Thank you for being a VIP member of the Thriving Women in Business Community.

Below are the bonuses for participants enrolled in a TWIBC Advanced Program with Caterina. These bonuses are redeemable during the duration of your program.

All VIP clients receive:

  • Attend any one day or two-day seminars with Caterina at no cost for the duration of your program to solidify your learning, expand your community, make great connections and network and gain some new clients and opportunities. $1800+ Value VIPs: RSVP for upcoming events here
  • TWIBC will promote your events (up to two a month) from the day you sign up through the duration of your program, in our social media channels, including my business Facebook page, our Facebook groups and in our bi-weekly eZine. Plus your event will be posted on the TWIBC website.  $1200 VALUE Submit your events here


  • Rental fee waived to host one event/workshop at the TWIB Center (no expiration date) at no cost. Only one may be on a weekend day. $500 VALUE BOOK YOUR DATE HERE



  • Exclusive Special Event with Laura Gisborne (May 14th, 2021). Each year, Caterina invites her phenomenal coach, Laura Gisborne, to deliver a full day of training exclusively for members of the TWIB community. This incredible day is thought-provoking, info-packed and very inspiring!  Value $797


  • 24/7 ACCESS to the Business Breakthrough Online Institute where you will find over 30 hours of business-building audios and videos on various hot topics. Action plans included for each subject. Templates, checklists, sample documents, vetted resources and vetted vendors. A variety of things to improve your systems and processes, tools for operations, getting booked for speaking, maximizing engagements, working with your team, and much more. All documents are given to you in Microsoft Word so you can modify them for you and your business. VALUE $3000+  **BBOI is currently under an upgrade period and will be released in 2021**


  • As needed, QUICKIE Convo Calls or Facebook Messages to review speaker materials, marketing materials, ask quick questions. Send a Facebook message, or text or call. Call will be returned ASAP. Often immediately up to 24hrs unless I am on a trip or teaching. VALUE $2500+


  • Master Your Calendar with Susan Tollefson This will provide you with a unique opportunity to consciously create your personal road map to more success! During this 2 hour workshop you’ll learn how to organize your time to be aligned with your top priorities and goals, identify obstacles that slow you down, and root out time-wasting activities and multiple ways to free up your time for a better work/life balance. To register, contact Susan directly at or 707-486-2195.


  • From Overwhelmed to Uplifted – Practices for Clarity, Confidence and Self-Awareness with Pamela Meyer. Join Pamela for a 2-hour group workshop to shift from feeling overwhelmed to feeling uplifted. Learn new strategies and renew your commitment to your well-being and your success. This group will include time for reflection, connection and personal planning.


  • Recorded workshop with Diana Morgan, “How to Make Your Social Media Matter.” If you want to make your Social Media Matter, make it about the message and not about the sale! Diana will show you how to craft your message so your people will want to follow you, the secret to finding and sharing an unlimited supply of content, and much more! To register, contact Diana Morgan directly. $297 Value  


  • “I Want MORE……Confidence & Accountability” with Debbie Ternes. Join Debbie for her inspiring and interactive workshop. In this 2-hour workshop, you will discover how accountability builds confidence.  Debbie will help you identify the barriers that get in your way and provide you with strategies for implementing more accountability into your daily life.  Here’s the ABC – Accountability Builds Confidence. Register at:  Use Coupon Code TWIB2021 to attend free of charge


  • How To Live Your Bold Life with Tracie Root. Join Tracie for her interactive workshop, How to Live your BOLD Life! In this 2-hour hands-on workshop, Tracie will guide you to set effective goals and offer her favorite tool for developing the strategy and actions to get them! Goal-setting and especially goal-getting requires one to take Bold action, so let’s do this! Register at and use TWIBCVIP to attend for free!
  • Receive our Office Depot deep discount card and online account to slash your office supplies and printing costs. Once your program enrollment documents are completed and signed, you will receive your special account access from Office Depot. You can request your personalized card through your account website directly. VALUE $1500+


  • Invitation to attend the Summer Success Splurge, our mid-year all community appreciation event (Sat., Aug 7th, 10am-1pmPT) at the TWIB Center in San Francisco. Enjoy networking with other TWIB community members, yummy faire, and presentations all designed to give you a boost for the fall season! RSVP 2021 Summer Success Splurge 


  • The Thriving Business Boost Monthly Virtual Gathering. This will keep your momentum going, and help you gain insights and gain insta-opportunities for speaking, podcasts and partnerships. You will also be able to share what you are up to and continue to expand your network and connect with other amazing like-minded, like-hearted women.  TBB “meetings” are held on the 1st Monday of the month at 5:30pm online via Zoom. Be sure to RSVPVALUE $1,000 RSVP for our next TBB

         Upcoming 2021 TBB Virtual Gatherings:  Jan. 4th; Feb. 1st; March 1st; April 5th; May 3rd; June 7th; July 5th; Aug. 2nd, Sept. 13th, Oct. 4th, Nov. 1st


  • Quarterly Strategic Planning for 2021: Q2 Strategic Planning Session, March 17th, 2pm-4pm via ZOOM, Q3 Strategic Planning Session, June 9th, 2pm-4pm via ZOOM, Q4 Strategic Planning Session, September 21st, 2pm-4pm via ZOOM


  • Private Facebook groups for each individual program. Public Facebook groups to connect with the entire community. Join, network, and share your massive value! $500+ Value


  •  Zoom Webinar Series “Make it Thrive: HOW TO BUILD YOUR INFLUENCE, EXPERT STATUS, AND BUSINESS WITH YOUR BOOK.” This comprehensive training guide and action plan is designed to give you easy-to-implement strategies you can use to use your book to build your platform. Learn to expand your reach, grow your list, increase visibility for you and your book, all while creating more interest in what you have to offer. Get your free download here. Value $250


  • Receive community exclusive opportunities and additional benefits and bonuses revealed throughout the year. I am always on the lookout for ways to grow your revenue and add ease to your business. Every opportunity I encounter always goes to my clients first. $1,000+ Value


  • You are a part of an amazing community full of phenomenal women. When you join this program you become a part of our amazing Thriving Women in Business Community. Here you will make friends, gain trusted alliance partners, make connections, get support and most likely gain some great clients. VALUE $5000 & PRICELESS