Reignite Your Passion and Make Your Business THRIVE

Are you energized to get into your day when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you living you best possible life? If not, it might be time to light a fire and reignite your passion.

Every day, every moment you have a choice, a choice to be passionate or ambivalent in your life. You are responsible for making sure you are served up a full helping of passion in life. Only you can figure out what you are passionate about and only you can decide what will reignite it.

When you are passionate about your life problems are seen as possibilities, obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. The only thing standing between you and a life filled with overflowing passion is you.

To lead a lifestyle of passionate living read on:

Strategies for Passionate Living

1. Commit Yourself to Passionate Living
Right now this is the only life you have. Make an agreement with yourself that you are not going to sit this one out, commit to being a participant, not an observer. Commit yourself to the process of finding and following your passion.

2. Ask Around
Ask people who have known you for a few years what they think you are passionate about. Ask family members, friends and people you respect that have know you for many years what they remember you being passionate about years ago.

3. Know Your Strengths
Make a list of all the things you are good at. When you run out of ideas leave the list and come back to it everyday for a week. During this time notice when you are doing something that is easy for you. Ask five people that know you to write a list of what they think you are good at.

4. Identify Passionate People
Make a list of ten people you are acquainted with that you believe have a life filled with passion.  Call them up or get together with them and ask them what a life of passion looks like and how they went about identifying their passion.

5. Try New Things
Make a list of all the things you would like to do. Add to the list everyday. Once a week, for six weeks try something new. In addition to having new experiences and perhaps finding some new passions, in the process of doing new things you will get your creative juices going and might change your perspective for a change.

6. Get Into Action
When you get clear about what you want, what you are passionate, about the only thing left to do is get moving. Start small with little steps, and as momentum builds you will find your reignited passion turn into a firestorm fueling your fulfillment success.

From this day forward commit yourself to live from a place of passion. As you begin this new lifestyle, watch closely and notice what is different. You will find life to be more fun, filled with more laughter and more purpose.

During your process of reigniting your passion, if there comes a fleeting moment, when, only for an instant you doubt whether or not it is worth it- all the effort and action, remember the words of the 20th century philosopher, Mae West.
“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

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