Are You Shooting Yourself in the Wallet? What Women Entrepreneurs Do to Keep Themselves from the Big Revenue, Part Four

Are You Shooting Yourself in the Wallet? What Women Entrepreneurs Do to Keep Themselves from the Big Revenue, Part Four
Are You Shooting Yourself in the Wallet? What Women Entrepreneurs Do to Keep Themselves from the Big Revenue, Part Four

By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

There are things that are often overlooked in the hustle of business that could be impacting your revenue growth. Make sure none of these are currently taking place in your business:

Not Asking for the Business

Women love to visit, build relationships, connect, socialize and of course, converse. None of this is a clear path to a sale. Sales come from sales conversations, which are required to sell something or add a client in most cases. Telling a potential client to think about it is not asking for the sale. Advising a potential client to take a look at the proposal you sent is not asking for the sale. During a sales conversation, you also have to ask someone to hire you. You can say it more subtly, as in “Would you like to get started?” or “It sounds like I have what you are looking for, how would you to like to proceed?” However you say it, it is key that you ask your potential clients to become your clients.

Falling Down on Follow-Up

Marketing is creative and can even be fun. It does not require talking to people. Marketing is everything your business does to let people know about your products and services. It is getting the word out about your business and how it can serve your clients. Marketing is only part of what is required to generate revenue. As I mentioned, you also have to have sales conversations. However, sometimes potential clients do not make insta-decisions to work with you, even when you are good at asking, and you have to continue to stay in touch with them until they do.

A lot of women entrepreneurs fall down on their follow-up because they do not have regular time blocked out on their schedule each week for sales calls (which include follow-up). If that sounds like you, start immediately setting aside three, ninety-minute time slots a week for sales. The goal is not just to get sales or become good at sales, the goal is to become masterful at selling and this sales schedule allows you to continue to improve while increasing your revenue. With many of my clients, I have seen this simple regular practice of adding a regular sales schedule be the key to catapulting revenue. Do not wait—implement this practice right now.

Not Dancing through Objections

Often, potential clients give you objections or considerations as to why they are not getting started with you. They might say they do not have the time or the expense is not in the budget—these are the two biggest ones. The truth is when you hear these or other objections, it means that you have not yet made the significant value of your product or service known to the potential client. Ask a few questions and address their concerns. Ask a few more questions to determine what else they need to know or resolve before moving forward. By being willing to be uncomfortable as you explore if what you have to offer matches what your potential clients are looking for, you demonstrate your confidence in what you offer and get to the truth of why they are not working with you yet. Sometimes you get to that beautiful place where they change their mind and decide to hire you and your revenue grows.

Growing your revenue means increasing your number of sales conversations, being consistent in your follow-up and asking questions to discover why a client is not moving forward. The better you get at all of this, the more your revenue will grow. Get busy on what we have discussed here to grow your revenue right now.

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