This is an invitation-only program for women entrepreneurs on a mission! I have put this program together to help you raise your average monthly revenue, build your business acumen, increase your certainty and support you in making positive changes that allow you to bring your massive value to more clients with more ease.

Note that I have been doing virtual programs like this one for over 15 years. This CATAPULT Program has been offered for four years, it is proven over and over to get incredible results. When you are approved, this virtual program will CATAPULT and uplift many aspects of who you are and what you do in your business. Join this program if you want to bliss more in your business. 

Catapult Business Accelerator Program 2021


Thriving Business Boost TBB on Zoom – First Monday of each month at 5:30PT-6:45pm (unless a holiday) **This is a bonus included with your TWIBC program.** 

Shero Speaker Summit Oct 16th & 17th, 2020    **This is a bonus included with your TWIBC program.** 

Thurs, Dec 3rd, 2020, 1pm-4pm, Celebrating and reviewing all your 2020 success • Planning for 2021  **This is a bonus included with your TWIBC program.** 

Expand Your Fempire Summit – Fri & Sat, Sun Dec 4th, 5th & 6th, 2020 **This is a bonus included with your TWIBC program.**  

Call #1, Mon, Jan 18th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Upgrade your CEO mindset and the running of your business like a business

Call # 2, Mon, Jan 25th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Eliminate sales zappers • Set up your ideal selling schedule

Call # 3, Mon, Feb 1st, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Begin to master sales conversations

Call # 4, Mon, Feb 8th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Participate in a live sales blitz or fill your event right now blitz

Call # 5, Mon,  Feb 22nd, 2pm-3:15pmPT, How to get booked for speaking consistently and often 

Call # 6, Mon, Mar 1st, 2pm-3:15pmPT, More on getting booked and participate in a live booking blitz

Call # 7, Mon, Mar 15th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Put together your marketing plan and calendar together

Q2 Strategic Planning Session, Mar 17th, 2pm-4pm PT via ZOOM

Call # 8, Mon, Mar 22nd, 2pm-3:15pmPT,  Get support to soar by building an awesome team

Call # 9, Mon, April 5th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Identify your revenue attracting vs. repelling behaviors

Call #10, Mon, April 12th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Cultivate trusted alliance partners who will grow your business for you

Call #11, Mon, April 26th 2pm-3:15pmPT, The Being Side of Fempire Building, How to shift your self-perception

Call #12, Tues, May 10th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Putting together your group programs to bring massive value

Call #13, Mon, May 17th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Marketing your group programs  

Call #14, Mon, May 24th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Filling your group programs quickly and easily

Call #15, Mon, June 7th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, A reach out and sales blitz to fill your workshops and programs 

Q3 Strategic Planning Session, June 9th, 2pm-4pm PT via ZOOM

Call #16, Mon, June 14th, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Making Effective Offers When You Speak and Train

Call #17, Mon, June 21st, 2pm-3:15pmPT, More on Making Effective Offers When You Speak and Train

Call #18, Mon, Aug 2nd, 2pm-3:15pmPT, Next Steps to Continue to CATAPULT your business

 Sat, Aug 7th, 10am-1pm PT, Summer Success Splurge, our mid-year client appreciation gathering. **This is a bonus included with your TWIBC program.**    

Q4 Strategic Planning Session, September 21st, 2pm-4pm PT via ZOOM



$5,997 (Multi-payment option available). This program will give you skills that will grow your revenue and streamline your business for years to come. Participating in this program gives you VIP membership in the TWIBC community for 2021. 

CATAPULT Program Bonuses


    • Attend any half-day, one-day or two-day seminars or summits with Caterina at no costing 2021. To deepen your learning, move you more toward mastery with what you already know, and give you many opportunities to network with other TWIB community members and a variety of amazing women on a mission.
    • TWIBC will promote all your events on our website (up to two a month), in our e-zine, and in our social media channels, and on our TWIBC website for the duration of the program.
    • A half-day at the Center to use for your workshop or event at no cost in 2021 or 2022. 
    • Discounted community pricing to use the TWIB Center in SF in 2021.
    • Receive our Office Depot deep discount card and online account to slash your office supplies and printing costs by as much as 70%.
    • Receive many workshop discounts and no-cost tickets from members of our TWIBC community 
    • And so much more listed in detail here.

Send Caterina a Facebook message or ring her at 415-350-6854 to discuss your participation in the Catapult program. This program is already filling up fast. Bing, bing, bing!

Register for CATAPULT Business Accelerator for only $5,997.