Are You Shooting Yourself in the Wallet? What Women Entrepreneurs Do to Keep Themselves from the Big Revenue, Part Two

Are You Creating and Promoting a Referral Program?
Are You Creating and Promoting a Referral Program?

Are You Shooting Yourself in the Wallet?  What Women Entrepreneurs Do to Keep Themselves from the Big Revenue, Part Two

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

Showing women how to succeed in business over the past twenty years, I have seen some things women do without even knowing it that make it really tough to maximize revenue. See if any of these sound like you:

Running Your Business the Way You Have Always Been Running Your Business

Having your own business is a long-term course in personal growth and risk-taking. If you think your business will run itself and while you spend all your time on the beach, you are kidding yourself. Yes, you can get other people to do and run things for you and yes you can take vacations and time for your family and still have your business run smoothly. Still, there are some constants that you want to have your attention on in every phase of your business. You want to always be upgrading, always be looking at how you can serve your clients better, be more efficient, increase automation, improve technology and cut costs.

Plus, your business always needs something new and exciting. A new book, a new course, a new product, a contest—something. Staying on top of these things makes you and your company more in demand and that allows you to serve your clients from a place of abundance, instead of lack. This makes it a whole lot easier to ask for the business.

Not Having Attention on Cultivating Long-term and Life-long Clients

Look at what you do for your clients and ask yourself if what you provide can be provided year after year after year. Your insurance agent, your bookkeeper and your chiropractor all have clients who have been with them since they started their businesses and will be with them for decades. Why not you? Start to put together a plan to serve your clients for years and years and years.

Not Creating and Promoting a Referral Program

I am sure you want more clients like your favorite ones. Then why not consistently reward them when they send you referrals? The more you let them know you appreciate and welcome their referrals and show them how they can support you, and the easier you make it for them to do so, the more clients they will refer to you. The referrals come only after they have raved about you to people they are referring, which makes it more likely their referrals will do business with you. This results in many more clients for you. If you do not have a referral program, create one now and begin to reach out to your clients and make sure they know about it.

A referral program delivers you an ongoing, steady flow of potential clients who have already been pre-qualified and warmed up for you by your current clients. This makes it very easy to bring on these referrals as clients. Get started on this to significantly increase your referrals today and every day.

Are you seeing anywhere you are shooting yourself in the wallet? If so, get busy to rectify the situation right away. Then go back and review part one of this four part series if you missed it. Be on the lookout next week for part three of this four-part series to catapult your revenue in the right direction.


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