Stop Struggling and Start Soaring in Your Business

Life and business can often seem full of struggle. We struggle to find time to meet deadlines, get to bed at a decent hour, have time with our partner, find time for planning and find time for ourselves.

Get ready for a revelation- we create the struggle in our lives.

We all have different Struggle Strategies that we unknowingly use in our lives and business that make things more difficult than they have to be.

Take a look at some of the different Struggle Strategies. Choose which one is making things harder on you and make a change.

One of the biggest causes of struggle in our lives is that we want what we want when we want it. A full book of clients, a seamless team supporting us or even your new computer may not land on your lap exactly when you want it. Things do not always come in the time frame we would prefer. Stay focused on what you want and keep working at it, often you will find, as the old adage goes – better late than never.

We often expect ourselves and others to get so much done—so quickly, or to complete everything perfectly. When things do not go the way we expect them to, we can stress out. Recognize that you and everyone else may make mistakes and that other people will not always do things the way you would do them. Know that the world will not always act according to your predetermined script, embrace this idea and you will be a lot happier every day.

New Priorities – Old Life
Our priorities change. There might have been a time when all that mattered was your career or your family or vice-versa. You created a life to reflect those priorities. When your priorities change, your life has to change to reflect those new priorities. Ask yourself if your day-to-day life reflects your priorities? If not, make some shifts.

No Fun
Sure you might take a vacation or two every year, still, that is not enough. Life is a lot better when you are having some fun everyday. Take a mini vacation every day. Find a short period of time daily to have a great time, take in lunch on the lake, a skate in the park, twenty minutes with your favorite novel, a dance around your living room. Enjoy yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.

You will turn green thinking about what everyone else has, how easy they have got it, how everything just seems to fall in their lap. No matter what your skin tone envy green is not a very attractive color on you. When you see all the success and prosperity in other people’s lives, take it as an affirmation that the world is abundant and there are plenty of good things coming your way. Then put your attention back on your life and figure out how you are going to get what you want.

Recognizing which Struggle Strategy you are currently using often or even infrequently and decide what you are going to do to let that struggle strategy go. Take action to make things easier on you follow this up with attention on other changes you can make to add even more ease and enjoyment to your business and whole life.

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