?

[00:04:11] It’s possible. You can have multi-six figures in your business. Maybe even have a million-dollar business.

[00:04:22] Now I say it like that because we know that less than 3% of women have million-dollar businesses. I think it’s because we don’t dream big enough or maybe we’re not being all in. This is something for you to look at.

[00:04:39] Have you ever been to a party, and you start chatting with someone and you’re having a great chat and they have their attention on you and your laughing and you’re connecting and you’re having a great engagement with this person? Contrast that to being at a party, someone talking to you. You can see though that while they’re talking to you, they’re really looking over your shoulder to see who’s behind you.

[00:05:15] And how does that feel? Very different. Well, it’s the same for your business.

[00:05:23] When you’re all in, in your business, your attention is on your business. What can you do differently? How can you upgrade? Where can you get more support? How can you be more efficient?

[00:05:36] When you’re not all in, when you’re looking around for another opportunity, another business, another revenue-generating opportunity, rather than directing, not only your time and your energy, also your thinking to your fabulous business, that’s going to be a very different experience. Just like at the party.

[00:06:05] Let’s be clear. A leap is required. Playing it safe is not a value women on a mission live by and embrace.

[00:06:22] Playing it safe is the equivalent of being a wallflower at a party. Standing against the wall. Not engaging with anyone. Not introducing yourself to anyone. Not walking up to a group of people that are talking and standing outside the circle until they let you in.

[00:06:43] By the way, here’s another idea I want you to leave at the door. This idea that patience is a virtue. Patience is not a virtue for a woman on a mission. Patience is not a virtue for a woman that wants to grow her sales patients is not a virtue for a woman who wants to have massive impact in the world with her business.

[00:07:09] You can’t experience ease and success and bliss and fulfillment in your business long-term when you’ve got one foot in business and one foot out of business to see how it goes. Or when you’re straddling the world of having a J.O.B. or looking for a J.O.B. while you’re also wanting to be all in, in your business.

[00:07:38] Do you have a mission that lights you up? That has you get out of the bed every morning and be blissing. Are you so loving your clients? Are you excited for your next project? These are some of the things that indicate that you’re all in.

[00:08:05] When you have a business that you really love, it’s much more than just work. That is where our discussion today is all about.

[00:08:19] Right now I’m going to share with you six things to look at, to have you assess if you’re being all in, in your business. Or to look at these six things to see how you can be more all in, in your business.

[00:08:41] First one, make a decision that you are going to be all in no matter what.

…make a decision that you are going to be all in no matter what. -Caterina Rando

[00:08:52] Now, in some ways this is very simple. Why do I say that? Because the decision to succeed and stay all in, in your business is one you can do in an instant. However, it is required so that you will have the drive, the creative thinking, the determination to keep your party moving day after day.

[00:09:22] Because life will put roadblocks in your way. Business will have the challenge du jour, for you to address. And every single time that happens, you will have to recommit to your decision to be all in.

[00:09:46] I’m thinking about one of my fabulous clients right now, who is in her second year of coaching with me. And last year she made the decision to leave her J.O.B. She had been a phenomenal coach for years and years, but only doing a little business on the side.

[00:10:08] Finally, she took the leap. And now it’s about 18 months since she took that leap and she is blissing in her business and her life. Now, she hasn’t quite yet got to the place where she’s a hundred percent making more than she was in her job. However, she’s loving her life so much more and she sees her revenue trajectory.

[00:10:39] And I’m going to tell you something, the reason why her revenue is not up yet is because when you have a business, as you know, if you’ve been listening to other things I’ve had to share with you, the thing about your business is that it’s not just about being a great coach or a great image consultant or a great bookkeeper, whatever your business is.

[00:11:06] It’s about mastering those five pillars, right? Speaking, selling, serving, strategy, and self-care. And the reason why this particular client is not thriving financially, as much as she did before, is because she hasn’t mastered the selling part yet.

[00:11:26] And that’s the other thing. When you have a lot of reliable income from a job, you are not called, pushed, as determined, as persistent to master the selling side of it. And that is very, very important. If you want to really grow a revenue-producing, consistent, big massively monetizing business.

[00:11:54] And that’s what I want for you. Because a massively monetizing business is one with financial surplus. It is one where you get to invest in other people’s businesses because they’re your vendors. And you get to have more impact.

[00:12:11] The amount of revenue we’re producing in our business is a direct reflection of the amount of impact we’re having. No clients, no revenue.

