Make Your Business THRIVE!


This mentorship program is for women on a mission. It is designed and proven to catapult your business with education, support and strategy that will ensure huge results. This program has been created for women service business entrepreneurs that want to grow a six-figure to mid-six-figure business. The Thriving Business Platinum Program covers how to:


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  • Embrace the six-figure CEO mindset that will accelerate your success
  • Improve your business model and revenue streams for more efficiency and profit
  • Formulate your plan for both now-money-now and more-money-later
  • Solidify your message, brand, and image to consistently stand out
  • Upgrade your fees, policies and package offerings for much more revenue (great templates included)
  • Modify your sales process to ensure that your fountain is always full
  • Utilize the list-building secrets used by internet millionaires to grow your list
  • Create your ideal business model to increase your revenue and build consistent revenue
  • Upgrade your marketing activities to quickly position yourself as an expert
  • Identify the secrets to a successful email campaign for more clients
  • Become really good at articulating the great results clients receive from you
  • Review every aspect of your customer care plan to ensure happy long-term clients
  • Set up systems to effectively work with your team to free up your time and talents
  • Manage your team to allow you to focus on your mastery
  • Design a strategic networking plan that cultivates long-term rewarding partnerships
  • Uncover ways to duplicate yourself to create massive impact in the world
  • Begin to cultivate your ideal business lifestyle to ensure you are living your best life


Here’s exactly what you will receive over the course of this six-month program:

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  • Five days of live and in-person training led by Caterina Rando in the S.F. Bay Area: Sept. 10th & 11th, Nov. 29th & 30th, 2018, Jan. 11th, 2019
  • One-on-one pre-program orientation and get in action call with Caterina Rando
  • February through July, two monthly, hot topic, small group ZOOM virtual meetings providing, increased insight, and ongoing support and guidance with Caterina and featured experts
  • Up to six one-on-one private coaching and consulting calls with Diana Morgan, social media, online marketing and expert business coach. Diana is also a Thriving Business and Thriving Speaker program graduate.
  • Community support through our VIP community Facebook group with Caterina and Diana
  • Additional access to Caterina via phone, email and Facebook as needed
  • Invitations to Thriving Women in Business Community Events at no cost




A half-day at no cost to use the TWIBC Center in San Francisco (in 2018)

Promotion of your events at no cost in our bi-weekly events emails (in 2018)

A half-day social media training with Diana Morgan at the TWIBC Center (in 2018)


Access to Caterina’s Business Breakthrough Online Institute

Experience additional support at your fingertips whenever you need it. Loaded with over twenty modules of business building audio seminars, templates, handouts, and examples of what other people are doing. All of this is to support you in increasing your planning, systems and execution to make your business thrive now, and build a long-term profitable and sustainable business.


You receive two tickets. You can decide if you want to attend both events or bring a team member or friend to one with you. These two-day, business-transforming events, will allow you to learn new strategies, discover new tools, and expand the possibilities for your business in a supportive environment. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network with other top-notch entrepreneurs.

I have created this very comprehensive thriving platinum program for you to ensure your success, and make it very easy for you to see the value you will receive. If you want to use speaking to build a thriving business this program is the clear choice for you.


You also receive an invitation to Caterina’s private and very exclusive Goals Gathering and Gala designed to set you up for significant success in the coming year.

Additionally, you are invited to our mid-year, all community event, called the Summer Success Spurge. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and be inspired by fabulous speakers from our community.

It’s time for you to make your business thrive!

You do not want to delay because there is limited space in this program.

Questions? Click here to email Caterina, or call her directly at 415-668-4535 to discuss if this program is right for you.