Thrive at Sales Train the Trainer Program 2023

This train-the-trainer program is being offered to businesswomen, coaches and trainers who would like to teach and train others on improving and even mastering their sales skills and sales systems.

Program participants will develop strong competence in delivering the Thrive at Sales 9-Week Accelerator and you will have everything you need to effectively run Thrive at Sales group programs, over and over.

Plus, this train-the-trainer program is designed to show all participants how to be amazing, masterful and confident when training on any topic!

“Selling is service, if you can’t sell you can’t serve.” - Caterina Rando

Virtual Train the Trainer Sessions:

#1 Mon., Dec 12th 12:30pmPT

#2 Wed., Dec 14th 12:30pmPT

#3 Mon., Jan 9th 12:30pmPT

#4 Fri., Jan 13th 12:30pmPT

In-person Train the Trainer Dates:

Location: TWIB Center, 3115 Clement St. in San Francisco

  • Wed., Jan 18th 2-5pm, dinner included 5-6:30pm
  • Thur., Jan 19th, 10am-4pm, lunch included
  • Fri., Jan 20th, 10am-4pm, lunch included and dinner out 4:30-6:30pm
  • Sat., Jan 21st, 10am-4pm, lunch included

Virtual Training Session Agenda:


Virtual Session #1, Mon., Dec 12th 12:30pmPT:

    * Understanding the different ways people learn

    * Understanding the different ways participants gain value

Virtual Session #2, Wed., Dec 14th 12:30pmPT:

    * How to keep your participants engaged

    * How to implement massive change with your participants

    * Ongoing support, ongoing guidance, focus, accountability, encouragement, celebration, recognition and community

Virtual Session #3, Mon., Jan 9th 12:30pmPT

    * How to manage the group and the people in the group

    * How to run a successful sales blitz

    * Interacting with your participants between sessions

Virtual Session #4, Fri., Jan 13th 12:30pmPT:

    * The “being” side of training

    * Your personal management when running group programs

In-person Training Agenda:

Week #1 Thrive at Sales:
Wed., Jan 18th 2-5pm, dinner included 5-6:30pm

    * Set Yourself Up to Thrive at Sales

Week #2, #3 & #4 Thrive at Sales:
Thur., Jan 19th, 10am-4pm, lunch included

    * How to Have Successful Sales Conversations Every Time

    * Systems That Consistently Cultivate Massive Sales

Week # 5, #6 & #7 Thrive at Sales:
Fri, Jan 20th, 10am-4pm, lunch included and dinner out 4:30-6:30pm

    * Cultivate Champions to Gain More Great Clients

    * Mastering the Being Side of Selling

    * Effective Lead Generation

Week #8 & #9, Thrive at Sales:
Sat., Jan 21st, 10am-4pm, lunch included

    * Knock out Sales Plateaus and Grow Your Revenue

    * Insights to Have Your Revenue on a Steady Climb

Pre-requisites for the Train the Trainer Program:
You must have taken the Thrive at Sales 9-week Accelerator
with Caterina Rando

“I have been a sales speaker and trainer for many years. I know the importance of continued education and business development. When Caterina told me she was offering her Train-the-Trainer Program, I was an insta-yes to participate because I have always gotten so much value from Caterina’s programs that I knew I would become an even more masterful sales trainer with my participation.”

—Jennifer Darling, Professional Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Sales & Marketing for Business Professionals

Additional Bonus Mastermind (included in your investment):

2023 Monthly Train-the-Trainer Mastermind: Ongoing support and ongoing guidance are essential to staying in action and moving toward mastery with your training and sales program enrollment. For this reason, starting in Feb. 2023 Caterina will host all 2023 Certified Thrive at Sales Trainers for a monthly mastermind call with hot topics and masterminding to ensure everyone gets their questions answered and continues to upgrade their sales, training, and all aspects of their business. This is an essential part of staying focused and in action.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 2:00-3:00pmPT
  • Monday, Mar. 6th, 2:00-3:00pmPT
  • Monday, April 10th, 2:00-3:00pmPT
  • Monday, May 15th, 10:30-11:30amPT
  • Monday, June 12th, 2:00-3:00pmPT
  • No MM Meeting in July
  • Monday, Aug. 14th, 2:00-3:00pmPT
  • Monday, Sept. 18th, 2:00-3:00pmPT
  • Monday, Oct. 16th, 10:45-11:45amPT
  • Monday, Nov. 20th, 12:30-1:30pmPT
  • No MM Meeting in Dec

