After Your Presentation—Follow Up Fast, for More Business

After a Presentation, follow up for insta-client
After a Presentation, follow up for insta-client

By Caterina Rando, MCC

I want you to gain insta-clients The day after a speech, take any actions you committed to. Contact anyone who said they wanted to hear from you within 24 hours. When leaving a phone messages for best results stand up, and be positive and enthusiastic. Also know it has been shown that the shorter a phone message is, the quicker it is returned.

Even though much of your audience will be impressed by you many will not be ready to be a client or see an immediate opportunity for referrals or strategic alliances. That is of course fine, remember you have built a ton of influence with that one talk. Now you have to stay in touch. That is why the next tip is crucial. During your speech you want to tell the audience you will give them something for attending your speech, a free e-book, special report or audio download. This way you gather everyone’s email address, allowing you to stay in touch.

Anyone that I have met in person at a speech I invite them to be my friend on Facebook, I ask them to connect with me on Linkedin® and I follow them on Twitter. Time permitting I include a personal note. This has resulted in many opportunities and new clients over the last few years because through online social networking your continue building on the influence that started at the time of your presentation.

While here we have focused primarily on live and in person speeches I want you to know that teleclasses, webinars and Google Hangouts are equally as valuable for building your influence.

I encourage you to set a goal to do at least three speeches, tele-classes, webinars or Google Hangouts each month. When you consistently meet this goal your influence and revenue will consistently grow. Four is a better number- start with three if you are not already speaking then increase to four. By the way hosting your own, tele-classes, webinars, and events counts, we will talk more about events in a bit.

Get busy. Pick your topic, find your audience, create your criteria and your speaker sheet and get yourself booked. By doing so consistently you will surely ensure that you have a thriving profitable and sustainable business.


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