Multiplication for Massive Monetization

Multiplication for Massive Monetization
Multiplication for Massive Monetization

Multiplication for Massive Monetization

By Caterina Rando

You can have the best of intentions but if you are not consistent with your Massive Monetization plan, you’re not going to have the results you desire. Here is one of the most important principles to follow in your Massive Monetization plan. Consistency over time creates massive monetization.

Know Your Sales Multiplication

You have to keep a weekly and monthly record of your sales targets and sales conversions–so you know how many calls or connections it takes on average to get your sales goals. When you find you are on track to reach your sales targets, keep on moving forward to exceed your average numbers. Make certain you don’t allow contentment to deprive you of going beyond where you have ever gone before with your sales. Evaluate what you have been doing and determine the most successful efforts of your marketing, as well as any elements that hindered your lead generation and sales conversions.

Multiply Your Engagement

Think of a Monopoly® game board. The person with the most real estate usually wins. It is similar with social media that several sites consistently posted to and cultivated will multiply your leads and the people that know about you and decide to work with you.

Consistency in Your Presence on Key Social Media Sites

How you network with individuals is what puts a personality to your products and services. You don’t want potential clients thinking that your brand operates differently in a Twitter reply and Facebook posts. You want to seem like a unified brand across every social platform. Everything we post either solidifies or dilutes our brand. You want each post to multiply the reasons people have to work with you.

Constantly Ask for Referrals

If you multiplied the number of people you asked for referrals do you think you would receive more referrals? Referrals are one of your most powerful sales tools. In most cases individuals would rather do business with someone they know or someone who has been referred to them than someone who is a complete stranger.

Consistently ask for referrals from your existing clients. Some of them will want to be loud and proud about the value you have brought them and they will gladly and often send you referrals.

People won’t offer you referrals unless you have earned them. In truth, getting a referral is the greatest accolade you can receive. Let your clients know you appreciate referrals, which you’ll earn by offering outstanding quality products and services and of course saying thank you.

Whenever a client compliments you, reply with a thank you, swiftly followed by a referral request. For instance, “I am thrilled you are pleased with my work. Who do you know that could gain from my services?”

Multiply Your Connections

Picture your business as a never-ending web of relationships. Every one of your business contacts has the ability to link you to lots of other contacts. The associations are out there, but they will likely stay out of reach unless you pursue them. To gain more clients and leads consistently look at how you can make new connections and begin new relationships.

Multiplication for massive monetization means in essence finding what works well for you and do it in a lot more new ways. Follow the ideas above to add more digits to your bottom line.

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