Investment: $8,797*Early Bird and Full Pay Rate: $8,497*

Early Bird Rate available for a limited time!

“Being a part of the Thrive at Sales, Train the Trainer Program was an amazing experience. Learning from Caterina alongside a stellar group of coaches, I felt blessed to be participating. Caterina has a lifetime supply of business wisdom to bring and she consistently reminded us that each of us have massive value to bring as well. After this certification program I am well equipped and confident in leading my group sales programs.”

—Freya Krishnan, Founder of Chasing Happy Mondays

This Program Also Includes:

  • Modifiable Handouts: each participant will be given all handouts and other program documents in Word. This will allow you to add your own header and footer and modify the content as you like to create a program customized for you, your brand, and whatever format you want to use the content for.
  • Lifetime usage of this content: Once you complete the training program, you may use all or a portion of this content for the life of your business. This is only for your use to teach and train. You may not sell or share this content with other trainers or coaches for their use. There are no future fees to pay to use this content.
  • Certified Thrive at Sales Trainer: Once you complete this Thrive at Sales, Train the Trainer Program you will be a Certified Thrive at Sales Program Leader. You will receive a virtual graphic badge for your website and other uses.
  • Thriving Women in Business Community Bonuses and Benefits: Participation in this training program includes service as a VIP member through January 2023. This includes our monthly networking event, our quarterly planning sessions, sales blitzes, workshops, the promotion of two events a month for you, and more. To enjoy these bonuses and benefits through the end of 2023, join our Train-the-Trainer Mastermind for 2023.

**Community Bonuses & Benefits**

Participation in the Train the Trainer program includes service as a VIP member through the duration of your program. This includes our monthly networking event, our quarterly planning sessions, sales blitzes, workshops, promotion of two events a month for you, and more. 

TWIBC Bonuses & Benefits Galore Include:

    • Thriving Business Boost, our monthly all community gathering via Zoom to expand your network and get set up for a successful and focused month. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. VALUE $1000
    • Attend any half-day, one-day or two-day summits with Caterina at NO COST to solidify your learning, expand your community, make great connections and gain some new clients, friends and opportunities. $1800 Value EXPAND YOUR FEMPIRE SUMMIT included
    • TWIBC will promote your events (up to two a month) in our social media channels, including my business Facebook page, our Facebook groups and in our bi-weekly ezine. Plus your event will be posted on the TWIBC website. 43K social media and email reach. $1200 VALUE
    • And MUCH more listed HERE (during the duration of your program).

“Caterina, thank you for your Thrive at Sales program which has allowed me to set my sights bigger than I ever could have and gives me the tools to realize my fullest potential. I had a 25% jump in sales (practically overnight) over the last month and continue to use the principles I learned in your workshop! Thanks again!” #grateful  

– Selina Sahba, Founder, Trainer, Fusion Fitness

This opportunity is created and produced by speaker and women’s business mentor extraordinaire, Caterina Rando. She brings over 25 years of training and speaking experience and often enjoys more than 100 hours each month on the platform.  Her superpower is her ability to connect with her audiences and have people feel seen and gotten.  

Caterina is the creator of the Shero Speaker Summit, the Expand Your Fempire Summit, The Bliss Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, The Speaker Mastermind Program, and The Expand Your Fempire Mastermind and has delivered group programs for many years.  Caterina has delivered speeches on five continents. She is all about being your authentic self on the platform to genuinely connect and attract the people that are certain that you are the right choice to work with.