FREE AUDIO: How to Generate 50K in a Day
with Your Own Women’s Events or Retreats.


In this audio you will discover what it takes to produce women’s events or retreats that have massive impact, build community and catapult your business revenue. Doing women’s events and retreats will also uplift your life and bring you so many rewards that you will wish you started years sooner.




Discover what it takes to produce women’s events or retreats that have massive impact, build community and catapult your revenue.

After you listen to this info packed session I invite you to give serious consideration to having me be your guide and mentor in thriving with your own women’s events and retreats. A big benefit of working with me is the incredible community of like-minded women you will become a part of. This community is full of big hearted women who like you are interested in serving and providing significant value to women. The support, friendships, great resources, brilliant ideas and partners you will gain is beyond what you can imagine.

Myself and my community have several ways to support you. I suggest you start with one of our two-day live and in-person summit, or our soon to be released 12 week virtual program. See the details for your different choices here:
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The Shero Summit Live

Are you a woman with massive value to bring, but almost no one knows about your business? Are you sick of taking a day to go and speak and when you arrive realize you are in front of the wrong group? Are you tired of giving an awesome speech and coming home with no clients? Are you fed up with offering free consultations and wasting your precious time?
Find out more here:


Plan, Produce and Profit with Women’s Events and Retreats LIVE 12-week Virtual Program

This is a group program that covers everything you need to know to launch your first retreat or upgrade the retreat you are already doing. It includes comprehensive tools to to ensure your retreat and event success.
The program includes two love calls each month with me and with other special guest speakers on hot topics to ensure your event and retreat success.
 If this program is of special interest to you. Take a look here and email me at to set up a time for us to talk live about the program to make sure it is a match for you.

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I welcome the opportunity to connect. Call me at 415 668-4535, via email at or reach out to me through one of my social network pages.