Promote Your Events with Pinterest®

Promote Your Events with Pinterest®
Promote Your Events with Pinterest®

By Caterina Rando, MCC

You’ve probably been using Pinterest to pin things like favorite recipes, inspirational sayings, and hobbies. Did you know that you could also use Pinterest to create event boards and then share those boards with others? Lately, I’ve become an even bigger fan of Pinterest, and have been using it to drive awareness and sign ups for my many events for women in business.

Live and virtual events are key to building a thriving business, building community and keeping your clients coming back. Create event boards to increase awareness, excitement and even attendance for your events. All this is accomplished by creating an event board.

Tips for Creating Great Boards to Promote Your Events

Create a Good Description for Your Event Board

Make sure to include a board description and use your key words in that description so your ideal clients can find it. For instance, if you teach speaking, say so in the board’s description. You might also want to categorize your board with something like “Education,” because sometimes people search for a certain category.

Create Searchable Pins

Describe each pin completely. By that I mean, don’t just say “Event #1” under your pin. Nobody searching for your awesome events is going to search that way. Pinterest has an incredibly powerful search feature, so think about how you would search for an event and how your ideal clients can find yours. For instance, “Business women networking event, October, 2014 in San Francisco, California” is more likely to help people find you. What would you search for? Put yourself in the mindset of the person who is searching for you and use those words.


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