[00:12:22] Take a moment now. Make a decision to be all in. Recommit to being all in, in your business. And before you go anywhere, pause right now to ask yourself, is there anything that you are now going to do differently because you have decided that you are all in?

[00:12:48] Next thing, once you decide that you’re all in I want you to create a compelling vision that is so alluring that you are every day pursuing that compelling vision. This will help you stay focused. It will have you make better decisions because you will see that everything you do or don’t do is either moving you closer to your vision or moving you farther away.

[00:13:23] It will keep you motivated. And I want you to create a picture in your mind of what your pinnacle of success looks like. I want you to write it out. I want you to read it daily. I want you to make a vision board. Not a vision board of everything, a board of just this one vision that you’re pursuing.

[00:13:44] I made a vision board of my center before we got our center. And I want to tell you, my first compelling vision was me sitting at a table, signing books with a big, long line of people waiting to get my book. And I spoke one year in North Carolina and they bought a book for everyone in the audience. There was over 200 people in the audience, and I remember sitting there at that table and a long line of people waiting to get their books signed and interacting with every single person. That was a beautiful day when I realized that compelling vision.

[00:14:31] I share that with you, because I want your vision to be so alluring that it motivates you. And you know what happens when you get your vision? You go get another vision to keep your party moving even more.

[00:14:46] I’m thinking of one of my clients, Barbara, she was a very successful real estate agent for years. She though was going to move out of the country to be with the love of her life and therefore giving up her real estate because she wasn’t going to be in the U.S. anymore. And also, not wanting to do it once she was at her new location with her new beloved. Her compelling vision was to host retreats. And she saw herself in a circle of women that had all decided to come and be with her, for her retreats.

[00:15:25] And, you know what? I just got an email yesterday. It’s gotta be at least 12 years and she is still doing her retreats. The ladies are coming. She is blissing.

[00:15:39] Create a compelling vision for your business that is so alluring that it will motivate and inspire you to keep going every day. Do you have it? If not, I want you to create it right this second.

Create a compelling vision for your business that is so alluring that it will motivate and inspire you to keep going every day. Do you have it? If not, I want you to create it right this second. – Caterina Rando

[00:15:55] And by the way, the other thing about your compelling vision is that you continue to refine it and you upgrade it and you add new aspects to it. That’s fine. Part of what you’re going to do every day is take some time to reflect on it.

[00:16:12] And that brings us to number three. And what I want you to take away from today is putting your plan in place and then keep working your plan.

[00:16:26] Because business is dynamic. Life is dynamic. Your creativity is ever-growing and new ideas are coming in. I want you to make a plan and review that plan every single day, at least twice in the morning and before you wrap up your business at the end of the day, or you could wait until you are going to bed at night. Because as you know, right before we go to bed is the ideal time to put ideas in our head.

[00:17:09] And as you work your plan. You’re going to consistently be saying yourself, what tools do I need? What people do I need? What adjustments do I need to make to make this plan happen?

[00:17:28] I’m thinking right now about one of my great inspiring clients who has been with me, I guess we’re in our second year now. And she has embraced every workshop. Every class. She always does her homework. She is all in, in her business.

[00:17:52] And I have watched her go from being in action, which is great. However, working more in her business than on her business, which means you’re always trying to catch up. To now working on her business to a good extent, as much as she’s working in her business.

[00:18:12] And as a result, her revenue is growing. Her amount of ease is increasing. She’s seeing herself more as a Fempire builder than just someone helping people in the way that she does as a personal coach.

[00:18:31] This is what I want for you. Don’t just work in your business, work on your business every single day.

[00:18:43] Ask yourself right now. Are you reviewing your plan? And I don’t mean your big business plan. If that’s what you have. I mean, your action plan. Your immediate goals. Your revenue goals. By the way, make sure you’re taking time every day when you’re planning to put on your calendar, when you want to get stuff done.

[00:19:08] Don’t have a to-do list, put your to-do’s on your calendar at the time you’re going to do them.

[00:19:14] And by the way, I am sure because you are a thriving woman in business with massive value to bring and a lifetime supply of creative ideas, you are not going to get through your to-do list. Have that be okay.

[00:19:32] I want you to keep looking though, where can you create more support? Where can you get some of those things off of your to-do list and get them on someone else’s? Bing, bing.

