Let Positivity Permeate Your Business for More Fun and Profit

Let Positivity Permeate
Let Positivity Permeate

Let Positivity Permeate Your Business for More Fun and Profit

By Caterina Rando, MCC

Here is something you probably know from psychology that absolutely applies to building your business. The biggest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. This is very relevant for your business success because if the last time someone ran into you on an elevator, saw you at an event or read your post on Facebook® you were complaining about something- they are going to be less likely to reach out to you because the last impression they had of you was not a positive one. Your past behavior is influencing other people’s projection of your future behavior whether or not they are conscious of it.

Positivity is attractive. It attracts clients and new business relationships. When you have a positive disposition people are much more likely to connect with you. Be positive, do not complain and do not put down yourself of others. People want to be around, invite, recommend people who they want to be around.

In one of my favorite books 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People by Dr. David Niven, a study is cited that proved that when someone simple decides to be more positive and sets the intention and begins to pay attention to being more positive that they can decrease their worrying and negative thoughts each day from 70% of all their thoughts – all the way down to 40% of all their thoughts. Get started on this right now. Go ahead- set the intention right now to be more positive.

Here are some import positivity practices to embrace in your daily life:

Smile. A smile looks good on everyone. It says you are welcome to approach me, I am happy to talk to you. It is the easiest way to be friendly and accessible. If a smile makes everyone more beautiful a complaint or gossip makes everyone ugly.

Be grateful. Take time everyday to reflect on a few things you have to be grateful for. There are so many. Better yet write it down and write a few new things everyday. Say it out loud also. It feels good to say it out loud. I am grateful for my bright yellow house, my sweet husband, my friend that calls me to say hello. Give attention to all you are grateful for, this will make you happy. When you are not happy start thinking, writing and speaking about everything you are grateful for and you will become happy again very soon.

Get a good night sleep. People who are not sleep deprived are more positive; they also manage stress better and can let things go more easily. You know how people can get cranky when they do not get enough sleep. Sleep is an important part of self-care for women and a true key to your overall success.

Get moving. American folk singer, Joan Baez is noted as saying “action is the antidote to despair.” I do not think it was exercise she had in mind, still, it is good advice. To get into action physically everyday to manage your stress and stay happy.

Engage in random acts of kindness. When you do something nice or good or kind or gracious or generous, it makes you feel good. The Institute of Heart Math has proven that when you are kind to someone or they are kind to you, that the energy field around your heart and the other persons heart literally expands and you have more physical vitality in your body and you feel uplifted.

Run your life and business with positivity at the core and you will quickly have a thriving business because we all like to be with people it feels good to be around.

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