How to Market and Fill Your Live Events With Ease


How to Market and Fill Your Live Events With Ease
How to Market and Fill Your Live Events With Ease

How to Market and Fill Your Live Events With Ease

by Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

As someone who does over ninety days of my own events each year, I can vouch for the fact that holding your own live and in-person events can catapult your business faster than anything. The big challenge with your own event is filling the room. Here are a few super tips to make your registration soar.

  • Hold a free teleclass or webinar sharing some of the content from the event and then invite people to attend to get more. People are curious and want to see how much value you have to bring.
  • Create a special landing page on your website that includes information about the program and links to register. Use this as a way to capture names and build your mailing list for future events.
  • Plan a special live event. . .for your live event. It is harder to fill the room for a one or two-day event. You can do so with ease by holding a two or three hour workshop as an introductory event. This gives people a chance to meet you personally and learn what they will gain by joining you for your event.
  • Make a list of all past clients that you think would be great to attend. Reach out to them—your personal invitation can generate more sales than a series of free tele-calls or email blasts.
  • Create an email sequence to get the word out and invite people to register. Once they register guess what you still have to keep enrolling them so they show up. You will want a separate email sequence for the people that have already registered as well.
  • Ask your happy clients to spread the word. This is the best way to fill a room. Give tickets or discount codes to the people who have received so much value form you and ask them to invite others.

Now you have what you need, get busy catapulting your business with your own events.

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, shows women entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about the value they bring through speaking and hosting their own events. Learn more about how to catapult your business through hosting your own intro events here… Caterina can also be reached at and by phone at 415.668.4535.