Who You Are is Monetizable

Who You Are Is Monetizable
Who You Are Is Monetizable

By Caterina Rando, MA, CPPC

When women entrepreneurs want to attract clients they focus on getting clear on what they are offering and what the results that they get for their clients. This is great. What I want you to know is that you have so much more to offer then just your skills and your services, so much more.

Remember that people care about how you make them feel and that decisions are made first in the emotional brain and then justified in the neo-cortex brain, also called the executive brain. People choose to work with you not only because of what you do, they choose to hire you because of who you are.

Who you are is the sum of all those qualities that are wonderfully authentically you. Because they are a core part of you, you may not have yet acknowledged or realized that they are anything special.

Like the acupuncturist who gives her patients a hug when she first sees them and sits down and really explains the treatment to her patients, making them feel cared for and empowered about their health. Or think of the image consultant who looks great, but not impeccable, making her down to earth rather than intimidating. She sees beauty in everyone so she makes all her clients feel beautiful. Or the social media trainer that has figured out how to say everything in a way that techno neophytes can understand allowing them to feel welcome and not overwhelmed in her class.

Now, think about who you are, what are your special qualities that you think also attract your clients? Maybe it is your warmth, your generosity, your accessibility, your kindness, your fun, the way people feel safe with you or how they feel seen and heard with you. Identify these very special qualities that make up who you are and then amplify them in your business. For example, if people in your industry have a reputation for being unreliable, you be super reliable and you be outspoken about the fact that you and your firm are super reliable. If integrity is a rare virtue in your profession, then you be the embodiment of integrity.

Are you getting the idea? It is not just what you do. Who you are can also attract a ton of clients to you. Go and think about what are those qualities that you want to emphasize and present more in the marketplace. Emphasize these qualities in all you do in your business as see how much more you magnetize clients to you.

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