Women: Build Your Influence Power

Women: Build Your Influence Power
Women: Build Your Influence Power

Women: Build Your Influence Power
A four part article series by Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

As women we connect easily, we communicate effectively and we want to serve and support others. These qualities set up us well to build influence. The challenge is that often we build influence unconsciously I want you to consciously and strategically build your influence because women with influence attract client more easily, gain access more easily and receive more referrals.

Influence is the ability to sway or alter an individual or groups thoughts, beliefs or actions. Building your influence is a powerful tool to support you in helping others and achieving your objectives. To get you started know and embrace the influence equation:

Visibility + Value + Consistency = Influence

Visibility is simple showing up on and off line and making yourself known. That means do not stay at the buffet at an event, work the room, meet people, ask a question so everyone in the room knows you were there.

A product brand has to be seen several times by someone before they will purchase a product. The same is sometimes true for us. When people see us over and over in a variety of places and situations and we have different opportunities to connect it builds influence. Surprisingly the more people see us, hear our name, see our picture, read our tweet or post or receive any other communication about us the more they begin to feel that they know us, like us and trust up.

Value is when you give or share or assist someone with something that is useful to them. You can let them know about a resource that can save their company money, tell them about a book you think they will enjoy, have an authentic conversation where someone feels really seen and heard by you are just a few examples of providing value. There are so many ways to provide value to others personally and in your business. Sending them referrals, inviting them to a group you think they will enjoy, dropping by some chicken soup when you know they are not feeling good.

Consistency of good behavior is key for building influence with others. This includes consistently being on time, meeting deadlines, being responsive, being open and receptive to ideas. Not being consistent in the social ways that are accepted is the silent killer of influence. If you are consistently late, or meeting deadlines that is impacting your influence, if you do not respond to emails or calls that is impacting your influence.

Here is something you probably know from psychology that absolutely applies to building influence. The biggest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. This is very relevant here because if the last time someone ran into you on the elevator, saw you at an event or sent you an email you were complaining about something- guess what they are going to be less likely to reach out to you again because that is the last impression they had of you. Even if they are not conscious of it, your past behavior is influencing their projection of your future behavior.

Remember the Visibility + Value + Consistency = Influence equation as you read the three articles that follow. The Influence equation is the foundation of your cultivating influence plan to gain more of what you want with more ease.


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