[00:19:46] Love that idea. Keep looking at that. Next thing.

[00:19:52] Do you believe big time in yourself? And your ability to create what you want for yourself in your life?  And your ability to create what you want for yourself in your business? I had an assistant before who said to me one day, she said “you’re Caterina Rando!” And the way she said it was kind of like saying “you’re so B.I.G., you’re so big.”

[00:20:25] Now, here’s the thing. I have noticed full disclosure sometimes when I’m with myself by myself, I absolutely forget that I have the ability to create what I want for myself in my life. Not always in the timeframe, I want it. It is that determination and commitment that makes things happen.

[00:21:01] And I’m saying to you, do you sometimes forget that you are amazing? That you have many times created what you want for yourself in your life?

[00:21:21] And if you do super believe in yourself, you’re going to be the kind of person that does what women that believe in themselves do.

[00:21:33] You say yes to opportunities even when you’re not sure how to do something, because you know that it’s something that you want to do. You’re not getting ready to get ready, to begin to think about getting going, you’re in action because you know that action will move you closer to what you want to create.

[00:21:56] I got this amazing client. Her name is Sheila. And Sheila, she talks to people all the time. All the time. Mostly what she does is talk to people or speak or go be with people to grow her business. She has a team behind her. She has support in her personal life. Why? Because when she’s with her clients or talking to her potential clients, she wants to be all in.

[00:22:25] And she is just like that person at the party who you just meet that you’re so happy to talk to and they’re giving you their full attention.

[00:22:39] Here’s the thing, the more we believe in ourselves, the more attention we can have on others, because we’re not having the attention on ourselves, second-guessing ourselves.

[00:22:53] Ask yourself, what would support you in believing big in yourself even more? Because that’s what it takes to be all in, in your business.

[00:23:14] Now, if you’re noticing that this is a good place to upgrade, to pump up your belief in yourself, this next area we’re going to focus on is for you. Your willingness to be uncomfortable.

[00:23:32] Now we could call it taking risks, but sometimes that feels too big, too bold. I’m simply saying be willing to be uncomfortable.

[00:23:43] What does that mean? That means ask for the business when you perceive the answer might be no. Go somewhere where you don’t know anybody. Because what happens is we often project that we’re going to be uncomfortable somewhere. Therefore, we don’t go.

[00:24:03] Well, if you know a place to be is good for you go, even if it’s uncomfortable. Because you have decided that you’re going to be willing to be uncomfortable. What happens when you go? You usually have a great time. You usually get some massive value. You usually make some connections that you wouldn’t have made if you weren’t willing to be uncomfortable.

[00:24:30] This is personal and professional. Think about that. Are you willing to embrace any perceived or projected short-term discomfort for the long-term comfort of more belief in yourself? More skill? More success? More connection? More potential clients?

This is personal and professional. Think about that. Are you willing to embrace any perceived or projected short-term discomfort for the long-term comfort of more belief in yourself? More skill? More success? More connection? More potential clients? -Caterina Rando

[00:24:58] Because the beautiful thing about a willingness to be uncomfortable is the more we’re willing to be uncomfortable, the more things become super comfortable for us. And then the more we move towards mastery on those things that used to be uncomfortable.

[00:25:19] I’m thinking right now that when the pandemic started, I said to all my clients go to Zoom, start doing your workshops on Zoom immediately. I was already doing that – easy to move everything that wasn’t happening on Zoom on Zoom.

[00:25:35] And then about six months into the pandemic, somebody asked me to give a talk on embracing Zoom, and I thought, “Hey, that, that’s fine. I’m happy to do that. But hello, we’re six months too late for your people.” Okay? You want to get in action right away.

[00:25:55] Of course, it’s going to be uncomfortable when you haven’t done it before. That’s why you want to get started doing it. Because the more you do it, the better you become and the more that it’s comfortable for you.

[00:26:10] I want you to see that this willingness to be uncomfortable supports you believing in yourself, supports you in being more determined, more persistent because you know you are “count-on-able” to yourself.

[00:26:29] Isn’t that beautiful? Bing, bing, bing!

[00:26:33] Before we move on, I want right now, for you to ask yourself, where would it serve you? Where would it serve your business for you to be more willing to be uncomfortable? Pick something now. Is it speaking more? Is it hosting a workshop? Starting a group? Hosting a retreat? Is it starting your own club on Clubhouse? What is it?

