Create a Compelling Vision and Make Your Business THRIVE with Speaking!

As we reflect on your business, I ask you a very important question: Do you have a vision—a Technicolor® snapshot in your mind of what your ideal life looks like? If not, create one. Not a goal; goals come later. Visions are more powerful than goals because visions have an emotional component. When you see a picture, it evokes emotion—involving your heart, not just your head. This is far more powerful than just writing down an idea.

For example, if you were to say, “I want a bigger house,” that is a good goal. However, that simple statement by itself is not significant—not strong enough for you to figure out everything you need to do, to support you through sacrifice, to get you to take risks, to have you learn new skills to overcome your “friends” telling you to forget about it.

If, instead, create a compelling vision. See yourself standing in front of your yellow house with a two-car garage on a sunny street lined with trees, a rose garden in front and a lemon tree and hammock in the back, a chef’s kitchen and master bedroom with a view of the ocean. Now, you have an idea that is not only in your head, it is in your heart, too. That is where the motivation happens; that is where your desire lives, and that is where you will connect with your emotional power—the power that will pull you through all the challenges you have to address to create your compelling vision.

Do not let the “busyness” and immediate needs of your life prevent you from stopping to create what you want your life to look like at this time next year or the year after that.




Follow these steps to realize your compelling vision, keep it present in your life every day and watch it work for you:

  1. Get clear about your compelling vision. Write it down on paper, be specific, use visual language.

  1. Share it with someone else. Ask them if they can see the snapshot. If they cannot, you are being too vague.

  1. Read your vision every day and continue to clarify it when new ideas come in.

  1. Create a physical anchor—a drawing, a photograph or a collage—that represents your vision. Put that physical representation of your vision where you will see it every day.

  1.  Take your vision with you. Put in your purse or day planner another physical representation of your vision that you will come across when you are out and about.

  1. Put your vision at your bedside. Write your vision on a 3×5 card, read and reflect on this vision each night before you go to sleep and each day as you wake up.

  1. Create an action plan to realize your vision and take even some small action every day.

  1. Get the support you need. You do not have to do it alone.

Are you more committed to your compelling vision or to your current situation?