Join us as a speaker at our upcoming Thriving Women in Business Symposium. This day is all about you as the speaker, getting a great video.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018, 9:30am-5:00pm 

Embassy Suites South San Francisco



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“As a professional singer I am in front of an audience all the time, I have found it hard though to get great video though, so I was thrilled to learn about the video day. I loved the pictures of me speaking, the video was outstanding and the price was affordable. It was so great I have signed up to do it again.”

—Aeriol Ascher, Healing Artist, Vocalist, Speaker,



Have you ever hired a videographer to record your speech and everything was great except the lighting, or you were great, the lighting was great but the venue was too drab or unappealing and you did not want to share the video? Do you have a video of you, but realize for whatever reason you do not want to be loud and proud about it?

Not to worry, we have a tested, successful solution for you:

Join us for our Get My Speaker Video Done Day and you will have a video you will want everyone on the planet to see—here is why:

On this day we will be providing a two camera video shoot with two professional videographers that are experts in filming speakers. We will design the room so your video looks fabulous from every angle – complete with a beautiful floral arrangement. We will also include:

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  • A professional draped backdrop behind you to ensure your video looks great.
  • professional photographer onsite who will take pictures of you presenting that you can use for your speaker sheet, website or social media. 
  • professional makeup artist and speaker image expert will be on hand to upgrade or enhance your appearance and consult with on your outfit, so you will look your absolute best.
  • You will receive a web-ready video clip with a branded opening slide and lower-third name label identifying you and your company. Speakers who want more pizzazz can request a Highlights Reel (2-3 minutes long) with motion graphics/animation at a special discounted rate available to Video Day speakers only.
  • There will also be a pre-call with you and our team of professionals to ensure that you have a super successful video day.


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“I have been performing for twenty-five years, I have been videotaped more times then I can recall, yet I’ve never had the opportunity to create my own video shoot in front of the perfect audience, being in control of all the elements. The entire production staff went to great lengths to get exactly the shots I needed. Plus, having an image consultant and photographer made this an opportunity of a lifetime.

—Heather Rogers, Magician and Inspirationalist,



Each presenter will have 20 minutes of speaking time in front of the room. You can do a 20-minute talk or you may want to do a few different segments in that time frame. There will be a few minutes between speakers to ensure everyone is set up for success.

Regardless of what time your video is filmed, all speakers are required to be on site for the whole day for photos, discussion with the editor and to be in the audience for the other speakers.

Stop wishing you had some great video of you presenting and join us for video day so you can get booked for more speaking engagements with ease and have some fabulous pictures of you speaking. You are an awesome speaker. It is time to let the world know.



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“I have been a professional trainer for many years and have presented to hundreds of audiences. Still, I have found it very difficult to get good video because the space or the lighting or the stage is not ideal. I signed up right away for video day and I was so happy with my photos and video that I signed up again for a second video day. Plus the day was so much fun.”

—Sara Hart, Founder and President,



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“Thank you for the awesome Video Day! Everything was top notch, from the image advice and make-up upgrade for video, to the photographer, the videographer, the fun prizes for everyone in the audience and of course great speakers. I have done this twice and will do it again.”

—Dr. Beth Halbert, America’s Teenologist,




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Video Day investment:

$1397.00 for TWIBC members |  $1497.00 for non-members


DATE:  Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Embassy Suites South San Francisco

TIME: 9:30am – 5:00pm  (Audience: arrive by 9:00am)


TWIBC Members:



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