[00:27:05] Do it! That’s what being all in, in your business looks like.

[00:27:11] Next thing. Get support. Get support and then get some more support.

[00:27:20] Now, if you were going to build a house, you probably wouldn’t do it by yourself from scratch -the plumbing, the electrical, whatever it is. Why? Because you’re not a master of all those things.

[00:27:37] You want to recognize what is the highest and best use of your time? I’ve told you, I’ll remind you. Speaking, selling, serving your clients, strategy, and self-care. Those are your jobs. And this idea that we got to do it all ourself is ridiculous.

[00:28:00] And by the way, Part of this getting support is recognizing that the best investment you can ever make is an investment in yourself.

[00:28:15] The other night we were on Clubhouse. On Friday nights, we do a “women’s weekly wrap up and wisdom.” We share wins. And I asked a question the other night. The question was, everybody answered, what advice have you gotten that you followed until you realized it was poppycock? It was ridiculous. It was not appropriate for you.

[00:28:55] One of my fabulous gals in our community, she said, “you know what? I got the advice when I started that I didn’t need a business coach. That there was the SBA, there was Google, there was YouTube, there was networking groups. That I didn’t need a business coach.” She said to me, “and then I started going to Caterina’s workshops and then she made me an irresistible invitation to join one of her programs.” and she got on board and she said, “and now I see the value of investing in myself. The value of community that comes with investing in myself.”

[00:29:42] I’m sharing this to you. Yes. I’m tooting my own horn here, because I want you to know that the best investment, I have ever made is in myself. Don’t be a coach without a coach. Don’t be a consultant without a consultant. You got to have somebody else that you go to. Just like a therapist, always has a therapist.

[00:30:09] Where can you use more support in your life? And by the way, there’s personal support. There’s professional support. I just started getting my fresh flowers delivered from Costco by Instacart. Do you know how much time it takes to go to Costco? I am so much happier. Getting these beautiful two dozen roses, super inexpensive delivered every week so that I’m blissing in my house with my flowers, for my Zoom meetings.

[00:30:46] Where can you use more support? I have the best team I’ve ever had in my life. I have great on-the-ground support. Great virtual support. Great support with many aspects of business. And I continue to look where can I have more support so that I am freed up to focus on my five pillars to have more impact?

[00:31:13] Reminding you again of your five pillars, speaking, selling, serving, strategy, and self-care.

[00:31:21] My friend. I have a lifetime more to share with you. We will be together again soon.

[00:31:28] Reflect on these things that we’ve discussed today. Making the decision, hopefully, you’ve already made the decision to be all in, in your business. Creating a compelling vision that is supporting you and driving you every day. Putting your plan in place and staying on top of your plan every day. Believing big in yourself. Being willing to be uncomfortable. And getting lots and lots of support everywhere in your business and your life.

[00:32:07] By the way, if there’s any place you are stuck, get some support. Anywhere you feel you’re struggling, get some important.

[00:32:16] I would love to support you to thrive even more in your business and your life. First thing I want to let you know, if you have not come to one of my virtual workshops, my friends, I do them once or twice a month free. One hour come and be with me. Let’s meet virtually if not live and in person.

[00:32:40] If you’re not a member of our Facebook group, thriving women in business run, don’t walk to join us. Follow me on Instagram. Have you downloaded our, Expand Your Fempire app? If not, it’s free on your phone, you will love it. Have you joined our phenomenal club on Clubhouse, Thriving Women in Biz? If not run, don’t walk to do that. I would love to interact with you there.

[00:33:10] And have you downloaded several of the free resources that I have on my website? CaterinaRando.com/links. There’s some infographics there. There’s a great video on geo-targeting. There’s an ebook on “how to get booked for speaking” and more.

[00:33:32] If you would like to come and be with me live and in- person, check out our Speaker Mastermind Program, we’re doing a retreat at the Silverado resort. Come to our Bliss Retreat for Women Leaders on a Mission, because the more support you have, the more you take time for yourself, the more you invest in yourself and your business, not only the more you will thrive, the more you will earn and most importantly, the more lives you will uplift.

[00:34:07] You have massive value to bring. There is a lifetime supply of people to serve. The more you follow these things that we’ve discussed today, the more people you will get to serve, the more you will earn, the more you will bliss, and the more lives you will uplift.

[00:34:30] I cannot wait to be with you again.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Expand Your Fempire with Caterina Rando.

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