It is time to raise the roof on your revenue ceiling! Join women’s business mentor extraordinaire, Caterina Rando for an incredible opportunity to upgrade your mindset, your systems, your confidence, and your actions in order to improve your sales skills and catapult your revenue.

“Selling is service, the better you sell, the more you get to serve.” —Caterina Rando



In this 3-hour introductory seminar, Caterina will discuss how to set yourself up to thrive at sales!

Caterina will share: 
• The big mistake many entrepreneurs make when wanting to add new clients and what to do instead that will work
• The influence equation and how to make it work for you so that more people want to discuss working with you
• The guiding principle that will fill your virtual, or live and in-person room every time, so you have more influence with more potential clients 
• Simple steps to ensure you always have time to have sales conversations that result in consistent new client enrollment
• How to keep your clients coming back so that they are not short term, instead your clients become long-term and life-long clients
BONUS: Caterina will also share a few super tips for delivering amazing virtual workshops every time. 


Upcoming Workshops:

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 POSTPONED

Online via ZOOM   |  10am- 1pm PT

Investment: $47

New Date Coming Soon 


“Since I started working with Caterina my speaking and training business has grow exponentially. I am doing my own trainings and retreats and I am soaring in my business. I have learned so much from her and I am using it all to catapult my business.”     -Jennifer Darling, Positively Successful Sales




This special event is conducted by Caterina Rando, who personally sold over 400K in sales in 2019.  She has been selling for over 25 years. Caterina does not believe in scripts or persuading or convincing when it comes to gaining clients. She believes in getting clear on who you want to serve, building influence and authentically seeing if there is a match before inviting people to work with you. 
Caterina is a sought-after women’s business mentor, speaker and best-selling author who has spoken on five continents. Caterina shows women how to generate mid-six-figure revenue with their businesses. If you would like a richer, fuller entrepreneurial life, Caterina is the right guide for you. Start your journey with her at this upcoming special event.

Susan-Rueppel-Photo-2012“Caterina Rando’s events are outstanding. She provides a massive amount of content, ideas, inspiration, systems and checklists that are immediately actionable. From what I’ve learned in her programs I have become a more accomplished speaker and grown my business. I love the quality of entrepreneurs and business owners she draws. She provides an ideal environment for learning, connecting and collaborating. I came home from one of her summits with 7 new clients.”

Susan Rueppel, Chief Intuition Officer

Diana-Concoff-Morgan-web“ In the last year since I have been working closely with Caterina my business is growing more than ever. I have quadrupled my speaking and I am coming home with at least a few and sometimes a lot of new clients every time I present. I am continuing to work with Caterina because every time I do my business grows more. She is inspiring, a great coach and operates with integrity. I am so glad I jumped on her success train.”

Diana Morgan, President, Whole Heart Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing Coach

Schuster6x9Final72Dpi“I’ve been to a gazillion business seminars, workshops, conferences and none have had as much impact as Caterina’s summits. At the Sought After Speaker Summit I was blown away by all I learned so I took her Business Breakthrough Summit. These events have “Caterina-pulted” my business and my life! She has incredible passion and integrity along with a presentation style that really ingrains every bit of knowledge thrown your way. There are many unique/valuable aspects to her presentations, but I’d have to say what tops the list is “stickiness”. My excitement hasn’t waned…I’m putting her teachings into action and my business is thriving!”

Anastasia Schuster, Speakers’ Agent, Access Speakers