“Selling is service, if you can’t sell you can’t serve.” —Caterina Rando

This program is for women who know that sales mastery is an essential part of increasing revenue and ease.

With this program you receive: 

  • Enroll in as many Thrive at Sales 9-Week Accelerator programs as you like during the year. It will be offered 6 times. We suggest one per quarter.
  • Additionally, you receive all the bonuses and benefits of being a member of the TWIB VIP community.
  • All 2022 summits and workshops are included throughout the year at no cost.
  • Monthly event promotion on our website, in our ezine, in our TWIB Facebook group (4600+ members) and other social media channels.
  • Participation in our TWIB VIP community Thriving Business Boost monthly virtual networking event.
  • Access to me as your coach in the group sessions and via Facebook messenger.


Investment: $4,997. Multi-payment option available.

ONLY $4,500 with a full-pay discount.

Thrive at Sales MASTERY PROGRAM 

Thrive at Sales MASTERY PROGRAM – Full Pay Discount 

“I started my coaching business to help women have a bold life, I was not feeling all that bold around my sales. Stepping into the sales program made all the difference. Now, I know what to do to cultivate interest in working with me, how to talk to women about becoming my client, I am super confident doing it. Plus, my sales are continuing to climb.”

—Tracie Root, Bold Living Coach and Founder of the Gather Community


“My intuition told me the Sales Mastery Program would grow my business and it really has. My sales have increased and I am now at ease when asking people to work with me. I do now feel so much more masterful at my sales.”

—Sharon Caren, Spiritual Intuitive, Speaker, Author and Coach


Upcoming 2022 Thrive at Sales 9-week Program Dates:

February – April Session: Starts Tue., Feb 15th, 12:00pmPT via Zoom

**Tuesdays 12pm – 1:15pmPT   |  Feb. 15th – April 12th**

March – May Session: Starts Mon., March 14th, 1:30pmPT via Zoom

**Mondays 1:30-2:45pmPT  |  Mar. 14th – May 9th**


When you join a program you gain our amazing community bonuses (for the duration of your program) that will save you a lot of money, build your network, promote your events, expand your learning and ensure your success AND MUCH MORE MUCH more listed HERE



“Caterina’s program is outstanding. I have had my best quarter ever, and look forward to exponetial growth this year.”

—Debbie Campbell, Bestselling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski



This opportunity is created and produced by speaker and women’s business mentor extraordinaire, Caterina Rando. She enjoys an average of more than 100 hours each month on the platform and has been making offers and telling her unique stories in her speeches and workshops for over twenty-five years.

Caterina is the creator of the Shero Speaker Summit, the Expand Your Fempire Summit, The Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, The Speaker Mastermind Program and The Thriving Business Speaker Accelerator. Caterina has delivered speeches on five continents. She is all about being your authentic self on the platform to genuinely connect and attract the people that are certain that you are the right choice to work with.

For questions call Caterina directly at 415-350-6854, send her a direct message through Facebook, or email