Host Intro Events to Easily Fill Your Fountain with New Clients

Host Intro Events to Easily Fill Your Fountain with New Clients
Host Intro Events to Easily Fill Your Fountain with New Clients


By Caterina Rando 

The intro event is a two-hour, no cost workshop you host to meet new potential clients and have them become familiar with your work. The intro event is an opportunity for you to showcase the value you bring as a speaker, coach or consultant while meeting new people you can serve and making an easy yes offer so you come home with insta-clients.

Intro events work because it is easier to invite someone who has never met you, to a two-hour event in their neighborhood than a one day or a two day event an hour away from where they live. Also if people are interested in you and your work, in many cases they would rather meet you in a group setting than one-on-one. Embrace intro events and watch your business thrive. Here are a few super tips to get you started on your path to massively monetizing in your business with intro events:

Schedule Your Intro On Time

Two weeks to one month before the start of a new program or before an event you want to fill is a great time for a few intros. The intro can be in the afternoon or evening depending on who your client is and when they can best show up.

Get Clear on Your Champions

Make a list of your champions in the geographic area you are hosting the intro. Champions are your clients, friends and referral partners who think you and your work are awesome and want to spread the word about what you are up to. Champions have to be people that have the same values as you, that you like a lot and are your ideal client. Champions with a big network who are loud and proud about something or someone they like are especially recommended.

Reach Out to Your Champions

Call and email your champions and let them know what you are up to and ask them to support your intro event.

Make Their Job Easy

Have a webpage set up with all the info and send them a link, write social media posts for them, give them a coupon code or affiliate link to register their friends, this ensures the registrants are tracked back to the champion who invited them as the referral source.

Feature Your Champions

On your webpage or website for the event feature your champions with their pictures and testimonials, this way when their friends look at the website they will see their words of praise for you.

Offer an Incentive to Your Champions

You want champions who will support you over and over. In order to receive that kind of significant support there has to be something in it for them. That is why you offer your champions a commission if the people they refer buy anything from you. This is how you say thank you for all their efforts.

Have Great Support

Ask your champions to come early and stay late and help you check in the guests and make them feel welcome. Also people will have questions to ask you after and you will need a couple of people to take orders and answer additional questions. Also you will need help setting up and breaking down.

Make Sure Your Venue Matches

Find a venue that is brand consistent for you for your intro night. Pick a place that your ideal clients will feel comfortable visiting. Use your network to find a place that will not cost you much money yet still be a place that reflects well on you and your business.

Set The Stage

Even though this is an intro event and people have not paid to get in the door you still want to run your event with the same care and amenities you would for a big event. What that means is signage, flowers, music, nametags and anything else you usually have is present. Remember these are people who are meeting you for the first time. You want to make a great first impression on all counts.

Provide Massive Value

The people who attend will be so glad they did because they will receive so much more than they expected. By giving your audience massive value, they now know that you have massive value to give them. This will make it easy for them to decide to work with you.

Hit All The Bases in Your Program

While you are showcasing yourself and your value it is also important to include some client examples and the great results your clients have received so that the audience can see themselves in those examples. If you have clients in the room have them give you a live testimonial. This really helps close sales.

Remember Your Easy Yes Offer

Do not forget to invite them into your sales fountain. Make the easiest yes offer possible to have them get started with you. That is the goal of the evening to have some new clients jump in your bottom bowl. Once there they will be refreshed and they will keep going round and round for years to come.

Follow the above advice to ensure you have a super successful intro event every time.

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, hosts over 90 days a year of live and in person events for women in business. Learn more about how to conduct your own intro events with Caterina’s free intro call at Visit for more about Caterina’s programs. Caterina can also be reached at and by phone at 415.668.4535.