Match Your Irresistible Offer to Your Facetime

Match Your Irresistible Offer to Your Facetime
Match Your Irresistible Offer to Your Facetime

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

You may have heard the saying that people do business with others that they “know, like, and trust.” That’s wonderful to know, and yet how do you let people know who you are, like you, or trust you well enough so that you can build your business? Most people don’t like to feel rushed into making a decision. They also won’t over commit if they don’t feel they know you well enough. So make your wonderful offer match the time you spend with people.

Short Speeches

If you only have 15 or 20 minutes to spend speaking, make sure your offer isn’t a huge leap in faith. You probably won’t get many people jumping at a weeklong luxury retreat since they don’t know you that well. You might want to give people just one option, such as a one-hour consultation for a reduced price. This is what I like to call an “easy yes.”

Mid-Range Speeches

If you have more time to speak, say in the 90-minute or two-hour range, your exciting offer can be bigger. You might want to invite your audience to a four-hour summit or full-day class. You could also give them the choice of a discounted price if they sign up right away. To make the offer even more irresistible, you could offer a bonus for paying the entire amount all at once.

Longer Talks

If you’re with an audience for an entire day, then your fabulous offer can be even more exciting. You could offer them a two- or three-day retreat, with meals and the promise of some fun “girl time!” You can let your imagination go a little wild here by offering a chocolate treat, free foot massages, or a wine and cheese tasting as bonuses.

Think Back

Often people ignore their own imagination when they put together their offers. Consider a time when you signed up for something and the speaker made the offer easy and painless. What made you sign up?

Apply these strategies and you will find you are coming home with more insta-clients every time you speak!

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