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How to Create Influence and Cultivate Long-term Clients
To Thrive in Business

Join us for insights, inspiration and an opportunity to gather and network with like-minded, like-hearted women on a mission,who make a difference through their businesses. Registration includes a subscription to Thriving Women in Business Magazine.

Wednesday, June 21st   |  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

TechCode Accelerator Event Room | 1172 Castro Street | Mountain View, CA 94040


How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back for a Lifetime

Wouldn’t it be great if your clients stayed with you for years, the same way they do with a bookkeeper or dentist? Would you love to have clients that were an insta-yes for you every time you invited them to invest with you and your business? That is what happens when you embrace the key principles to cultivating long-term and lifelong clients.

In this eye-opening and thought-provoking program you will:
• Learn what it takes to gain loyal clients from day one.
• Find out the ingredient that most professionals are missing, that has your clients happily stay around.
• Discover the three easy and simple standard operating procedures you can start to use today that will keep your client fountain overflowing forever.

Caterina Rando is a women’s business mentor extraordinaire who serves women on a mission. She is the author of The ABCs of Public Speaking and Learn to Power Think. She provides business and speaking development programs for entrepreneurs who want to build influence and have massive impact. She has been serving women entrepreneurs for over 25 years and is also publisher of Thriving Women in Business Magazine and founder of the Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. Her contribution to women is widely recognized. In the last year she has received The Limitless Woman Award, The Distinguished Woman Award and The Extraordinary Woman Award.


Expand Your Circle of Influence …Online. Offline. All the Time!

In this powerful session Jos will share what she’s learned over the past decade to master relationship building, generate more leads, have people actually looking forward to being contacted by you, and create a community who is rooting for YOU to WIN!

In this Advanced Training on Influence, you will learn:

• What taking your influence to the next level really means to you and your business.
• How you can expand your influence with everyone in your circle of influence by the time you leave the room.
• How to generate More REFERRALS, speaking gigs, join ventures, and higher-level introductions from the network you currently have.
• And why women are being more influential than ever in 2017: The Year of Women Entrepreneurs!

Josephine “Jos” Hanan, Marketing Strategist/Copywriter/Connection Expert, is the Founder and CEO of Promote Her Business, the premier marketing and sales organization for women entrepreneurs and male allies.  Promote Her Business is a hybrid between a networking group and a year-round marketing/sales training program, which teach you the best ways to promote your business and each other: Online. Offline. All the Time!

Feminine Leadership From a Tantric Perspective

What if you made a great impression in every situation, just by being you? What if you could create instant rapport and make everyone you spoke to feel like they were the only person in the room, simply by being more present in every situation.

In this captivating Moneeka will reveal how to:
• Include the power of playfulness, and daring of using Tantra to make us all our very best selves.
• Discover how to use your breathing to get more present and connected in an instant.
• Understand your own innate energetic make-up for improving communications, creating more fulfilling relationships, and being a more effective leader in all areas of life.

Moneeka Sawyer is a Success Coach and a Tantra Energy Expert who has been coaching executives in the Silicon Valley for over 10 years. Her unique approach to leadership has helped clients from artists and soloprenuers, to high-tech CEO’s discover their own personal leadership style and create a whole new sense of power, energy, and excitement about their businesses and their lives.


Join Caterina, Jos, Moneeka and other women on a mission for an uplifting and network expanding afternoon. You will leave inspired and reinvigorated to take your business to the next level. If you have any questions call Caterina directly at 415-668-4535. Click here to see other upcoming TWIBC business building events.